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Created: 2006-04-17 13:31:31
Game: debacle
Faith: Leto


We can do ANYTHING - for a price... All in the name of Leto!

We are the children of chaos, we have broken the restrictive ties of society and have found the freedom to act as we will...While free - spirited, our independent agents may sometimes join forces in order to spread anarchy to another level. However, do not think that we are TOTALLY without structure. We maintain a protocol based on military forms in order to deal with the outside world.

The Ultimate goal is to convert everyone to the Letitian faith, by words, deeds, or subversion, it does not matter... But nobody said that we couldn't make a profit while doing so. Anything and everything is acceptable so long as it is sanctioned... We'll work out the details later...


GM: General
AGM: Colonel
Squad Leader: Captain
Full Member: Sergeant
Member: Corporal
Newbie: Private


Faile's busy right now, so I'll handle round two. -Sarra


Ranks and Rules :

General - GM (Sarra) The buck stops here!
Colonel - AGM These run their respective departments.
Captain - Assist the AGM's in their duties.
Sergeant - Squad leader, tracks quad and directs actions.
Corporal - Trusted member, able to view guild and access banner.
Private - New member, no priveleges until earned.

If the GM gets knocked off, the senior AGM shall assume the post.

As a member of the CMA you will be required to:
1. Carry yourself in a manner that will not demean the repute of the guild or more importantly, yourself.
2.Obey all Temper's Ball rules.
3.Check the banner as you log in.
4.Be there for all war chats/strikes or let someone know if you are not available.
5.If killed, let us know who and what you are now, so we can get you back. We do NOT abandon our own!

You can ask for a promotion, but do not expect a reply unless you have earned it!

Rules of Temper's Ball:
1.Don't make an ass of yourself.
2.Don't post accusations of cheating.
3.Don't post bug reports.
4.Don't post kingdom numbers.
5.No spamming.

If you want to join CMA, apply to the guild and e-mail Faile with the following information:
1. Realm name and number.
2. Character name and a short bio.
3. History in game - experience, positions held etc...
4. ICQ number.

Above all, enjoy the game!