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Created: 2006-01-28 17:01:29
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


The Silver Leaf Tribe

Silver Leaf Tribe (SLT)

One side of the leaf a radiant green and the other a glistening silver,
the silver leaf tree is a rare tree whose wood and fruit both highly valued .
This tree was chosen to symbolize a covenant between the elvish people and the lizardfolk.

A History of the Silver Leaf Tribe

At present the Tribe is accepting no members.
The creation of the Tribe this Age is intended to reflect the fact that each Lizard kingdom
actually represents the equivalent strength of many kingdoms, in other words a small guild.
The creation of a guild is to facilitate the roleplay and to allow other players to recognize
that an attack on a lizard kingdom is not the same type as an attack on a smoothskin kingdom.

Following the destruction a the Isle of Maxim, Talus found himself separated
from his guildmates in FOUL. Overwhelmed by the chaos on the beach, he sought
solitude and peace within the woods of the uncharted island. The dappled sunshine
and rustling leaves brought calm to Talus' heart. Raised by elves, Talus felt at one
in the forest even though he outwardly appeared to be a human. His sense had never been
as keen as those of his elven brothers, but he still thrilled at the song of a bird and
the feel of the rough bark of an old tree. Of course his elven kin used to tease him
that his loud snoring frightened all the animals away.

When he was young, the elves that raised him had told Talus that he was actually kin to
shapeshifters. For years he had longed to be able to slip out of his clumsy human form
and assume the more elegant shape of an animal or an elf, but it was not to be. Perhaps
it was this longing that awoken his allegiance to FOUL for he had heard of one, Wulfric,
who was capable of assuming many shapes.

Despite his eagerness, Talus was never able to get very close to Wulfric...that is until
Talus was captured by lizardfolk.

Not many days after he had escaped into the woods of the new island, Talus awoke
to find himself apparently under attack by some strange lizard-kin. Although
surprised, he was not greatly injured and managed to quickly beat off the attack
only to be attacked by a much larger and more ferocious version who severely injured
Talus and carried him back to the lizardfolk camp.
Near death, in the lizard village, Talus' shapechanger side finally awoke and asserted
itself, transforming Talus into a lizard himself. His transformation took the lizardfolk
by surprise and during the confusion, Wulfric and Kain managed to rescue Talus from the
village. After carrying Talus to safety, Wulfric guided and trained the confused Talus
in the art of shapeshifting.

Later the lizardfolk sent an emmissary to apologize for their treatment of Talus.
Apparently some of the young lizardfolk had wandered from their village and had
mistaken his snoring for choking. What he had interpreted as an attack was actually
their inexperienced attempt to help. When their father arrived and saw him attacking
his children, the lizardman had acted on instinct.

Once they learned of their error the lizardfolk were determined to make amends, both out
of a sense of justice and a desire to learn more about humans, elves, and to learn more
about his shapeshifting. Recognizing his own role in the misunderstanding Talus returned
to the lizardfolk village. With the help of much hard work and some magic, he learnt
to speak some of their tongue, although he found easiest to do so when in lizard-form.

Spending many days with them, his faith in Angelique deepened and he was able to convert
a few of the younger lizards who saw in her the image of one of their own goddesses. In
this way he gained a few warriors and followers who were determined to bridge the cultural
gap between the smoothskins and the lizardfolk.


GM: Voice of the Tribe
AGM: Atlatl
Squad Leader: Diviner
Full Member: Shadowmaster
Member: Proven
Newbie: Youngling


This is the first age of the Silver Leaf Tribe. At present the Tribe is accepting no members.


The Charter of the Silver Leaf Tribe

I. Organization

II. Powers, Responsibilities, and Duties


I. Rules

All Silver Leaf members must follow all Evernight rules.

All the rules of Evernight must be followed including, but not limited, to those
listed below. You are expected to follow all the rules in all fora. Not following the
rules in Comments or any other forum is just as much cause for dismissal as not following
the rules in the Guilds forum.

The spirit of these rules must be followed as well as the letter. Attempting to
skirt the edges is unacceptable.

Failure to comply with any of rules will result in expulsion from the Tribe. In addition,
the administrators may ban a player from the boards and/or the game for failing to follow
Evernight Rules.



This is the first age of the Silver Leaf Tribe. At present the Tribe is accepting no members.

Guild Contact Information

Those wishing to contact the Silver Leaf Tribe should use on of the following methods:
ICQ# 210622335
PM: Ferlinc