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Created: 2006-01-11 10:59:55
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The dark branches from the trees billowed under the cloud infested night sky. A little girl ran down the grey dirt path out of town. In the yonder, a chorus of yelling could be heard. Panting, but never looking behind her, the little girl could hear footsteps approaching closer, she could see the light illuminating in front of her grow brighter from the torches closing in.

*Thud* as the child tripped over an extended tree root. When she turned around to face up, she was greeted by angry villagers.

"What shall we do with the little witch?"

"Break her leg, make sure she never dances again."

They pinned her to the ground and pulled a leg up. She looked in horror as one man brought a shovel over his head. With one huge thrust, he swung the shovel downward at her knee.

She screamed. And woke up. Her whole body drenched in sweat. She was shivering. It was the third time this week Jolin had the same nightmare. Although it was much less a nightmare than a memory of the past. She was a dancer. But no normal dancer. She had a gift. When she was young, any harmony would make her dance, from the birds singing to the wind's gentle breeze. However, her every little step put grown adults in a trance. It was this captivation and attention that eventually led to her being accused to be a witch. They had chased her out of the village that night and all but separated her right leg. Something happened that night. Her eyes glowed a deep purple flame of hatred towards those that could not appreciate her talent. It was this hatred and many years of a never ending hope that allowed her to stand up again and eventually recapture her gift.

But now. An ignored art. A forgotten art. A form of art. Just an art. The words would ring in her mind. Her passion, her glory, her suffering, the skills she grew up taming... Now overlooked due to the war that broke out between Angelique, Barnabas, and Leto. Instead of being admired on stage, it had been disregarded in favour of beer and alcohol at the bar at the end of a long day's battle.

It angered her. Jolin got out of bed, she did not want to live another night living her past. Got dressed, walked down the creaking inn steps tipped the innkeeper generously and stepped out just as the sun crept over the horizon. The flames in her eyes appeared once more. The war was upon them, she did not want her passion to be forgotten amongst the blood. In order to restore the recognition, respect, and appreciation of the dance, she set off to recruit other dancers in Islan. They would serve under the Angelique banner, the only mistress of the land that appreciated the art. She knew the war they enter will be dark, but she intended to bring out its beauty just like she does so well... at a Promenade.


GM: Giant Dancing Walrus
AGM: Little Bouncing Seals
Squad Leader: Silly Jumping Otters
Full Member: Funky Wobbly Penguins
Member: Wacky Skipping Sea Lions
Newbie: Wannabes


This is a new guild to Valid.


1. Temper's Ball Posting Rules
Do not make an ass out of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
Do not post redundant messages. (NO spamming)

2. All members must respect and follow the core values of The Promenade. These include:
*Respect for all players, heathen and breathren alike.
*Loyalty to the guild and the faith
*Faith in fellow guildmates and faithmates

3. GM - In case of the disappearence of the GM, the 2nd in command will take over all guild activities.

4. Guild War Chats - The success of the guild will tied to the attendance during war chats. Please make an earnest effort to attend.

5. Random Attacks - Are strictly not allowed. If there is a potential target, please contact the GM or AGM for authorization.

6. Confidentiality - Do not share information outside of the guild. If you choose to leave the guild or faith, do not disclose private information retrieved while part of Prom.

7. Active - All members are expected to stay active. If you are taking a leave, please scribe or contact a GM or AGM.

8. Reporting - Please report all news to the news drop or guild forum.

9. Newbies - Are more than welcome to join the guild, we will train you to become part of the game and the community.

10. Fun - Is the core value of the game and our guild. Please have fun :-D

Violation of an of the above rules (especially no. 10) will result in appropriate disciplinary action, including but not limited to verbal warnings, demotion, or removal from the guild. The leadership of guild will examine each case and determine the proper punishment.

About the Guild:
As this the coming age will be one of many small guilds, expect to collaborate with our faith allies in other Angelique guilds.

Elves, Vampires, and Humans only. We will be sorcery focused above all else. Do not join the guild expecting to sit on unbuilt land. Goblins accepted only in certain situations.

Roles and Responsibilities:
A. GM - Dancing Queen - The GM will overlook the day to day operations of the guild. This is the leader and may lead the war chats, guild relations, as well as dance rehersals.
B. AGM - Choreographer - To capture the emotions of a dance, to bestow it upon the audience... A choreographer's role is unsurpassed. These selected few will choreograph war chats and of course dances. Each choreogrpaher will have a chosen discipline to teach, this may include war, thievary, sorcery, or smiling.
C. Squad leaders - Lead Dancers - The experienced dancers of the group take the role of a lead dancer. They are chosen for their ability to emotionally swing those who watch through the art of dancing.
D. Dancers - Each dancer's role is essential to the performance. As such, each dancer has earned their spot and their every step is just as important to our success.
E. Backup Dancers - Not yet an important role in the performance, these budding dancers generally have much to learn.
F. Crew People - The stage set, the lighting, the effects, the logistics. Someone has to prepare for the concert.
G. Spectator - Not yet fully qualified to perform. These spectators may be passerbys or may develop interest in our guild and qualify for a role.

Guild Contact:
GM - Jolin
Email: sto1288@gmail.com
ICQ: 216514256