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Created: 2006-02-05 12:23:00
Game: debacle
Faith: Barnabas


A lone warrior, fighting for his ever growing unpopular god, Leto. Sartek fights alone to preserve what he feels is the right path. Anyone may join Sartek in his fight to further Leto's goals. No one shall be denied based on race or gender. Only a strong belief in Leto is required. Those who wish to join ME in my fight against the heathens will be rewarded by Leto in the afterlife.


GM: Top Dog
AGM: Assassin
Squad Leader: Sniper
Full Member: Soldier
Member: ????????
Newbie: Who the hell are you?


The first age for ME


Tempers Ball Rules
1) No Vulgarity or Profanity
2) Do not make a fool out of yourself
3) Do not post accusations of cheating
4) Do not post bug reports
5) Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY of our games
6) Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)

In this guild we have but four ranks. I feel there is no need to include the other two ranks for everyone shall have an equal say in the Dark Fellowship.

GM – Dark Lord Leads the guild. Organizes strikes and wheels and deals treaties with heathens and friends alike.

AGM – Shadow Knight Fulfills any duty the Kiongozi cha kijiji cannot do. Also, he runs the guild if the GM happens to disappear at any stage of the game.

Ambassador – Dark Stalkers The grunts of the guild. They can change the banner and do that sort of thing, because I trust them. But basically they have no power over anyone except for the newer members.

Member – Shadowmen They are brand new to the guild. They can see the memberlist. I am a trusting person, and if they abuse this feature they are gone.

Promotions will be given out for the following reasons:

1) You come to the aide of a guildmate. This includes ingame or on the boards. This proves your loyalty to us, which is a good enough reason as any for promotion.

2) You show drastic improvement in your ingame form – In other words if you’ve been in a slump for quite some time, and luck isn’t running your way, if we notice you rise through the ranks quickly it is reason for promotion.

Demotions will be given out for the following reasons:

1) You receive a warning in Tempers Ball – This looks bad for the guild, and is reason for demotion.

2) You assist a person of another faith – This should be pretty self-explanatory.

3) You argue with a guild mate – This is a big no-no! We are a cohesive unit, and infighting will be dealt with severely.

Guild Honor Code

Perfection - Here at DF, we follow a –strict- code. We do not just accept anyone and everyone. We are perfectionists. We do things right the first time, or you end up wasting time redoing them. Time which does not exist in the hectic guilds game. That is the first basic ground rule.

Style - We do not accept anyone with a name like Munchout Dude 4657, or SkateboardKid99. Names such as this are not the type of names we want representing our guild. You either come up with a new name if you fall under this category, or you do not get accepted into DF.

Experience - You must have some prior knowledge of the game. We are not asking for 2 years as a top ranked GM but a good knowledge of the game is essential. We do not have time to waste constantly telling bumbling fools what to do. I will remind you, we don’t have time to waste!

Thoughtful – If you find a nice fat 40 million in the chest type of realm, you do NOT take the money for yourself and leave your guild mates to fend for themselves. Same goes for a landfat 40,000 acre kingdom with 1 green kobold defending it. Everybody needs help at sometime or another, that is what mates are for, to help each other out. You share the juicy targets, and do not be greedy and keep them to yourselves.

Apologetic – If you are caught filching or attacking a heathen kingdom at the wrong time, you must be graceful enough to talk your way out of it. Explain to them your duties, and explain to them you were not planning on destroying their temples or murdering their peasants or taking all their hard-earned land. Be as nice as you can, even if they are hostile in return.

Ruthless – If somebody takes this stance with us, we shall show no mercy. We will keep the peace with our misguided neighbors, but we do not befriend them, nor do we feel sorry for them. If they want to be ruthless, we shall be twice as ruthless.

Cleverness – You must be clever to survive in this game. A keen wit is required to be part of DF. You must always be on your toes, expect the unexpected. Be positive, but plan for the worst, if that is possible. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Only the SMART will survive, for the strong fall into a false sense of security and are left to be fed upon by the greater wit of people like ourselves.

Faith – If you waver in your faith to Isonia, here is not the place for you. You must pledge allegiance before entering. We will not be having any enemy spies infiltrating our ranks and giving away our carefully kept secrets. You either follow the purple god, or suffer the consequences.

Activity – We like our players to be active. If you can't be on every other day or so, maybe you shouldn't be playing. We promote closeness, if you don’t have an idea what your guild mate is like you won’t know what his next move will be. If you don’t know what his next move may be, you may scout the same numbers as he, or break in a target he has already broken. Turns that could have been better spent on building on acres or helping your faith mates by gathering scouts or killing heathens.