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Created: 2006-01-11 23:00:28
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The Gathering

Try as he might, Sartek could not stop the forces that overwhelmed the
mainland of of Tonan. So, meeting up with his longtime friend MaCloud,
Sartek left the mainland to seek his place elsewhere. Together, the two traveled
for many months not finding the land they sought. Tired, hungry and almost
ready to give up, Sartek and MaCloud came across a new land, almost infantile
in it’s purity. They looked to each nodding. This would be their new home.

They traveled for another week before coming across a small settlement.
Thankful for having a place to rest, they took up in a small makeshift inn. At
first light, they began their recruitment through the settlement. Seeking followers
and converting followers of the false gods. Sartek was surprised to find some old
friends had also made their way to this new land. Surprised but happy for now
the flock was growing at an even greater rate.

Another month had passed and things were in full swing. MaCloud had gotten
enough people together to build a base of operations. Sartek was now travelling
further throughout the new land, visiting other settlements. Things were definitely
looking up for the future of the Dark Fellowship. The word had spread and people
were coming of their own accord to serve under their banner. Sartek was pleased
at the progress they had made.

On his way back from a recruiting drive, Sartek was camped alone. He lay down
for what he thought a peaceful nights sleep. He would not sleep peacefully this night
though, for his dreams were plagued by a vision. A vision of a perilous undertaking.
Awaking with a start to the disturbing dream, Sartek hurried back to camp. He had
Had other visions such as this and new it was Barnabas’ will that spoke to him. Sartek
Hurried through the crowd of people, seeking out MaCloud. Finding his friend talking
To a small group of people, Sartek quickly pulled the man aside. ”MaCloud, I have
Had a vision.”
MaCloud stared at him oddly, ”What kind of vision?”
Sartek clasped both hands on MaCloud’s shoulders. ”A vision sent to me from
Barnabas himself. We are to leave on a quest of utmost importance. We leave to seek the
Maelstrom Crown.”
Again MaCloud looked at him as if he were mad. ”What
Good will this crown do us?”
Sartek was almost crazed in his response, ”It
is a powerful artifact and will solidfy us as a true power in this new land.”
Despite his
reluctance, MaCloud agreed to join Sartek in his search for the Maelstrom Crown.

The Quest

Having set up some trusted friends to run things why they were gone, Sartek and
and MaCloud set off. In his vision, Sartek seen the crown in a cave beyond the
mountains to the east. And so they traveled for many nights, in that direction. Sartek’s
vision, their only guide. On the morning of the fifth day, the reached the base of
one of the huge peaks. Sartek looked to MaCloud smiling, ”Well, I never said it
would be easy.”
MaCloud merely shook his head and dismounted.

They climbed what they thought to be the highest mountain they had ever seen.
Looking around, no cave could be seen. ”Where to now oh envisioned
Sartek looked around a bit confused. ”I don’t understand it. In my
vision, it was just beyond the first peak.”
They continued to stand at chilling peak,
looking for what Sartek was sure had to be near. Finally, MaCloud caught a glimpse
of something and got Sartek’s attention. Squinting Sartek focused on what MaCloud
was pointing out. Finally seeing the small crevice MaCloud had spotted, Sartek
smiled, patted his friend on the chest, and began trotting down the side of the
mountain towards their destination.

Though cold, and near frostbite in areas, the two made their way down the
side of the mountain quickly. They had to slow and even stop several times to
get sight of the cave again. When they finally reached the entrance, they wondered
how they could of ever missed it. The entrance was huge, two and a half men tall
and wide enough to fit six warhorses side by side. A strange glow illuminated the
cavern and neither MaCloud or Sartek could see the source. Tentatively, they
proceeded into the cave. The main corridor stretched for several hundred meters,
opening up into a huge room. Pyres lit a path leading to a staircase. Sartek took
the lead up the stairs.

The site at the top of the stairs took both men’s breath away. A crown of gold
and silver, inlaid with jewels, sat upon a small alter. This had to be the Maelstrom
Crown. Though each thought it would not look as splendid as it did. Sartek reached
forward to grab the crown and quickly brought his hand back as something shocked
him. ”What is it?” MaCloud asked. Sartek shook his head, not really
sure. ”It’s some sort of invisible barrier.”

