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Created: 2006-10-24 23:29:13
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Before God was a word, before faith in anything became religion, there were men and women who fought for a cause all their own. Within the lands of the realm known simply as Solo, came the many faces of warriors and warrioress' who fought one another to rule the lands, awaiting the inevitable, the one who would overthrow them. It was not till recently that that Gods came into play. Olandar, the Supreme Being came unto the New World and with his mighty fist ruled all. He immediately gained a following, and things known as guilds were formed. These guilds though, were not like the guilds of today. Everyone was equal, everyone worked, everyone ate, everyone watched out for everyone. It was not till 500 years ago to this day that the times of peace could last be seen. The sons and daughters of Olandar had conspired against him then, and slain their own kin. It was then that these four Gods, Angelique, the true daughter of Olandar, Oleana, a supposed daughter of Olandar, or perhaps Olandar himself reborn, Barnabas, the Honorable, or so they say; son of Olandar and lastly Leto, the chaotic and most devious of them all. Each wanted to claim the throne of Olandar, and with it they called forth followers, asking the mortals to help them gain what's rightfully theirs. It was then that new guilds were formed, guilds similar to that of today.

For the next 225 years the Solarians (as they were called) of Solo fought in large groups of members, ranging from the most intelligent, known as the elite, to those who's first ever glance at a weapon could lead to their last breathe of air, known better as newbies. For years they fought, and spread, and continued to fight, until they were so far off of the lands of Solo that they claimed new lands and renamed them. First came Chaos, later Outcast, where the worst of the worst could be found, then Guilds, where most of the former solo players newly resided, and a strange land called Mo'Pri, who's lands are solely inhabited by 3 different races, all with their own struggles for supremacy for their beloved God. Those who remained in Solo cared not for the Gods nor their fellow man or woman, it was a climb to the top, just as it was in the beginning. Born into a faith, they fought for that God purely on tradition, no more, no less.

It has been almost 275 years since the day that Solo had been thrown back in time, and evolution is about to take another giant leap. With the lands of Guilds, Chaos, Outcast, and Mo'Pri gaining large numbers of new citizens, the Solarians grew aware that every other continent on the planet outnumbered them. It was then that a message was received by the highest of players, each instructed to meet at The Gates. The Gates, a grotesque temple in today’s world was once a thing of glory and beauty, which all the Solarians went to praise their God Olandar. Worn over the years, each Solarian called forth went into the woods carefully and slowly, as the battle to become the King or Queen was still at hand, and a trap was evident in the mind of each. As each arrived, they saw the others all standing within the temple, all ready to attack yet holding off, for what was there to prevent the attacker from being attacked themselves?

It was at 12am, the first new day of the new millennia, that all had finally assembled. As each stood, threatening one another to answer why they had been called. Solo was being threatened by the other continents.

One named KaOzBrInGeR stepped forth. "We must unite. Even if this be false, we have no real way of knowing. We can take a chance and work with one another, and gain more than just respect, but trust as well, or, we can continue in with our solo crusades, and if this be true, get slaughtered by the incoming onslaught. Unite I say. Let us chose a God to follow and under their banner we shall rid ourselves of this threat."

As each pondered the words spoken, those who believed stepped forth, willing to take the chance, yet still careful enough not to let their guard down. First was Horza, a respected warrior who had no opinion of anything, other than to live. seaNile stepped up next, calling with him Rathowen, who would bring with him the blessings of Solo as he watched the lands around him take aim for glory. Chameleon, Mackie, Darnivan, Zenitram, and Norton were the next to arise. They had arrived all at once, vowing to watch out for one another along the way knowing they would each keep their word. Scribe sat quietly writing scrolls on the topic at hand. Kiria and Dutchess K were the next to vow allegiance as each glanced over those already untied, unsure of their decision.

