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Created: 2006-10-18 11:13:33
Game: debacle
Faith: Barnabas


Lord Magik was sound asleep in his bed when he began to tremble and shake and sweat. He awoke suddenly by a voice from the sky. It was the voice of Barnabas... Magik! Until this day you have worshiped me with all of your life. You continue to live even when it doesnt seem that I see that. I do. I have choosen and tested you throughout your years. I need you to gather your people and become a group of strong warriors to fight for me. You must convert those heathens of the other realms they must know the truth of following a true savior. I am the true god I should rule all. Magik sweats vigorously as he doesnt know what to say. Barnabas speaks again. Magik i understand you are scared, I know you have not done this before but I have blessed you with a very good partner who will help guide you as you learn the ways to guide. Do not be scared, for this is your destiny. Magik arises to his feet and accepts this challenge. Barnabas, savior, I will be a leader of your people. We shall let your name echo through the realms, all will know you. For you are all! Barnabas's voice fades away as Magik has realized his true forecoming and accepts his challenge. It is now time for Magik to gather all who have the faith to help make Barnabas rule all. Magik prepares himself and goes into the streets to gather all who can fight for their faith.


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Full Member: Soldier
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The recent discovery of Magik's true destiny.


Rules of Membership... 1. Must be an asset, if you dont run your kingdom you will be dropped into the pits for the other faiths to devour. 2. Must stay in contact with your Gm, or AGM, let us know when you will be gone, or when you are on most. 3. Listen to your leaders. 4. When assigned a task use all will to get it done. 5. Ask for help from anyone if you need it, what else do we have these guilds for? 6. Help our faith reside over all! In the event the GM is unable to perform His/Her duties for whatever reason. The AGM will assume command until the Council can be convened. Once a new GM is named. Said GM will immediately name their choice for AGM. All Members at all times will obey all rules of the Game. Failure to do so will result in censure and possible booting from the guild. Obey ALL Tempers Ball forum rules. We are an honorable guild and this must be kept in mind at all times. The rules for Tempers Ball are. a) No Vulgarity or Profanity. b) Do not make an ass out of yourself. c) Do not post accusations of cheating. d) Do not post bug reports. e) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names. f) Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming) Ranks for Guild... 1. GM - Maximus 2. AGM - Throned 3. AAGM - Comander(s) 4. Trusted Member - Warriors 5. Member - Grunts 6. Entry level - Pawns Promotions are earned, not just given for the sake of friendship.