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Chapter 1: Legacy of Light

The darkness had plagued the lands of the people of the Fires of Eternal Light for days now. Mickal could not remember the last time that he actually saw light emanate from their once sacred home. It had been soiled; the enemy had desecrated it.

Darden still shone inside these men however, although they came close to losing hope. Weeks, months, almost a year without the fires that used to burn eternally. It was happening again, just as it had before. The gods were testing Mickal... testing him to make sure he was fit to be their servant. He knew they would again, for it has happened many times before, when the Tides of Darkness had evaporated, and vanished, leaving in it's place the beautiful Forest of Eternal Light. And then Darden himself had set his precious Forest on fire, set it ablaze to show Mickal his false followings. And now... now in his time of need, he did not know what to do.

But he knew Darden was the true god, he knew he could not follow anyone else. The Foret's had oppressed Mickal for so long, with their lies and treachery, he could never join their sides...


Mickal knew that he was fighting for the right god, but that Darden was telling him something... but what.

His loyal partner, Cluesen, ran up to him, and out of breath with excitement, barely was able to mutter,

"Mickal, a fire has been started in the plains below your castle. Sir, I believe we may be saved."

It couldn't be... maybe all this was wrong, maybe it wasn't a test of loyalty, but a test of strength. A test to see if Mickal could survive, if his guildmates could put up with the darkness that had become of their lands. But they could. Many of them lived for darkness so long ago, before they had seen the light, but now, now that the light always burns, Mickal was not used to the darkness that he once lived in. He needed to see that fire.

As he rushed down to the fire that had been started, Mickal frowned. It was smaller then a camp fire, about the size of a hoola hoop, and it gave off a pathetic light orange light. Mickal lost all excitement, and slowly walked down to the fire, still frowning.

"I'm afraid I can't see this as a blessing from Darden. Looks more like a last minute sorcery attempt that somehow survived. How'd you start it Rune?"

Mickal looked at his head sorcerer, waiting for a response.

Rune sighed. "I did everything just like normal, sir. I asked Darden to show us a last hint of hope, and the fire started."

Mickal gazed into the flame. The orange and yellow flames burst up and licked the air, only to return back to the ground more pathetic then before. But soon, an image appeared in the fire... a face... a face that Mickal recognized.. someone who he knew, and fought beside. It was the face of Gantoris. And as soon as the image appeared it was gone, and the fire died out.

"Hurry, we must abandon these lands.. the Fires are no more. Follow me, we have a quest to fulfill"

And so, the members of the Fires began their quest to find the members of LoDE... for they needed to fulfill Darden's wishes.

Chapter 2: Legacy of Decay

Concern gripped Gantoris, leader of the Lords of Decay Elite, like a vice. Someone, or something was not merely hampering, but beginning to destroy their ability to carry out the task they were sworn to: the destruction of the false 'order' and 'balance' that Foret and Isonia represented.

Vast armies of Foret were encroaching, and with a blind yet powerful fanaticism were slowly forcing his men back by the day towards the heart of his territories. For several months now, his thoughts and dreams had been increasingly intruded on by strange, momentary flashes of visions that were gone before he realized they had even come. It was as if Darden teased at him, sorely testing his vigilance and tactical aptitude, but that was not the worst of his concerns. For as the frequency of the visions had increased and the advance of the enemy wore on, the energy within him that had been bestowed upon him by the spirits of Decay had been slowly draining away.

This was no coincidence - by the accounts of his fellow Lords, despite their being scattered far and wide across Tonan, they hadn't escaped enemy attacks, visions or the mysterious sapping of their energies either, although they were not feeling the effects of these as badly as their leader. Knowing Gantoris could be in dire trouble, the others all set off immediately to join him at his side. But as Gantoris stared out at the sun setting on a clear yet eerie day, he could feel the once raging forces of the chaos he was borne from nearly gone from him and knew he could no longer ignore the signs; whatever fate had in store for them would begin to emerge this night, and it wasn't interested in waiting for his friends.

