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Created: 2007-02-05 00:40:16
Game: valid


Shackled and beaten, the once ascendant leader lowered his head with grief, fore his suffering compared little to that of his people. The cries of terror and agony shattered his ears, lacerated his mind, and impoverished his soul. Dreadful images of the Mephistophelian invaders flashed through his mind and war scenes haunted his dreams. Remembering his glorious army, which shook the ground as it marched into battle, and roared with such valor that Leto and Barnabas paused in veneration of Angelique’s powerful warriors..

After suffering years of onslaught, his armies slowly dwindled and were overrun. The heroic leader fought till the very end until he too was capture. Ten years were spent in torture and dungeons. Scarred, beaten, and bleeding he fought his way out and escaped his imprisonment.

Now, he must gather the few elite soldiers left from the ghastly wars to avenge the innocent lives of his people. Wandering from village to village he gathers mighty warriors who once held the sword, powerful sorcerers who commanded the skies and adroit thieves who evaded the sun and moon. Together, completely surrounded by enemies, this band will protect those who need it and instill fear in those who prey on the weak.


GM: Styrofoaman
AGM: Thumb
Squad Leader: Index
Full Member: Middle
Member: Ring
Newbie: Pinky


This is OMG's first age.


Follow all posting rules and rules set by Evernight.

TB Rules:
1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

Valid Forum Rules:
1. No excessive vulgarity. As long as its part of the general post its acceptable, but when your swearing just to swear it will be edited.
2. No Shadow Guilds.
3. All posts in this forum are considered in character. If you would like to traditionally Role Play with your character please add (RP) or (RP Invite) for Role Play or Role Play Invite only to the end of your thread title.

Rules of the Guild
1. Stay Active. Those who do not attend chats will be removed from the guild.
2. If the GM is unavailable or unable to perform his duties the AGM will assume control.
3. New players are welcome just be willing to learn and be active and you'll catch up real quick.

Application Requirements
1. Apply by contacting the GM include:
a) Realm name and Leader name
b) Experience
c) ICQ and/or AIM address

Remember, no individual can win the war. Everything is done as a guild effort. If you fail to see this then you will not fit in this guild.