For several hours MaCloud and Sartek fought with different ideas of how to obtain
the crown. Finally, frustrated, Sartek cried out ”I’ve done what you asked. I am
here. What else must we do to obtain your prize?”
As if in response to his plea to
Banabas, a form appeared from the shadows. Was this person their the whole time or had
It just appeared out of thin air? ”Who are you?” MaCloud asked.
The figure made it’s way down to stand beside the alter, opposite of them. ”I am
Sartek and MaCloud bowed as they heard the name of their Patron Saint.
”What is required of you, is a sacrifice. A sacrifice of blood.” Sartek and
MaCloud stared at each other speechless. Hate walked around the side of the altar and
Moved towards Sartek. Sartek took an involuntary step back, the presence of the Saint
being that great. She stuck out her hand and a curved dagger appeared. Nervously, Sartek
reached forward and grabbed the dagger. He looked back towards MaCloud. MaCloud only
shrugged. Sartek nodded, ”It was my vision, it will be me who sacrifices himself.”

MaCloud went to protest his friend’s decision but it was to late. Sartek had already brought
the blade across the palm of his hand. Sartek was stunned at how quickly his life’s blood
rushed from his hand. He began feeling light headed and a pain began forming in his
stomach. He stumbled forward, into the altar. Sartek’s blood ran down the sides of the
as he held on to it for support. He pulled himself to his feet and looked at the magnificent
crown before him. He reached forward and was not hindered by the barrier this time.
Pulling the crown close, Sartek was in awe. But loss of blood had weakened him and
he fell to the ground. He lay, staring up at the ceiling, listening to his heart slow. MaCloud
moved to help him but was stopped by hate. Sartek continued listening as heart pumped
for the last time. Sartek gasped and wondered how long it would take for death to set
in. For several minutes he lay there, wondering. Then a wave of pain racked his body
and Sartek began convulsing. MaCloud moved forward again and was again stopped
by Hate. ”For one to possess the crown, one must set loose the bonds of mortal
Sartek had stopped convulsing and slowly sat up. He looked at his hands in
bewilderment. ”H-How is this possible? What has happened to me?” The Saint
merely smiled at him. ”You are no longer bound by human flesh. You have
become immortal. You have become a true creature of the night.”
Sartek looked at her
stunned, ”V-Vanpire?” sartek questioned. Hate nodded in reply
”But not an ordinary Vampire. You have not been converted to vampirism
by another. You are a first blood line vampire. Only a first blood line vampire can
use the powers of the crown.”
Sartek looked back to crown. It was on the ground
where he had dropped it when the convulsions began. He picked it up and rose to
his feet. He placed the crown upon his head and felt the surge of power flow through
him. But it was not only power, it was knowledge too. He felt the knowledge from
years gone by seep into his head. Sartek went to thank the Saint for the gift he had
been given but she held up a hand to silence him. ”Go. Take your gift
back to Isonia’s children. But know this, should anything happen to you, another
such sacrifice will be required for the next bearer of the crown.”
Sartek had other
questions for his Patron Saint but it was to late, she had disappeared into the shadows
from which she came. Sartek looked to MaCloud, who had been watching in stunned
silence the whole time. He handed MaCloud the dagger, ”I want you to take
this. Should anything happen to me, you are the only other that can lead the fellowship.

MaCloud nodded and tucked the dagger into his belt. Their prize obtained, Sartek and
MaCloud made their way back out of the cave. It was daylight out and Sartek felt pained
they approached the entrance. He couldn’t proceed. He had forgotten, he was a creature
of the night now, he would never be able to look upon the sun again.

That evening, Sartek and MaCloud left the cave, headed back for their settlement.
A few nights later, they arrived. MaCloud hurried and roused the sleeping followers
of the fellowship. When everyone was out of their tents, Sartek stood upon a log and
spoke. ”My friends, Barnabas has truly blessed us. With this crown that MaCloud
and myself have fought so hard to obtain, we will fight the heathen forces of the false
gods. And we will win. Today, you are all apart of the second coming. For today, the
Dark Fellowship is reborn!”


