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Created: 2006-03-01 21:39:21
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Theres fighters and then there are Warriors of Zoll. Joining this guild could mean that your potential to kill and maim has just shot up the ladder. People looking to build and build often need not apply...


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


New Guild



1. GM- In case of the disappearance or death of the GM, an AGM (who is selected when the game starts) will take over in his place until his return. Squad Leaders are chosen based on prior game experience and also on willingness to help newer players. Promotion-Everyone in the guild is open to promotion. The decision for promotion will not be based just on NW or most kills, but will be based on what they have brought to and done for the guild.

2. Be Active- Being active will help keep the guild strong. You may not be able to play everyday and that is understandable. I would like who can get on once a day, or at least every other day. If you fail to play your kingdom for 4 days you will be sent an scribe, if you fail to respond you will be booted from the guild. (Unless you have reasons that have been, then tell the GM or AGM so someone knows.)

3. ICQ is a must- ICQ is important for communication, and also so you can get to know others in the guild. When you join you will be given a list of all those in the guild, and they will know that you are going to add them.

4. Do not attack kingdoms at random. - Do not attack any countries that are not guild targets. If someone attacks you, get in touch with your squad leader or the GM and tell them what has happened. The situation will be taken care of by the whole guild, not just one country. Attacking random countries not only brings trouble for you, but for the whole guild.

5. Do not share information with anyone outside of the guild. Everybody has friends who play the game, and they may be of a different faith. Never share any information with them. If someone approaches you on ICQ and asks for information, give them the GM or AGM number and tell them that they handle that.

6. TB Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post accusations of cheating.
3. Do not post bug reports.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or names.
5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).


Zoll(GM)- Supreme ruler, what this man says goes...

Viceroy(AGM)-Second highest guild ranking, each of these members has a specific task and/or duty within the guild. In case of the GMs absence, one of these members shall lead the guild.

Ambassador(Squad Leader)- Experienced players that are trusted members of the guild.

Protector-(Officer) Seasoned Veterans, usually squad leaders and always trusted members of the Warriors of Zoll.

Knight(Member)- Those members who are trusted by their experience or their length of duty within the guild.

Guard-(New Member)- Brand new members of the guild!