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Created: 2007-02-21 10:42:49
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


In the epic war against the monstous foe Oafs, I took a mighty blow to the head in the very last battle leading my troops to victory. Wandering the countryside what seemed like weeks, until a cave is found. So severly wounded, that the survival instinct takes over.
Crawling deep withing the cave an ancient dragon clan is found. The Dragon, looking ferociously, heals me. In doing so imbues his essence and magic, forming a bond so powerful that we can share each others thoughts, and pains.
The dragon clan has for many eons been pledged to the god Leto, heart, soul, and body. For their kindness to me I pledge heart, soul, and body to Leto as well. Not knowing my past, or my name.
The dragon telepathically tells me his name, "Diveryx. This is what i have been known as for many hundreds of years little one."
I look in awe, upon the the beauty, and the horror of this dragon. Clumsly I form the words in my mind, "Diveryx, I am know not who i am yet. My memory eludes me. Use your wisdom and give me a name, so others will know what to call me."
Diveryx glances my way for a few moments, as in deep thought. Then goes, "From this day on,
you shall be known as Ghostman."
From this day forth Ghostman, and his companion Diveryx
vow to Leto to lead a vast army against the heathans
and to bring glory to him and the people.


GM: dragon rider
Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


New guild. Hoping for a killer age.


1. First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of
Temperís Ball. These are as follows,
a. Do not make an ass of yourself.
b. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or
anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
2. (A: )Posting in Covenant rp threads is highly
recommended, but not mandatory. Making more than two
posts per week will increase your odds for promotion. Making no posts at all leaves you open to
in-game and in-guild repercussions. (B: ) When
posting on the boards, all members are to be respectful of others. Any personal attacks upon others,
both players and guilds, or upon the staff will not be tolerated.
If you are caught posting anything that a guild leader
sees as violation of this rule, you will be immediately demoted to rank 6 for the duration of three weeks. Get caught again within any reasonable time period and you will be immediately booted from the guild permanently.
There will be no first or second warning on this, count this as your third. (Note: Disrespectful posts and
reasonable time period are both subjective to the moods and whims of the guild leaders. It is suggested for this reason you moderate yourself, and if you feel something
you wish to post may be a violation of this rule, ask a member of leadership if you can post it.)
3. Follow the guild hierarchy. If you are having problems with another person, in or out of
the guild, report it to one of the guild leaders. It will then be addressed and taken care of.
4. All members must have some form of chat program. Aim, Aim express, Yahoo
messenger, MSN, ICQ, and ICQ lite are all acceptable.
5. Do not start fights with other guilds.
If you have a problem with another guild refer to rule number 3.
6. Leaking of any private guild information will lead to
immediate expulsion. Any ally guilds will also be notified of any member removed from the guild for this reason.
7. Do not repeatedly ask the guild leaders for a
promotion. Rank promotions will be given on a merit basis. Any attempt to gain a promotion
through bribery will be ignored, and you will be immediately booted from the guild.
8. Booting policy: If it is decided you are to be removed from VD, it will not be
done in the normal fashion. Any member removed from VD will result
in their kingdoms being destroyed and fed to their bretheren in arms. All potential
members are to consider themselves forewarned.
9. The game which we play is Covenant, not guilds, not valid, etc. etc.. Do not bring any grudges from the other games into VD.
Doing so will result in your kingdom being destroyed several times over. Leadership will not be hesitant to give the orders to do so.

Inter-guild rules: 1. VD is a no-nap guild. This is self-explanatory and non-negotiable. 2. VD will not be hesitant to attack their own faith, should they feel a need and find a reason for doing so. 3. (A: ) Absolutely no heathen aide will be accepted by the guild for military operations. Military operations herein include both militaristic offensive attacks and stealth offensive attacks. This rule is null and void should a cross faith attack occur. (B: ) No offensive military assistance will not be asked of allies, unless they are involved in the same battle. Punishment:

The leaders of VD will not shy away from public chastisement for the breaking of any
rules, nor will they hesitate to report you to admin for breaking any rule of the game (ie: multi-accounting, etc., etc.).

Repetitive failure to follow guild rules will result in a member being permanently removed from the
guild. Also, breaking any rule in what is deemed a severe disregard for said rule will
result in your information being fed to heathen guilds, as well as being destroyed by
your bretheren; you will also find yourself never able to return to VD.

Guild Hierarchy: 1. Dragon Rider- The guild master. He is in control of all guild
activities and is the final say in any decision made by the guild.The
Dragon Rider has full guild rights and privileges.

2. Dragon Lancer- Assistant Guild Master. They are second only to the Rider, and
outside of any intervention of him, their word is law. The Dragon Lancer has full guild rights and privileges.

3. Dragon Knight- Highly trusted guild member. The Dragon Knight is often
left in charge of training and leading the Squires, Dragon, and stablers.

4. Dragon Squire- A proven and trustworthy Dragon. The warrior
has more privileges than the Dragon or the Stabler.

5. Dragon- The basic class of guild member. The soldier
has a few basic guild privileges.

6. Stabler- An Dragon in training. The acolyte has no
guild privileges whatsoever.

Loss of the GM:
Should the gm have the leave the guild for whatever
reason, they shall have the option to appoint a new gm. If the
leaving gm does not appoint a new one, or disappears before they could do
so, the guild will vote and appoint one of the agms as the new guild leader.

Failure of the GM:
Should the gm fail in any of his or her duties a meeting will be held
among the agms. In that meeting the fate of the current gm will be decided,
and several possible candidates for new gm (from among the guild leaders)
will be decided and voted upon. This procedure will be
null and void should an heir apparant be appointed by the gm before their failure to the guild.

Rules for guild acceptance:
Anybody wishing to join the guild are asked to submit the following information to
one of the guild leaders after submitting their application to join. No
application will be considered valid until the leaders have the following
information. This information will be accepted through any direct contact by the leaders (ie. email, ICQ, Aim, etc., etc.)

1. Kingdom name and number.
2. Email Address.
3. At least one (1) messenger contact.
4. A brief description of why you want to join the guild,
and what you can add to the guild's blood thirst.