GM: The Dark One
AGM: Death Dealer
Squad Leader: Warmonger
Full Member: The Trusted
Member: Not Used
Newbie: New Member


This is a new guild.


Tempers Ball Rules
1) No Vulgarity or Profanity
2) Do not make a fool out of yourself
3) Do not post accusations of cheating
4) Do not post bug reports
5) Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY of our games
6) Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)

In this guild we have but four ranks. I feel there is no need to include the other two ranks for everyone shall have an equal say in the Dark Fellowship.

GM – Dark Lord Leads the guild. Organizes strikes and wheels and deals treaties with heathens and friends alike.

AGM – Shadow Knight Fulfills any duty the Kiongozi cha kijiji cannot do. Also, he runs the guild if the GM happens to disappear at any stage of the game.

Ambassador – Dark Stalkers The grunts of the guild. They can change the banner and do that sort of thing, because I trust them. But basically they have no power over anyone except for the newer members.

Member – Shadowmen They are brand new to the guild. They can see the memberlist. I am a trusting person, and if they abuse this feature they are gone.

Promotions will be given out for the following reasons:

1) You come to the aide of a guildmate. This includes ingame or on the boards. This proves your loyalty to us, which is a good enough reason as any for promotion.

2) You show drastic improvement in your ingame form – In other words if you’ve been in a slump for quite some time, and luck isn’t running your way, if we notice you rise through the ranks quickly it is reason for promotion.

Demotions will be given out for the following reasons:

1) You receive a warning in Tempers Ball – This looks bad for the guild, and is reason for demotion.

2) You assist a person of another faith – This should be pretty self-explanatory.

3) You argue with a guild mate – This is a big no-no! We are a cohesive unit, and infighting will be dealt with severely.

Guild Honor Code

Perfection - Here at DF, we follow a –strict- code. We do not just accept anyone and everyone. We are perfectionists. We do things right the first time, or you end up wasting time redoing them. Time which does not exist in the hectic guilds game. That is the first basic ground rule.

Style - We do not accept anyone with a name like Munchout Dude 4657, or SkateboardKid99. Names such as this are not the type of names we want representing our guild. You either come up with a new name if you fall under this category, or you do not get accepted into DF.

Experience - You must have some prior knowledge of the game. We are not asking for 2 years as a top ranked GM but a good knowledge of the game is essential. We do not have time to waste constantly telling bumbling fools what to do. I will remind you, we don’t have time to waste!

Thoughtful – If you find a nice fat 40 million in the chest type of realm, you do NOT take the money for yourself and leave your guild mates to fend for themselves. Same goes for a landfat 40,000 acre kingdom with 1 green kobold defending it. Everybody needs help at sometime or another, that is what mates are for, to help each other out. You share the juicy targets, and do not be greedy and keep them to yourselves.

Apologetic – If you are caught filching or attacking a heathen kingdom at the wrong time, you must be graceful enough to talk your way out of it. Explain to them your duties, and explain to them you were not planning on destroying their temples or murdering their peasants or taking all their hard-earned land. Be as nice as you can, even if they are hostile in return.

Ruthless – If somebody takes this stance with us, we shall show no mercy. We will keep the peace with our misguided neighbors, but we do not befriend them, nor do we feel sorry for them. If they want to be ruthless, we shall be twice as ruthless.

Cleverness – You must be clever to survive in this game. A keen wit is required to be part of DF. You must always be on your toes, expect the unexpected. Be positive, but plan for the worst, if that is possible. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times. Only the SMART will survive, for the strong fall into a false sense of security and are left to be fed upon by the greater wit of people like ourselves.

Faith – If you waver in your faith to Isonia, here is not the place for you. You must pledge allegiance before entering. We will not be having any enemy spies infiltrating our ranks and giving away our carefully kept secrets. You either follow the purple god, or suffer the consequences.

Activity – We like our players to be active. If you can't be on every other day or so, maybe you shouldn't be playing. We promote closeness, if you don’t have an idea what your guild mate is like you won’t know what his next move will be. If you don’t know what his next move may be, you may scout the same numbers as he, or break in a target he has already broken. Turns that could have been better spent on building on acres or helping your faith mates by gathering scouts or killing heathens.