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Created: 2006-02-03 23:06:20
Game: debacle
Faith: Angelique


Suicide Sorcery Slaves

Devius looked on at the hordes of heathen dragons in disgust. Chewing on his opium leaf, he spat at his feet and spoke to Bob.

They sure do have a lot of dragons... What do you think Bob?

Bob set down his mutton and stood looking over the field at the huge assembly of dragons before them guarding the entrances to the heathen city.

I will send wave after wave of my own men at them! Until their gates are so crowded with corpses they cannot come out to attack us or retreat!

Devius turned to Bob. Biting down on the leaf, he felt the opiate take hold as he spat once more.

Well that is an interesting plan Bob. What the hell then? After we send all our Nekkid Kobolds to their deaths?

Bob sheathed his sword and turned to Devius with a smile.

We'll call on our magicians and sorc them into oblivion of course.

Both men laughed as the sun came up over the horizon and the battle was set. Bob gathered his captains and instructed them to rush blindly into the main gates of the enemy stronghold with reckless abandon. Luckily Bob and Devius's men were as crazy as their leaders and did not question the order. Instead they formed up in tight block formations and took their swords in hand, reciting their oath and last words.

Your Grace, we are the all singing, all dancing, shit of the world! We are the Suicide Sorcery Slaves, and we who are about to die, salute you!

Bob smiled and gave the signal. Immediately both Devius and Bob's entire forces charged wildly at the enemy city, screaming their warcry, the sound thundering off nearby mountains and valleys, creating an earthquake like rumble through the land. As the Nekkid Kobolds rammed into the hordes of Dragons, they fell quickly, stacking up like cordwood in the city entrances. It was like sending sheep off to slaughter. As the corpses began to pile up, it was clear the enemy was trapped within their own city walls. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Bob laughed out loud, then called his magicians over to give the order for the second part of his evil plan.

Rain the brimstone of Barnabas down upon these filthy heathens! Crumble their city atop them and convert these infidels!

The magicians setup their magic circle and began chanting. Soon great balls of fire rained down from the heavens, crashing down upon the heathen city, burning everything they touched. Soon the entire city was aflame, and the sound of peasants and dragons screaming in agony drowned out all other noise of the destruction. Within ten minutes of starting the sorcery onslaught, the heathen city was nothing but one giant fire. The heathens had been defeated here and would be converted to the ways of Barnabas, cursed to serve their former enemy, as slaves of suicide war.

Devius grinned, his eyes glinting with an evil flash.

Perhaps you have something here Bob. I think we should employ these suicide war tactics throughout the land... In the service of Angelique!


GM: Cobra Commander
AGM: Optimus Prime
Squad Leader: Chuck Norris
Full Member: Jackie Chan
Member: PornStars
Newbie: Slaves


This will be our 4th age in debacle.


Rules and Regulations

Guild Ranks:

Suisorc Psycho - GM
The final authority of Slaves. All who reside within Slaves will answer unto this person. If the GM cannot be reached for an extended amount of time, the Slave Control Specialist (rank 2, COGM), will take over, no questions asked.

Slave Control Specialist - CO~GM
High authority of Slaves. This is essentially the second in command of Slaves. If the GM were to be away for an extended amount of time, this person takes over the guild. There is only one Slave Control Specialist, he/she is the Suisorc Psycho's "right-hand man." Also, this person has authority over everyone within guild besides Suisorc Psycho.

Slave owner - AGM
Each Slave owner must be an elven, original barnabas member of Slaves. No converted members can attain this rank.

Suisorc Supreme
This is the highest rank for converted members. These members were converted and have spent much time in Slaves to prove their new found loyalty to Barnabas.

Suisorc in Training
Recently converted members who have proved themselves loyal by suisorcing their former faithmates. In order to attain this rank, a converted heathen must show their loyalty by killing on of their former faith.

Newly converted heathen. Has not yet proved him/herself in battle.

Application for Membership to the guild:
All applications for membership recieved will be accepted. Then you will be watched until you prove your loyalty and sorcery skills through battle. If you do not prove yourself within a week, you will be booted from the guild for guild security reasons.

General Rules of the Guild:
1. All members are expected to be active. If you disappear for too long without letting the Suisorc Psycho know first, you will probably be removed by the time you get back.
2. All members are expected to follow orders given to them by Slave owners. If you feel an order is unfair, please report it to the Suisorc Psycho. If you feel an order from the Suisorc Psycho is unfair, you should probably just leave.
3. Also, you must have fun. Not having fun will result in the Suisorc Psycho flogging you in public while the Slave Control Specialist gives you wedgies.
4. Read the banner, it is there for a good reason.
5. Never, under any circumstances, attack without being told to do so or get permission. If you are attacked by a target whom the guild is not currently at war with, send the news of the attacks to one of your superiors and after investigation of the incident, if it is deemed acceptable for you to retalliate, you will be told to do so. We won't put up with people striking our realms out of war, so trust us, it will be taken care of and you will get what you lost back.
6. Report all war attacks, sorc attacks, and scum attacks to the proper high ranking members of the guild. Even report those scum attacks in which you do not see who attacked you, there are good reasons for the Suisorc Psycho to know if the guild or a single member is being scouted or scummed.
7. Only the Suisorc Psycho, Slave Control Specialist, and Slave Owners are allowed to start guild related threads. If you would like to start a guild thread, say in the debacle forum, and you are not high enough rank, please ask someone of high enough rank permission, and you will more than likely be granted it.
8. All members will be required to proudly display their debacle guild of allegiance in their Temper's Ball signature line.
10. Any questions about these rules? Feel free to contact the GM and Co-GM listed below.
NOTE - Failure to meet the above requirements will result in removal from the guild.

In the event of the Suisorc Psycho (GM) disappearing for 5 days or longer:
Slave Control Specialist (Co-GM) will take over the guild. If the Slave Control Specialist (Co-GM) is also unavailable at this time, the designated Slave Owner (the one with the most time in the guild as a member) will then take control. If it goes beyond that, it is recommended that the guild be disbanded due to lack of veteran leadership.

Posting Rules:

Tempers Ball Rules
- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites.
This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Contact Information:
Suisorc Psycho:
Private Message in Tempers Ball: Makavelli
AIM : Makavelli2k7
email: makavelli2k7@hotmail.com