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Created: 2006-08-24 11:03:00
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Rude Awakening, seperates the men from the boys. Lunatic and his armies, small and broad, marched through the plagued lands looking for anything they could find. They would run through any target...no matter its size. These RUDE fellow's would go suicide, and do anything it took to bring a target down. Thats what we do best. Our goals are to bring down the other faiths, and wage a holy war on whoever comes in our path....we do not care if a war is unjust, we will kill you. If we gangbang you, dont come crying to us....take it like champs. We accept all races, however...Humans and Elvens are preferred. Anyone who likes to build large realms, and kill...shall meet me in eternity, in Rude Awakening. We will kill you....We will avenge our faithmates and will regulate any guild who comes in our path....were here to have fun, and cause drama....declare on us, we will declare on you for a whole age. we do not take no prisoners. so holler at me if you want somethin broken off proper for ya :) Join if you enjoy dishing out deep fistings with Tire Irons Jihad is our way of war.


AGM: Second Chancellor
Squad Leader: Sargeant Slaughter
Full Member: Suicidal Soldiers
Member: Anal Warrior
Newbie: Member of Another Guild


This is our first age. It is in our nature to kill heathens....thats our history. we seperate the men from the boys.


This section is for anyone and everyone READ- RULES 1. Posting Obey the rules of Tempers Ball: - Do not make an ass of yourself. - Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff. - Do not spam or post redundant messages. - Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards. - Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. - Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethically offensive, or sexually related sites. As Valid is a land where the history is almost as important that the battle that takes place. Therefore recording these battles as not as important and is optional but encouraged. 2. The Chain of Command RUDE of ALL Evil (GM) - He is the leader of the Rudelings. Obey him in all things. Suicidal Stryker (AGM) - These are the chief planners of the clan. They are capable of all planning, and are experienced in the war area. Sargeant Slaughter (Members of the clan, who take orders to kill anyone that the GM gives orders to kill!) Suicide Kings (New recriut) - These are aides to the Generals. This rank is for those who are climbing up the ladder towards the rank of General, and are learning the tactics and strategy that are necessary to become a General. Promotion is at the discretion of GM/Co-GM. 3. Application Requirements To be accepted into RUDE, you must email, msn, aim, or icq the following information to Lunatic or the CO-GM: * Your kingdom name - Your leadername * Your ICQ - Your email * Past experience, past guilds. Failure of these principles will result in rejection of the application! We are a group of elite players from monarchy. We take no prisoners. We will not accept guilds in our lands...it will result in your death. Members or interested members, join up if you wanna live :) In the event that GM goes missing, the Co-GM will continue as leader with the rank Chief of Staff.