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Created: 2006-04-09 22:30:29
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


The old man sat in his corner, the candle light casting ominous shadows over his face. His jaw was clamped shut forming a hard line, his cheeks were sunken and his nose was long and hooked. Anyone eyeing him for the first time would have guessed him an old man who’d done his time and had cheated death longer than he deserved.

In a stark contrast to the weathered old man four young boys chased each other in front of the fire place. Their wooden swords thumping and clunking they were shouting across the room, all playing the same role:

How dare you! Unhand that fair maiden or I will smite you a mighty one upon your helm!

Never! I am the loathsome! The fearsome! The gruesome Soveliss of Rozeland! None dare challenge me and I shall take whatever I desire! This maiden is mine!

The old man couldn’t help but chuckle which showed off the two teeth that still clung to his withered gums. The first child hearing his companion claim to the same champion name showed a horrified and shocked expression:

NOOOOO! I’m Soveliss! I said it first! You can’t be Soveliss!

Uh uh! I’m Soveliss! It’s my turn!

Then a third child jumped in! No way! You guys always get to be Soveliss, I want to be First Knight of Barnabas!

Un-phased by the bickering of the other three boys the smallest of the bunch jumped up onto the nearest table and waving his sword over his head started yelling at the top of his lungs:

I am Soveliss!!! Right hand of the mighty Barnabas!!! None can stand before me, bow at my feet or suffer my wrath! The wenches cannot resists me and men cower before me! I am Soveliss, knight of Barnabas! I am Soveliss, knight of Barnabas! I am Soveliss, knight of Barnabas!

Slowly he shoved himself from his stool and slowly approached the howling children. At first the boys did not see his stooped form, so engrossed in their fantasy were they. However, as he got within a couple of feet of the two arguing children one spotted him and stopped mid sentence.

Do not be scared mongrels, I could not help but overhear your little argument and thought that you might be interested in learning the true story of your might Soveliss!

Whether out of curiosity or fear the children only nodded their heads and sat, backs against the wall peering out of me. I eased myself onto a stool and after taking a pause to catch myself I started into the story that so few knew.

You see, many many years ago these lands were pure chaos. Kings had been de-throned and the lands ran lawless. Men were only as strong as their swords and unfortunately your little friend Soveliss did not have much girth to his sword.

Now hold on! Don’t go making such a fuss until you’ve heard me out! Respect your elders! Sit and listen! The story actually starts even further back, where a band of us fought for our bread. Our swords were for hire to the highest bidder. We were a small band but we were good men who just had very little purpose in our lives.

That’s how we found your fellow Soveliss, the poor lad was lying naked on the side of the road, smacked whacked and stone drunk he was a sorry sight to behold! But alas, we were good lads and could not leave such a poor soul in the road! Still drunk we strapped him over a saddle and took him back to camp with us. Not how you imagined your mighty hero eh?

Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, back at camp we slapped the lad around a bit until he woke up and what followed was a story of woe we could all relate to…


Ughhhh…..damnation…..where am I? Wha….who the hell are you?…..I don’t feel so good….ughhhh throws up why did you bring me here?

Slowly he got to his feet, a hung over battered and beaten man he was a sorry sight. And it seems he had no desire to clean up as his first steps were to first empty his bladder then wobble towards the nearest wine skin he could find. Without asking or seemingly caring he immediately started draining the drink. With the wine skin in hand he simply started walking out of the camp, still naked and swaying side to side.

Hold it right there my drunken and not so all there friend. That would be my wine skin and the wine it contains is also mine. We did you a favour pulling you from that road, you were smashed beyond oblivion. If anything you should be thanking you, we could have left you where you were!

Thanks for the wine!

He sat his still bare ass down and commenced to down the wine.

What my intoxicated friend, is behind this desire of perpetual oblivion?

I doubt you care or really want to know, but alas, I have nothing else to say so take a seat and prepare yourself for the miserably existent of Soveliss the fool!

Taking another swig from the skin he lay back against the wall and started into his story:

Like all good stories this contains a king, a princess a brave knight and of course a jester. Swinging the skin around to emphasize his bitterness The brave knight? Moi? Of course not, I was the comical Jester! A fool to the king and his entourage! Ridiculed, insulted, abused, rejected, a whipping boy to all who wanted to feel superior.

But that I could live with, adjust to, tolerate. It was my destiny!
Throwing the wine skin, empty as it now was, a wry, far away grin crossed his face altogether more far away due to the wine What was not my destiny was the princess Narine. Oh how she danced, how she moved, how she smelt! We fell in love, none knew, none ever would have thought it possible but how beautiful it was! I, the fool to kings had become the lover of a princess. But the drunken grin slowly faded from his face Alas, it was not to be. I was a dreamer of a fool. How could I ever hope to have such a woman! We could not keep our love hidden forever and eventually it was discovered….and squashed! Her hand had been promised to another, some brave knight with status, riches and a noble name! I had nothing but the ability to turn myself into an idiot! Oh they gave me a chance, “well, love my daughter do you? Then you won’t mind proving it on the field of battle like any true knight! Choose your weapon and prove your honour against her suitor the good Lord Hughor. I am nothing but a just king, if my daughter though you to have the character of a noble man, a knight, worthy of her affection who am I to disagree? Should you vanquish the good Lord Hughor on the battle field I will grant you your knighthood and you shall be given your entourage of knights to conquer your own realm. You see? Am I not just in my judgement?”. Oh, they kept their faces straight but I know they were laughing behind my back! It was a joke to them, just another way the court jester could make them laugh. They would dress me up, give me a sword and then when they grew bored Lord Hughor would cut me up for overstepping my boundaries! They would teach this fool who dared threaten their ways a lesson!

He sat there for a long second, looking off into space, his surroundings were forgotten, even his drunkenness seemed to be momentarily gone as he reminisced on his lost love and life.

A fool I may be but I am not stupid. I ran, there was nothing left there for me but death. I could not see my love anymore and there was no way for me to defeat an accomplished knight. Little did I know that out here all I would want is death. Even that I cannot seem to do, for here I am! Living and breathing still!

His story ended he slowly stood up and snatching another wine skin from one of my accomplices topped off his alcohol levels.

Now I’m not considered the sharpest of tools but as I sat there watching that miserable drunken sod of a fool some thoughts came to mind. Here we were, a band of wandering warriors, swords for hire, no name to ourselves, no land and never a chance to gain such a title for we were not born to the world of knights and kings. We were their servants, born to fight their battles and win their glory for them. Perhaps I was a fool to believe such a change was possible but here was our deliverance before us, drunk as a skunk he had a ticket to noblehood and no way of taking advantage of it.

Boys I fell for this poor boy, here he is deprived of his wench, his home, his life even his clothes…..

SORRY? You feel sorry for this whelp? He had the love of a beautifull woman and the chance at a knighthood and you feel SORRY for him! I envy the fool! He had a chance at everything we have ever wanted and he ran! HE RAN! The coward…

Where are your entrepreneurial skills my good friend? I tell you this is a golden egg dropped right in our laps! We will use this fool, we will make his name know to every man, woman and child! Then, when he has reached the status of a legend we will return him to his princess where he will slay his knight and claim his title rewarding us as his holy guardians. Knights to his lordship!

Make him a legend? Are you mad? Look at him, he is a drunken fool, you propose the impossible!

Who said anything about making the fool a legend? We will make the NAME a legend! Think on this, we small band we leave here plundering and warring, we pool our strength but all under one name instead of many! The name Soveliss will appear everywhere! In the North, the South, West and East! The heathens will crumble before the name and when we are ready we will return to the lands of this fool and claim his fight!

You are serious? This can’t work….can it?

Why the hell not? What have we got to lose? Fool…er, I mean Soveliss raise your sorry ass up and meet your new brothers! Together we will win back your name, your woman and your title!

The old man shifted in his seat trying to get some more feeling into his bony ass. So you see boys? This is the legend you chase, a pool fool of a coward. A lie, a shadow that never really existed!

One boy had the courage to step forward:

You lie! That is not possible…..

But it is true, listen and I will tell you the exploits of this band of imposters….


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


We love Sove, Sove only exists from today and beyond.



SOVE IS OUR LOVER WE LOVE HIM! anyone with a non sove name will be rejected automatically.

Note: Kompact if you apply with "kompact" as your leader name we will gang bang you!


Those loyal and help proved their trust will be rewarded, those who dont will not.


Communication is good and is a must.


Diplomacy is but another weapon in our arsenal, and it's one we wield with unsurpassed skill. Accordingly, we demand a certain polish in our members when they deal with those of lesser guilds. There will be times when you disagree with others on Tempers Ball. Do so in a dignified manner, particularly with those of your own faith and brotherhood.

Members are expected to adhere and obey the rules of Tempers Ball, which are:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

The above is word for word from Tempers Ball, including the typos.


This is an invite only guild.

The rules are simple and are as follow:

1. Obey the orders of those appointed over you. Discipline is the key to victory.
2. Maintain a military force in order to defend yourself. The guild will not protect those that do not first protect themselves.
3. Do not make enemies for the guild. We shall destroy the heathens one by one. Attracting the attention of many only hinders the ultimate plan.
4. Loyalty to the guild and each other. We stand firmly together in all that we do. We will ultimately win through our conviction not only to the cause, but to each other as well.
5. Death before dishonor. To die is not to fail, for giving your life in the name of the cause is the ultimate sacrifice and a refusal to fail.

These are the titles that you will be eligible to hold within the guild:

rank 1) Soveliss

Please answer the following when submitting application to the guild:

1. What is your TB name?
2. What is your kingdom name?
3. Do you prefer to play: Scum, Sorcery, or Warrior?
4. What time are you usually online? (Please give days of week, times and time
5. List all ways you are able to be contacted by (E-mail, ICQ, AOL AIM, MSN
Messenger, etc...)
Please respond to these questions via e-mail (include the question with your
answer) to the GM. You may apply to this guild only if you have first obtained
permission from the GM. All other applications will be automatically denied.

Disappearing GMs

one of the other members will take over.