Tom812 called forth Tailandria and they both stepped forth. A man named Kenis stepped forward. Miles Gloriosus then stood up, pulling Tim Clark up with him. Coven, Neutrino, Samus, Thunder, and a quite unknown person by the name of earnhardt each came up and joined the rest of the Solarians in the light that fell from the ceiling. After a few moments, it appeared the last 20-30 people would not be making the commitment to join, but a man named Khalid stepped forward, and upon overlooking those in attendance, merely stated, "Lets do this!" As each member of the newly founded guild marched there way out, a latecomer arrived. Akasha, low on breath, knew at once what had happened and simply turned and walked with the rest of the members. As they reached the end of the woods, out from the surrounding area came what would be the last member of the guild. AlphaCo was always plotting, always making sure he had everything planned out. He had watched the actions take place, and decided he liked what he saw. In a mater of days, these Lost Souls had found a home, chosen a God, and gained the ability to trust each other, if not forever, at least for now.


GM: It is not impossible
AGM: It is inevitable
Squad Leader: Mr Anderson
Full Member:
Newbie: who are you?


Solo's own elite mob. Solo was formed in 2001, and has returned.



We shall always attack in the best manner possible. No member shall ever be sacrificed to save another. No member shall ever be asked to give himself or herself up for a mistake made by any other member. Repeated failure to participate in a war chat, or the war itself will result in removal from the guild.


Names and titles change over time. You must earn the right to bear a certain rank. These are not given easily and not taken lightly. If you feel you are ready and capable we will give you a higher rank. Failure to perform duties that your rank includes will result in you be removed from your position and possibly from the guild.


Communication within the guild is swift and effective. All members should have ICQ; exceptions will be made only in rare cases.
Officers regularly review the kingdoms and will offer suggestions for improvement to our members.
If the GM disappears, a successor will ascend the throne.
If the GM ever fails in his duties, any are free to challenge his rule.


Diplomacy is but another weapon in our arsenal, and it's one we wield with unsurpassed skill. Accordingly, we demand a certain polish in our members when they deal with those of lesser guilds. There will be times when you disagree with others on Braggart's Hall. Do so in a dignified manner, particularly with those of your own faith and brotherhood. We are to fight a war of expansion, not a war of internal security. Members are expected to adhere and obey the rules of Braggart's Hall and those surpassed by the saints. You are expected to post at least twice a week. You must never post kingdom names or numbers.


We have a well-established training program for those newbies that feel they have what it takes to become a member. We expect you to play regularly and adhere to the rules of the guild. If you will stop playing for a period of time do not even bother. If you feel the leaders are wrong address the matter to me and it shall be dealt with.

The rules are simple and are as follow:

1. Obey the orders of those appointed over you. Discipline is the key to victory.
2. Maintain a military force in order to defend yourself. The guild will not protect those that do not first protect themselves.
3. Do not make enemies for the guild. We shall destroy the heathens one by one. attracting the attention of many only hinders the ultimate plan.
4. Loyalty to the guild and each other. We stand firmly together in all that we do. We will ultimately win through our conviction not only to the cause, but to each other as well.
5. Death before dishonor. To die is not to fail, for giving your life in the name of the cause is the ultimate sacrifice and a refusal to fail.

These are the titles that you will be eligible to hold within the guild:

GM: King
AGM(1) of War: Czar
AGM(1) of Sorcery: Mage
AGM(1) of Scum: Terrorist
AGM(2) aka Fully Trusted Officer: Prince(ss)
(Lvl 3) Squad Leader: Knight
(Lvl 2) Member: Solarian
(Lvl 1) Entry: Warrior

Please answer the following when submitting application to the guild:

1. What is your BH name?
2. What is your kingdom name?
3. Do you prefer to play Scum, Sorcery, or Warrior?
4. What time are you usually online? (Please give days of week, times and time zone).
5. List all ways you are able to be contacted by (E-mail, ICQ, AOL AIM, MSN Messenger, etc...)
Please respond to these questions via e-mail (include the question with your answer) to the GM. You may apply to this guild only if you have first obtained permission from the GM. All other applications will be automatically denied.