In the absence of the anger that used to charge him, Gantoris felt surprisingly calm and purposeful as he sat down in front of the shrine to Darden set up outside his living quarters, gradually lulled himself into a deep trance and set forth his ethereal form to the realm of spirits. He did not believe the sight he saw when he emerged at first, but he could not deny it. The spirits of Decay that had been the eternal allies of LoDE were disappearing for reasons unknown. His attempts to communicate with the remaining few were met with a silence totally unknown of spirits such as these, which took him aback and resigned him to watching grimly as the last of his kindred spirits simply faded into the surroundings, and were gone.

However, something lingered in the air in the spirit realm - an unfamiliar force, but as it grew, a gold hue shimmered brighter and brighter against the backdrop of the night sky. Suddenly, a blinding flash ripped through the desolate planescape and in it's wake a golden storm of size and scope unlike anything he had ever seen was unleashed. The air burned with vengeful energies and thundered with the deafening howls and screams of pained spirits, and in that moment something within Gantoris sparked and allowed him to connect with them.

Their energy was borne of the cumulative pain and suffering of oppressed peoples, their livelihoods strangled by the hollow 'order' of Foret and misguided 'balance' of Isonia. This energy had finally reached overflowing levels, and the Decay spirits that had allowed themselves to be absorbed had acted as the final catalyst, unleashing a massive backlash. Gantoris tried to focus himself on attuning to and harnessing this newly emerged force, but was unprepared for the fragments of hostile energy that slammed into him, overwhelming him with pain as both his ethereal and physical forms collapsed, unconscious.

As his consciousness drifted through the void, the fragments of the vision that had haunted him all this time slowly pieced themselves together and became whole - it was a man standing in the middle of a storm of darkness, spirit flickering white with fire, battling to keep the void that threatens to envelop him and his friends at bay before a lance of light cuts through the darkness and the golden storm envelops him, which he unleashes to force back the void...

When he came to, it was a calm and clear morning. As he slowly opened his eyes, the face of his trusted Sword Keeper, Karhedron came into focus, wearing an expression of obvious relief.

"It's good to see you alive and well. What happened to you?"

"Well, I've finally found the answers to most of the questions that have plagued us for so long. How did you get here so fast?"

"You won't believe it! A violent storm came out of nowhere last night and swept through the enemy encampments. They've been shattered and dispersed, and the direct road to here was laid clear for me to go through."

Gantoris stares at him in wonderment, and slowly gets up.

"It appears that our belief in Darden and the chaos within him has pulled through for us this time. And I believe destiny is going to allow us to repay his favour. The vision finally became whole, and an old ally is revealed that we must seek - Mickal of the Fires of Eternal Light. Somehow I know that his past, like ours, must be left behind. Once more our spirits burn with great energy, but it is not the same as before. For we are no longer agents of Decay, but now we uphold something else that serves to remind our enemies the hard way of the oppression they cause. However, we alone cannot hope to control this power which is why we must find the followers of FEL, and the sooner, the better..."

Chapter 3: Legacy of the Guardians

The followers of FEL reached the lands to which Darden had called them. Mickal looked around at the ruins of what seemed to be a former encampment. "Darden..." he said, looking around. "What happened here? It looks as if sorcery went wild here, except I've never seen any land so ravaged."

"Neither have I..." said Rune. "What great power could do something like this? Was LoDE here when this happened? Or is this the remains of some former heathen army?"

"I don't know, but Darden would not send us here without a purpose. I know that." Or would he? Mickal thought. Was Darden testing him yet again? Testing his resolve to find the members of LoDE? Of course not, Darden had a reason for this. He always did.


"Who are you?" spoke a voice from somewhere nearby. "Do you have a reason to be here?"

"Yes...we do." answered Mickal. "We came upon this destroyed area, and we were wondering what happened here? Do you know?"

"Indeed I do. A great storm came upon this land and violently destroyed nearly every living soul in the area. Mainly the followers of Darden escaped the storm with their lives. There are still followers of Foret out there, though. I sense you are followers of Darden, so beware."

