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“Did you see me?
I was so high.
I could almost touch them,
I could almost touch the stars.”

“Time is the most vital element of the Universe, it is the substance that separates Order from Chaos. Yet, time is the most enigmatic element. At some point, every creation in the world faces with the passing of time. Nothing is for ever and none shall escape the Eye of the Beholder.”

”...the greatest debate of all times. Does determination exist? Can one choose its fate? The great adepts, who spent their lives to unravel this mystery died poorly and in darkness, without answers. Yet, there are the few, who at least know the questions. And those, who know the questions, know all there is to be known.”

”Open your left hand and lift it before your eyes, then open the right and do the same. Look at your hands and put them together. They fit perfectly and form a new unity, just like a question and an answer. Now look at one of your hands. Can you tell just by looking at it, how does the other hand look like? Do you need to look at the other hand to get an idea of how does it look like? Every question hides an answer and every answer hides a new question.”

”Why do we exist? Why does the world exist? Are there gods? When will I die?”

”Time is passing as future turns into past before your eyes, like if there is no present. The zero separates the positive numbers from the negative. Yet, zero exists, right? Or does it?”

These are excerpts from the collected wisdom of ancient adepts, who spent their lives within the walls of The Alternative Order. The order is a small cult of religious fanatics, living on their own, closed from the world. There are a lot of rumors and unconfirmed knowledge about this group, who make very rare appearances among the common folks. Of course, there is a lot of speculation about this cult, but since they don’t make too much headache to the world, their presence remained unnoticed to the public. Of course it is not a mistake, say those who spent their time studying this cult. One of the most cited books on the cult was written by the well-known ancient historian, Tier nan Aspbapius, who is an expert on religious sects and their history. The following phrases are from his book, Keepers of the Keys: Legends and myths on The Alternative Order and his followers.

”The Alternative Order, known also as The Ancient Ones or more rarely The Angelique Order, is a small religious sect, one of the most enigmatic movements among the ancient religious cults that are still thriving. The sect resides in a small cloister located near the port-town of Eriadon, capital of the Northern Merchant Alliance, a political union formed by the small northern human merchant nations on the Fang Peninsula. According to historical sources of Eriadon, the cloister has been controlled by The Order for at least twenty thousand years and even the earliest tax scribes of the city recorded tax receipts signed by the leader of the cloister. It may very well be true that the cloister has been there even before Eriadon emerged, at least the pieces of the puzzle gathered in this book suggest this conclusion. The reason for the confusion about an exact founding date is that no known human except the members entered the doors of the cloister and those rare occasions of a direct interviews with a member of the order – including my meeting with the deputy Abbott – could not help to clarify this mystery.


One of the most interesting and most compelling legends about the cult is that they are the Keepers of the Keys as it is told, or in a more understandable form, they are in direct contact with godly creatures and their task is to maintain a sort of balance among the forces of magick that holds the world together. The nature of the magickal forces and their behavior is a well-documented and a highly popular academic subject. Yet, we know little about stability in a wider context in understanding magick. The cult claims to possess the ability of direct control – and not just usage – of magickal substance, and that it is due to their work, that the four spheres of magick are in balance and rifts in the texture of the magick are relatively uncommon (see also: The Most Devastating Rifts in History; Lakely, a. e. 33453., Twin Towers)


The symbol of the order is two hands tightly put together, surrounded by three layers of septadecimal numbers that have been used in the ancient avatar language. It is claimed that these three layers of numbers are an ultimate code, a cipher that contains all knowledge about this world and that using proper subsets and mathematical formulas, one can read the future as much as the past from these layers. In the following five chapters, I will be using numerical theory and advanced mathematics to attempt to crack this code and although I am clueless whether my – truly interesting – findings are on right track, it is safe to say that when I tried to use my results in magickal summoning, I have experienced really disturbing phenomena.


