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Created: 2006-02-15 01:51:37
Game: valid
Faith: Leto


The turbulance of battle had dwindled down and Haha looked over his battered kingdom. The once united leaders of Swift P, had grown distant and lazy, and suffered dearly for it.

News my lord! Swift P has been disbanded.

Haha knew it was time to take responsibility for his lands and give aid to all that was left of the guild once known as Swift P.

Send word to all who are remalning! I will be bring new life to a guild once known as MANIAKZ MILITIA and provide refuge under this name.

But why under MANIAKZ MILITIA?-proclaimed one of Haha's Subjects

With a mischievous grin Haha replied, I remember studing about their guild of long ago and have come to realize I am now in a much similar position to the one they were in when they first started. Now go do as I say!!


GM: Maniak
AGM: Kommandantz
Squad Leader: Big Boyz
Full Member: Boyz
Member: Krazy Killers
Newbie: Deranged Drafteez



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1. Do not make an ass of yourself

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3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

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