"Yes.. we are followers of Darden. My name is Mickal, of the lands of the Fires of Eternal Light. We come in search of the lords of LoDE," Mickal answered.

"Really? I am a member of LoDE, left behind to search for any fallen allies. Gantoris has left in search for you. For what I do not know, but I figure it shall not be long till you meet."

Mickal heard what the soldier had said, but did not respond, because no response was needed. Both men knew they'd be seeing more of each other in the future. The time had come for another change.

Gantoris did not travel far in his journey, before his intuition told him that something was wrong. All of a sudden he knew he was going the wrong direction, but he did not know why, or where he should head. He thought he knew where the camps of FEL were, and he was heading towards them, but judging by his maps he should have already crossed into the territories of the Fires, but he remained in darkness. And then he came to a sudden revelation, the fires were out, FEL was in darkness. And he knew that wherever Mickal was, Mickal was looking for him. So he turned around, and went back the other way, towards their scorched homeland.

It wasn't long until the two men met. When they first saw each other, they stood in silence. Something had clicked in both their heads, and they knew what would happen. The two must become one, not for their own sakes, but for the balance of the world. Foret was too strong for them alone, but together they could learn from the past, and make their own legacy. In a world were honor was fading, and it was becoming harder to survive from day to day, they needed each other. They needed to combine their forces to form a new guild, one with enough skill and power to protect the honor of their god. They must merge together for the sake of Darden and serve to uphold Legacy's reminder to their enemies, who preached the ways of Foret and Isonia of what they have left themselves, and what they have lost in their blind belief in seeking order and honour they can never truly achieve.

And so they became the Guardians of Legacy. Sworn to preserve what remains of the way things were, and what reminds us of the way things will never be again...


GM: Overseer of Legacy
AGM: Keeper of Decay
Squad Leader: Eternal Guardian
Full Member: Temporal Adept
Member: Warder of Fire
Newbie: Watchman


This is Legacy's 7th age. Legacy is a merge of the ancient guilds LoDE and FEL.


The Legacy Constitution
We the people, of the Guardians of Legacy, have the right to freedom, land and liberty. In a dangerous age as this one, the sane must ban together. A guild united shall live, and prosper. That is the basis of Legacy: Unity and Loyalty. After swearing loyalty to the Overseer, you are swearing yourself a potential warrior of Legacy, and you will be needed to fight, and defend the guild in Darden‘s name.
Section 1: Guild Leadership

1.1 Ranks

The Guild is composed of the Overseer of Legacy, Keepers of Decay, and then Eternal Guardian, Temporal Adept, Warder of Fire, and Watchman. The ranks are decided by the Overseers.

1.2 Overseers

The Overseers of Legacy are in charge of directing the guild and overseeing its safety. The Overseer's word is final. If the Overseer desires to quit, he may appoint a replacement at his discretion.

1.3. Keepers

The Keepers are warriors who have served for countless ages. They are highly trusted. The Keepers assist the Overseers whenever needed. Their wisdom and advice is invaluable. The Overseers will appoint Keepers whenever they see fit.

Section 2. Guild Wars

The guild always needs enough land to grow and support itself. That is why, the inhabitants of Legacy will need to have wars to expand it, or to protect it.

2.1 Declaring Guild War

Anytime the Overseers desire a war, they can propose it to the Keepers. After careful discussion and thought, Legacy will attack if the Overseers see it fit.

2.2 Being Declared On

If at anytime, forces from an enemy nation attacks the guild, The Warriors shall retaliate with everything that is needed for defending.

2.3 War Procedure

An Overseer will direct the war in some kind of guild meeting. All members are expected to attend, or be excused ahead of time.

Section 3 Internal Guild Affairs
3.1 Ranks

Guild members will be promoted from time to time, depending on how loyal, and your devotion to the guild. Do not ask for a promotion.

