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Created: 2006-08-23 18:47:46
Game: valid


Suicide Warriors Are Tough Alex Surge, once a proud empire for Angelique with it’s many thriving cities and it’s vast army was well known for it’s ruthlessness and it’s discipline during combat. Many lesser empires and city states had fallen over the last thousand year’s of it’s reign. But with wealth and Fame come’s the jealousy of other’s. Now the great empire found it’s self on the losing end of a war. Armies mobilized into one force with one goal in mind the destruction. Surge looked out over the central plains and watched the approaching army. With a great sigh he turned to his general. “ KOB I want you to break our forces into three divisions. The center I will lead myself and will meet them head on while you take the left wing and circle around and strike them from the rear group three will strike from the east.” “ My lord they out number us one hundred to one how are we to over come such numbers.” Surge understood his generals fear and he was feeling the same fear also but he wasn’t about to show it to his men. “General We are the best warriors cities have to offer we will make our stand here. Now hurry and gather your men it will be nightfall soon, we strike at first light.” The General made a quick salute and left to get his men together. Surge later that night was standing looking out watching the camp fires off in the distance. “ Almost a beautiful sight is it not your highness?” Surge turned around to look at the tree’s behind him. Looking around franticly for the body that went with the voice. “ who and where are you? I am emperor Surge of the empire.” Angelica stepped out of the shadows that had concealed her. “ I know who you are Human and your noble status means nothing to me, as to who I am you can just call me Angelica. You see boy I orchestrated this entire event because I wanted to repay your elders for their kindness almost eight hundred years ago. “ Surge now just glaring at the woman only ten feet from him. “ What do my ancestors have to do with this war that is upon us now? “ “ Why they have everything to do with the events that have been unfolding before you. You see human eight hundred years ago I ruled a kingdom I had ruled it for almost three hundred years then your till your empire set it’s eye’s on it. Well needless to say turn about it fair play your highness.” Angelica got a chuckle out of how easy it had been to manipulate the other two faiths. “ You see it was really a simple thing to manipulate your empire into attacking empires from both faiths. Once that was done it took even less effort for me to manipulate other followers into joining forces long enough to destroy you.” Surge stood looking at the woman with disgust and hatred in his eye’s. “ You have destroyed a great empire why would you do such a thing? Woman I will kill you for what you have done you vile wench!” Surge charged Angelica sword leading and yelling a battle cry. Surge swung his long sword and only met air Ivy had moved but to where. He turned around just in time to be thrown about fifty feet from where he once stood. “ Human don’t do that again you need to keep your body intact for the battle come morning.” Angelica then backed into the shadows and faded away. Surge now alone got back to his feet and looked around for the evil woman who had caused the destruction of his empire. “ From this day forward I swear to destroy every heathen guild I come across. Won’t matter if it is big or small. All of them shall fear me and the Suicide Warriors Are Tough. May SWAT guide us on our journey.” At last the time of the new age has arrived for all to reep and enjoy. These lands were known for being pillaged in the past but, no more as the warriors of the lands took a oath to stand by what little they still had and march foward to regain ground and respect to leave the bad as past times. The younger lads and vetrans came together at the gates for the recruiting of this oath as a yell across the lands "mount up we ride now and together we conquer!" From this day foward the elite team would be known as SWAT of Valid.


GM: Suicide Master
AGM: Suicide General
Squad Leader: Suicide Berzerker
Full Member: Suicide Aide
Member: noobs
Newbie: noobs jr


This is our first of a long stay here!


This section is for anyone and everyone READ-


1. Posting

Obey the rules of Tempers Ball:

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethically offensive, or sexually related sites.

As Valid is a land where the history is almost as important that the battle that takes place. Therefore recording these battles as not as important and is optional but encouraged.

2. The Chain of Command

Suicide Master (GM) - He is a noob, but don't tell him that.
Suicidal General (AGM) - These are the chief strategists of the clan (Haha). They are capable of all-arms planning (You wish), and are deeply versed in the arts of tactical, strategic and operational warfare, and the use of lube.

Suicide Berserker (Trusted Assistant) - A superb warrior, they have few cares outside fighting who they are told to fight.

Suicide Aide (New recruit) - These are aides to the Generals. This rank is for those who are climbing up the ladder towards the rank of General, and are learning the tactics and strategy that are necessary to become a General.

Promotion is at the discretion of GM/Co-GM. Much can not be said, for it is the rules of the clan.

3. Application Requirements

To be accepted into SWAT, you must email, msn, aim, or icq the following information to Surge or KOB:

- Your kingdom name
- Your leadername
- Your ICQ
- Your email
- Past experience

Failure to do so will result in rejection of your application, unless we're feeling generous.

We are a select group who pride ourselves on the individual abilities of our members (shame about the GMs). Though a potential member may not currently have the skill required to be considered as such, if they show dedication towards the guild, it is likely they will be accepted.

In the event that GM goes missing (we have plans), the Co-GM will continue as leader with the rank Chief of Staff.