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Created: 2006-10-27 00:21:09
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For many ages Lord Raiden had fought for honor and upheld the Banner of his guild for Barnabas. Time and again the constraints of that Honor were used against his old guild.
Each time they were defeated by those who held to no honor. Or used any trick they could to acheive their wins. His GM regardless would not be swayed from his Honor because of it.
With each defeat the bitterness in him grew. Of a day after the great upheaval and Dawn of a new age. He could no longer take it. He killed a Heathen Lord that held peace with his guild.
Banned and held in disgrace. He left his guild followed by none. He roamed the world a solitary figure. Not welcomed anywhere.
Of a day in the widerness he came upon others like himself. Those who also though great fighters. They had no desire to follow the codes and rules of honor. He gathered them to him to carve out their place in this world.
A place where might held sway and Honor was for those who were too weak to not take what they wished by force. Peace was a thing they would only grant or ask for if it served their purpose to regain their strength or move on to the next conquest.
They dealt in war and death. They relished in all the forbiden pleasures they could partake of. Nothing was out of bounds for them. They fought hard and sought pleasure with the same gusto.
Those that followed Barnabas were safe from them. All others were their victims to be used and abused to their personal gain.


GM: Lord of Death
AGM: Death Dealers
Squad Leader:
Full Member:
Member: Warlord's


First Age


Rules of Membership are simple.
Members are to fight when and where they are told too.
All rules of TB are to be upheld at all times.
Inactivity gets you removed from the guild.
If the GM dissapears the AGMs will meet and decide on his replacement.
The GM at his sole discretion decides who the AGMs are.
There are 3 levels in (Mortal).
GM - Lord of Death
AGM - Death Dealers
Members - Warlords
The GM will at his sole discretion decide on who will or will not be in (Mortal).
Even if someone is new to the game. They will be considered as long as they are willing to take the time to participate that is necessary.
Logging on and making contact at least once a day is considered the minimum requirement to be considered.
Letting a member of Leadership know if you will be away more than a couple days is also required.
If you do not have the time to play your kingdom each day. Then this guild is not for you.
Some form of Instant messaging is vital to the health of the guild and to be able for you to have a full participation of the guilds activities.