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Created: 2006-09-25 10:20:51
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


"The Crown of Kokakhen Dhakaan..." Galtec whispered. He'd been hunting the heathens for months, and now it lay before him. He moved forward, reaching toward the priceless treasure. "Defile the crown with your touch, and I will make you eat your fingers." The voice was soft yet harsh, filled with a smoky music. Galtec spun around with his blade already in hand. The speaker was a goblin female dressed in black leather armor with silver studs. A massive bugbear towered over her, brandishing a great flail. To the side, Galtec noted a flash of motion and spotted a second hobgoblin, dressed in a finely-crafted suit of black platemail that seemed to blend into the shadows. That warrior wielded a long chain studded with razor-sharp spikes, and before Galtec could react, the chain wrapped around his blade. A moment later, he was disarmed. The goblin woman lifted the crown and turned to Halas. "This circlet is older than your race, half-elf. It is the legacy of my people, a sign of our dominion over the heathens. The time has come for it to be worn once more." The Empire of Dhakaan was built on a foundation of martial skill. For thousands of years it dominated Khorvaire, until the coming of the Daelkyr. For all of their skill, the Dhakaani goblinoids could not stand against the might and madness of the Lords of Barnabas and Leto. By the time the Gatekeeper druids bound the Daelkyr and their servants in the depths of Khyber, the empire was a shadow of its former glory. Over the course of millennia it collapsed into savagery, and by the time humanity arrived on Khorvaire, all that was left of the empire was ruins. Or so it seemed. As the empire crumbled, a few of the greatest generals and leaders took their clans into hiding, determined to preserve the knowledge of the Dhakaani through the darkness they saw coming. With the rise of Darguun, the clans have emerged once more. If they united behind a single ruler, the Dhakaani clans could easily unseat the Lhesh Haruuc, and if they conquered Darguun, the Dhakaani could pose a threat to the other nations of Khorvaire. There is one huge obstacle being that none of the clans agree who should be emperor. Who is the true heir of Dhakaan? This issue has led to endless conflicts between the modern-day Dhakaani clans that SO far have kept them from posing a threat to the wider world. We keep a name of the "Most Known Unknowns" One of the major differences between the Dhakaani and the other goblinoids of Khorvaire (other faiths) is the degree of interracial cooperation within a clan. Among the Ghaal'dar and the Marguul, the strong rule the weak. Leadership is founded on fear, and the weaker races hate the stronger tyrants. Basically saying we only believe in goblin strength. Among the Dhakaani goblinoids, this is not the case. Each species has a role to serve in society, and each embraces this role. The goblins rule not through force of arms but because the goblins respect their ability to maintain structure and discipline. The strength of the goblins is turned against the heathens. We have originated from sticks and stones, to break bones. You must join us within the first month, to seal your stay and welcome in this nicely formed squadrin. You must be active. You must be of goblin race. You must contact me for details before joining the Dhakaan.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


We are a new guild. We have no history. We have no experience. Just here to take over. =)


Guild Ranks: Hierarchy Gatekeeper - GM The main authority of HoD. All who reside within us will answer unto this person. If the GM cannot be reached for an extended amount of time, the other commander (rank 2, AGM), will take over, no questions asked. Goblin Gatekeeper - CO~GM/AGM's High authority of the Dhakaan. This is essentially the second in command. If the GM were to be away for an extended amount of time, this person takes over the guild. There is only one Gatekeeper, he/she is the GM's "right-hand man." Also, this person has authority over everyone within guild besides main keeper. Dhakaani Goblins - AGM/Squadleader Each Dhaakaani Goblin has his/her own job, whether it be war, sorcery, scum, or other, the Goblin Gatekeepers are the leaders of this 3rd rank area. These answer only to the H.G. and the G.G. and the Seniors of the guild are the final authority in their job area. One can only be promoted to this position when there is a position open, and they must be especially trusted by the Hierarchy Gatekeeper, and must take and pull through with any order given by High Powers. Dhakaani Bugbear - Trusted Member From an early age, bugbears are raised to think of themselves as the heroes and martyrs of Dhakaani civilization. They are taught to believe that their strength is the single greatest weapon of the Empire. Most are eager to prove their mettle and worth in battle. In combat, bugbear barbarians serve as skirmishers and shock troops, smashing into the ranks of their enemies and using their immense strength to scatter and break formations while the strictly disciplined hobgoblin ranks move up behind them. Basically a warrior at all costs to HoD. Goblin of Exile - Untrusted Member This person is either joining upon random....or is a spy. We hesitate to give trust in HoD. It takes awhile to gain trust. You have to take orders, and be in constant contact with members. Application for Membership to the guild: Applications will only be accepted in the following 3 reasons before applying. First, you must be goblin. Second, you must contact the Hierarchy Gatekeeper or high rank goblinoids of the guild to receive information and the things you will need to do before joining or even starting realms. There are certain regulations that we will not accept. We are an all goblin guild, not elven or human. Do not apply if otherwise. And do not apply unless your told to. You will be removed from the guild if you are not active, not accepting orders of any sort, or suspicion. Do not apply if you never make a warchat. Two missed warchats result in booting. This helps us stay active as a new guild and new goblinoids. General Rules of the Guild: 1. All members are expected to be active. If you disappear for too long without letting the Gatekeepers know first, you will probably be removed by the time you get back + fed to heathens. 2. All members are expected to complete their post requirements each week. Also, you must show the ability to RP your character in Tempers Ball. If you cannot RP well, the Scribe of RP for the guild will help you. 3. All members are expected to follow orders given to them by Gatekeepers. If you feel an order is unfair, just quit the guild to save you the hassle. If you feel an order from the Gatekeepers is unfair, you should probably just leave. 4. Read the banner, it is there for a good reason. 5. Never, under any circumstances, attack without being told to do so or get permission. If you are attacked by a target whom the guild is not currently at war with, send the news of the attacks to one of your superiors and after investigation of the incident, if it is deemed acceptable for you to retalliate, you will be told to do so. We won't put up with people striking our realms out of war, so trust us, it will be taken care of and you will get what you lost back. 7. Report all war attacks, sorc attacks, and scum attacks to the proper high ranking members of the guild. Even report those scum attacks in which you do not see who attacked you, there are good reasons for the Gatekeeper to know if the guild or a single member is being scouted or scummed. 8. Only Gatekeepers start threads. If you would like to start a guild thread, say in the valid forum, and you are not high enough rank, please ask someone of high enough rank permission, and you will more than likely be granted it. 9. All members will be required to proudly display their valid guild of allegiance in their Temper's Ball signature line. 10. Any questions about these rules? Feel free to contact the GM and Co-GM listed below. NOTE - Failure to meet the above requirements will result in removal from the guild. In the event of the Gatekeeper (GM) disappearing for 5 days or longer: The whole guild will control operations as an Uprising. This may result in chaos upon the other faiths. Posting Rules: All members must post at least twice a week as required by the rules of valid. However, two posts a week is quite limited, and veteran members will be expected to contribute more than just the required two a week. Notify the correct authority of your posts for the week. Usually this will be the Scribe of RP. Avoid OOC remarks, usually you can say what you've got to say through RP, just get creative. Tempers Ball Rules - Do not make an ass of yourself. - Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff. - Do not spam or post redundant messages - Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards. - Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. - Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites. Contact Information: Gatekeepers: Kokakhen + Galtec Private Message in Tempers Ball: ICQ #: AIM : email: