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Created: 2006-03-28 05:38:09
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Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually (but not always) from ore body, vein, or (coal) seam. Materials recovered by mining include coal, diamond, iron, precious metal, lead, limestone, rock salt and tin, . Any material that cannot be grown from agricultural processes must be mined. Mining in a wider sense can also include extraction of water, red rock or even… plans for total domination!

This is what the Codex of the Thirteen says about mining, the codex that was once stolen by the goblin hero Gruzzmik. He was the first goblin in the world who learned the art of reading and writing and he was the one who united the southern goblin tribes for the first time to fight and conquer for lands instead of fighting and pillaging in anarchy.

Goblins were always good miners. When they ran out of enemies to fight or when wintertime has arrived to the lands, and the warmth of the mines were more beckoning than marching in the snow for a few kills, goblins usually went to practice mining. With the help of the Codex, the mining society of the goblin tribes of the South has quickly raised and reached a point, where they were able to produce enough weapons for themselves to fight on equal grounds as of their human and elven enemies. There was much rejoice between kobolds giants and orcs!!!

Gruzzmik has received his power from no less but Angelique herself, who quickly realized the possibilities in this race and promised spiritual advancement for them. Goblins always been fierce fighters with no God, mercy or belief, but from now, crude temples has emerged in their encampments and goblin shamen started to chant spiritual songs for glorious battles and more rain!

But this is all history!

Now, after several centuries later, some lesser goblin wannabe kings (?) of the South has decided to unite under a common warbanner to fight for the Goddess and conquer land for glory and wealth! Some things never change as goblin’s behavior is still the same: seek and destroy the enemy!


GM: Temporary Chieftain
AGM: Lesser King
Squad Leader: Warlord
Full Member: Territory Warboss
Member: Tribeleader
Newbie: Slavedriver


The goblin tribes of the South just started to unite for the cause!



We are a goblin_only guild. If you are stinky human or whiny elf, please do not apply because you won't be accepted.

If the GM disappears and won't be able to fulfill its duty, that means someone has murdered him and the leaders will have to fight for the GM position!!!
(In OOC words: GM disappearance - In case of the disappearance or death of the GM, an AGM will take over in his place until his return. Squad Leaders are chosen based on prior game experience and also on willingness to help newer players.)


Temporary Chieftain - since the lesser goblin kings continously fight for dominancy even in their union, the chieftain position can be changed when one poisoned stiletto reaches its goal!

Lesser King – these goblin leaders proclaimed themselves as “kings” of their tribes!! They are the most ambicious goblin leaders of the current time!

Warlord – these battle-hardened goblins doesn’t care much about power and politics, they just want to conquer and massacre enemy in the name of Angelique. Hmm…

Territory Warboss – goblin kings usually gain respect and allies amongst themselves with granting territories to loyal tribeleaders. One can gain this rank after someone grants him territory and expands his tribe.

Tribeleader – when a new tribe joins the union, its leader receives title and rights from the other goblin kings, but those titles are not for under 18 age human/elven eyes, so lets call them simple tribeleaders!

Slavedriver – for a new goblin leader, one has to prove himself first in cruelity. A good leader can command troll and giant army only if he is cruel enough to smash anyone for the first sign of disorder. A slave encampment is a good place to practice this art!

TB rules:

OOC rules for Temper's Ball is the usual: don't be a jerk, don't insult others if they don't give you a reason :), always defend your goblin brothers and sisters, don't try to fight with Voices, all in all don't cross the rules.
Rules in points: Rules in regard to posting in Tempers Ball
1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards

Goblins of Angelique unite!