3.2 Squads

From time to time, there will be new squads posted. You are to ally with your squad given. Each squad will have a squad leader who they will listen to for information and guidance. Failure to comply with these terms will result in punishment. See Punishment

3.3 Squad Leaders

A squad leader is a highly trusted member of the guild.
Requirements to Become A squad leader: Must be active, dedicated and show an understanding of the art of war and efficient kingdom management. Squad Leaders will be appointed, so don't ask to be one.

Section 4 Legacy Member Expectations

4.1 List of Rules

1.Do not attack, sorcery, or scum other guilds that Legacy is not at war with.

2. Do not violate any of the Canon Lords Rules and Tempers Ball Laws. These rules include:
- Do not make an ass out of yourself.

- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.

- Do not spam or post redundant messages.

- Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.

- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

3. Be an active member of the guild.

4. Follow your commanding officers orders.

5. Have some fun, but don't be a moron.

4.2 Punishments
If you break any of these rules, depending on the crime, you could be banned, or demoted.
4.3 Quitting the Guild

If you decide to leave the guild, you will not be allowed to return. The lands outside poison one's soul and you won't be allowed back in. Certain exceptions are permitted however.

Section 5: Rights of an Legacy member
Being a member of Legacy entitles you to certain rights.

1. Right to attack in a war.

2. Right to post in Tempers Ball but following rules.

3. Right to be defended.

4. Right to be in a squad (unless scummer).

The rules for Legacy are as follows:
1) Be respectful: Respect the overseers, Decae and even the littlest newbie. Rudeness will not be accepted. Be polite.
2) Be active. We expect everyone to post in TB. Also when WE say there is a guild strike or meeting, either come or contact us and tell us why. If we am untold of why you cannot show it can lower your rank in the guild.
3) Don't make our guild look bad. Any cheating, or disobeying rules are causes for dismal. Don't say, "why?" or "but I didn't mean to" there is no excuse.
4) This is only a game. If you die don't get all upset, everyone dies, just calm down and rebuild.
5) Have fun. If we do something you don't like, tell me to change it.
6) Going with number 5. If we say something, follow it. We are the leaders, please do not just object to everything that we say.
7) DO NOT ATTACK OTHER GUILDS that we are not at war with. If you start a war you will be dismissed, and then we will tell the other guild to attack you.
8) ICQ will be mandatory unless otherwise explained.
9) You can get promoted in rank when we think you deserve it. Please do not ask us to promote you, if you wish to have us consider it, tell the AGMs to give a good word for you. NO ONE will be promoted to AGM unless there is an absence of an old one or need for a new one.
10) If the GM is unable to do his duties, the AGM of War will take over being GM, or fill in for the GM until he is able to fulfill his job.
11)If you post in TB ( not required but would be nice) please read over the TB rules, and respect the rules, and Seers and Voices who manage this area.
The ranks go as follows:
Overseer of Legacy - leaders of the Guild. They are the ones who has the final say, and in control of the Guild. The Overseer has final say over guild choices.
Keeper of Decay- AGM rank. They assist the Overseers. They provide council to the Overseers.
Eternal Guardian - These members are of high authority in the guild. They will usually be helping out the newer members. They can view members and edit banner like an AGM. If there is ever a need for an AGM, usually one of these will be promoted. These members are some times squad leader. They are also those who can become assistants to the AGMs.
Temporal Adept - Highly regarded member, usually could be a squad leader. Will be informed much important information, and their opinion is considered always. Will have access to the banner and viewing members.
Warder of Fire- Full member, has access to the members list. Has gained trust of the GM or AGM, and will loyally fight with the guild. Limited access to important information (such as what guild we are attacking).
Watchman - Entry level, cannot see the members list. Will be promoted when the GM or AGM thinks is ready.
To be accepted in guild, you must email us.

Things to email:

1) Kingdom Name and Number

2) Experience in Canon

3) How many times with guild.

4) ICQ number/email address.

5) Whether you are scum, sorcery, or warrior.

6) What time zone you are in/what times you can be on.