The order is composed of adepts and disciples. Since the knowledge and the religion of the cult is amazingly difficult, the members use lifetime-enhancing magick to extend human life period to successfully acquire the full lessons of the cult. The adepts are the oldest members of the cult and normally they are the leaders as well, though after a time, the leaders retire to fully devote themselves to their religion. Normally it takes five to six thousand years until a monk successfully acquires all knowledge to properly practice all the magical and religious subjects he is taught. The Abbott is more than ten thousand years old and leads the cult for two to four thousand years, though there are exceptions – Abbess Jude served for seven thousand and six hundred years. The oldest and wisest members are the former abbots who form a council to advise the ruling abbot. This council has no more than three or four members of twenty to thirty thousand years old, who spend most of their time performing religious rituals, almost fully devoting their remaining time in the world to be in contact with higher spirits. Loss of one of the council members is the greatest tragedy of the cult, since the unconceivable knowledge that has been gathered in the lost perishes as well.


Selection of members is a highly intimate process and due to the relatively long time period of a member, a very rare event. Potential candidates are selected already before they are born and are closely followed as they grow. It is very interesting that the cult influences the life of the chosen ones from the distance, and without the knowledge or permission of the person they chose to be a candidate. Also, it may seem cruel that out of the several hundreds of candidates, only one is chosen at a time, and after the initiation of the finally chosen candidate, the former nurturing control is withdrawn from the remaining potentials who usually die within days after.


It is said that the cult is intimately involved in high politics. It is true that the cult maintains an information network that provides them with the necessary information on the events outside the walls of the cloister. Members of the network are usually royal advisors, warlords, even kings under involuntary background brain control. Appropriate members of the cult spend their time to be in mental connect with the members of the network and keep record on what they see, hear or feel through the member. This mental contact allows the cult to directly interfere in political or other events sometimes, though the member I was speaking with never admitted this.”

Tier nan Aspbapius, one of the brightest historical talents of his age has also been rumored to be a member of The Alternative Order, though it is very improbable that there existed “outside” members. Nevertheless, one should treat Aspbapius’ work with a grain of salt as the speculations he makes in his book are rather unbelievable. One thing is sure though, the cloister does exist out of the walls of Eriadon and so does the Order. All other things are uncertain.

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GM: Abbot
AGM: Abbot
Squad Leader: Councilor
Full Member: Protector
Member: Monk
Newbie: Initiate


An old Monarchy guild returning to the realm of Canon.


TAO is a full-scum guild. This means normal conduct of gameplay is not valid for the guild, or its guild members. Every member has to master the use of scum units and has to have full knowledge about gameplay since precise timing and effective usage of scarce resources is essential for playing a scum kingdom. Guild action is more or less coordinated, though most of the time members will be left with individually customized special tasks.

Rules of conduct are simple and pretty straightforward:

Temper’s Ball rules fully apply to all members of the guild and violating them may result in removal from the guild. Temper’s Ball Rules are as follows:

  • 1. Do not make an ass of yourself
  • 2. Do not post accusations of cheating
  • 3. Do not post bug reports
  • 4. Do not post other players numbers
  • 5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)
  • 6. Do not post links regarding to pornography or illegal material
  • 7. Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

    The guild master will assign tasks to each members and will notify them if coordinated action of any kind is needed. The guild master can order its members to proceed with normally unconventional tasks as well (i.e.: infiltration, assassination, diversion, etc.), but actions of the members should remain strictly in-game.

    In absence of the guild master, the assistant guild master will take over GM responsibilities and if the GM does not appear within two weeks without notice, the AGM is obliged to disband the guild.

    Promotion within the guild is fully arbitrary and is based on individual performance.

    Demotion or removal is also fully arbitrary and may happen without any further notice.

    Ranks within the guild are pretty simple. There is an Abbott with GM responsibilities and there is one Abbott with AGM responsibilities. All others rank is Monk and is equal with a member status, with rare special exceptions. The GM and the AGM has full responsibility on all diplomatic efforts, guild management and guild assignments. Also, since action will be coordinated by timezones, the GM and the AGM will be of different location: one of them plays from Europe, whilst the other plays from the American Continent.

    Those, who wish to join TAO, should contact Querion at a.daroczi@con.hu or at 30663056 UIN. Those, whom he cannot recognize from the game or from Temper’s Ball, or those, who are not sponsored by one of the members or whom he trusts, will be rejected without further notice, plain vanilla simple.

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