The Evernight Community Has Moved

In 2009 the decision was finally reached to close Evernight as a gaming site.

This website and domain will remain on the internet to provide a way to remember the past, and regain contact with the community.


Although Canon is no more, the core of the game and remainder of the community can be found by returning to Monarchy

Monarchs Glen

Tempers Ball

Tempers Ball has been archived and is still available for your reading pleasure. However, as there is now minimum activity, new accounts are no longer being created.

Tempers Ball Archive (including private guild forums)

Wars of Tonan

A new range of miniatures inspired by Monarchy are now available.

Wars of Tonan Miniatures
Table Warfare


In additional to the official Monarchy page, a closed group has been created on Facebook for the old players of Evernight/Monarchy. To join contact Katie Downey, Jordan Schaefer or Maven Blacke

Monarchy Facebook Page
Private Facebook Group

Evernight Archives

In addition to Tempers Ball, several other Archives are still accessable.

Maxim Role-Play Archive
Guild Charters
Hall of Fame
Lost Pages on Wayback Machine