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Created: 2006-01-01 12:45:47
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


Righteous Fury Story - 1st age

It was, as it always is. I thought this land would be different...My father,his dying words left a great void that all the peace and joy fell into, disappearing into the great black void that has become my soul. I no longer feel pain nor sadness, fear or joy, instead only one feeling, growing inside, keeps me going, gives me strength, feeds my fanatical desier to inflict that which has been inflicted upon me, to those that would see me and my people perish from these lands. I came like the rest of those here, sick and staving, with no water, no food, and no hope. They have since found hope and joy, fear and heartache, they live and birthe and die and are forgotten.

I simply am. My followers, blessed or cursed by Barnabas himself, live beyond mortal time, the fire in their eyes and hearts burn like dragonfire, so hotly that not even death can lay his hands upon us. Barnabas has given us a mission, in a time of great upheaval, to seperate the wheat from the chaff, to begin again that which was lost, these last terrible days, when Maxim fell into the sea.

So now,on the shores of this accursed isle,I form the clan, those who wish to see things as they were, the lands secured under a blanket of blood red, the great Barnabas himself, fire in his eyes,
standing tall, his shadow stretching across the lands. Nothing more do I see in my dreams, except the sword and spear, nothing fills my ears, save the ringing of battle
and the cries of heathens sliding down my blade.

The Righteous Fury hath come, be warned, those who follow heathen gods, be you creature or man, friend or foe.

The Second Age - The Coming of the Viscious Few

Woe to you who reads this tome, may it be not upon the bodies of those who wrote it. Indeed may the dust be thick upon its cracked spine, and the stories told within merely just a faded memory, of viscious times and dishonorable nightmares.
It is within this time, the time of the Gods Barnabas,Angelique, and the Dishonorable Leto. Yes, once again these 3 waged war upon the lands, sending their followers to early deaths, for lands and riches that should matter nothing to such beings, but yet everything to those that followed them.
So now, had the Righteous Fury rose from the ash of blood and war, held its banner and marched with honor held high into the lands of heathens and horrors. With axe and anger they cut into the hearts of the Stone, and grew to some size and influence on these lands. The lizardmen, creatures of draconian appearance came and went as they pleased, their armies seemingly melting into the dense forests and dry deserts of this unknown land.

And still we warred on. Never knowing rest or peace, our conflict with the clerics of the earth cut short by the raging band of Letoites that descended upon us with visions of land and wealth easily plucked from the hand of Barnabas, like grapes from the low hanging vine.

But indeed, just when the days seemed the darkest, when the Righteous Fury slid among the Cries of Insanity, their lights seemingly extinguished by the crushing sea of orange, did a faint glow emerge.

Thus the Fury, with the Cries of Insanity, did rise and fight again. This time, with renewed vigor, they smashed into impossible odds again and again, slowly wearing away the vastly superior forces of the Leto's, grinding their great kingdoms into dust, one at a time.
Great alliances were made, greater warriors stood amongst the dead and dying, swords and spears gleaming in the smoke filled light of the dawn. These memories I write upon this tome, so that the future members of this great clan, can read these stories and remember again, that honor which was held above all, above land and wealth, wars and rank. All that matters, all that will ever matter, is that the Righteous Fury held their heads high, even when surrounded by a sea of orange, when all seemed lost.

It was then, those who would become to be known ages later, as the Viscious Few, took the reigns upon the dogs of war, and cut a swath of devastation and havoc upon all those that stood in their path. Their names forever shall be marked upon the Halls of Glory, in the great temple of Barnabas for as long as it stands.


GM: High Viscerator
AGM: Lesser Viscerator
Squad Leader: Crushing Fist
Full Member: Nightmare
Member: Vicious Mauling
Newbie: Sheildling


Prepare yourself...


Rules of the Righteous Fury

Contact for the Guild of the Righteous Fury:

GM - Crynus (ICQ# 78727971)

Email: RighteousFury@gmail.com


Email: TBA

Rules to the guild The Righteous Fury:

The guild of the Righteous Fury is a family of core members, supplemented by new or seasoned players. All players are welcome, but failure to follow the rules of the guild or Evernight will result in punishment and possible banishment.

1.) All the rules of Evernight will be followed without question. Failure to do so will result in being banished from the guild. Please go to the CREATE ACCOUNT screen in Temper's Ball to read the rules of Evernight. The rules of Evernight and Temper's Ball are as follows:

A.) No Vulgarity or Profanity (okay, alittle but not excessive!)

B.) Do not make an ass out of yourself.

C.) Do not post accusations of cheating.

D.) Do not post bug reports.

E.) Do not post kingdom numbers, kingdom names OR leader names.

F.) Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming )

G.) Do not impersonate Admin,Mods, or Alts of Veteran players.

2.) The GM's word in the guild is final. All rulings by the GM will stand, as will all punishments.

3.) Members of the Righteous Fury will treat all players, regardless of faith or guild, with respect. Disrespectful RP posts, comments or scribes will result in punitive actions by the AGM's or GM's, unless they are very well Rped.

4.) All officers in the guild will be shown complete deference. ALL orders given by them will be obeyed without comment, question or criticism.

5.) The GM may modify the rules at any time.

6.) Do not ask or inquire about promotions, if we think you are ready, you will be promoted, our officers are watching your progress closely.

7.) ABSOLUTELY No multi accounting/ OOC spying will be tolerated...banishment and death will fall upon the heads of those found guilty.

Ranking Structure of the Fury:

Rank 1 - GM - (High Viscerator)

Responsible for running all affairs of the guild, as well as overseeing its responsibilities to the God Barnabas.

Rank 2 - AGM - (Lesser Viscerator)

Lords of their clan sect and high officers of the guild. This position holds high honor, as only a few positions are available. AGM's may declare war or peace with other guilds, resolve any inner guild conflict, and handle any admin. situation that occurs due to a guild member's actions. This position requires at least 2 ages of service within the guild.

Rank 3 - Ambassador - (Learned One)

The knowledge of the clan resides here, in our Learned Ones. This position requires a knowledge of current wars and issues with other guilds, as well as in-depth knowledge of the various GM's and Ambassadors from other guilds. With the GM's approval an Ambassador may:

-Declare peace or cease-fire with an attacking guild.

-Declare and record any and all treaties with other guilds.

-Discuss within the faith, any actions that maybe forthcoming as deemed appropriate by the GM and AGM of War.

Rank 4 - XO - (Vindicator)

This rank demands a seasoned player with knowledge of leadership and war tactics. You are responsible not only for your own kingdoms, but the lives and well beings of your charges as well. XO's report ANY actions deemed inappropriate by guild members to their respective AGM's.

Rank 5 - Member - (Berker)

The soul of The Righteous Fury, the members make up the base of its foundation. Attaining this rank insures your loyalty to the GM and the guild. While low responsibility in nature, this rank is made active by attending all wars, creating and maintaining a high level of Role Play (RP) in Temper's Ball, as well as good relations with your fellow members and XO's.

Rank 6 - Shieldling

This entry-level rank requires a willingness to learn game mechanics, and create a unique RP character and kingdom for Covenant. Activity will be carefully watched in this rank, and being inactive for too long could result in being exiled from the guild.

To achieve a promotion in The Righteous Fury you must do the following:

1.) Never ask or demand a promotion, as you will never get one. If you wonder why we have not given you a promotion, look at you activity and see if perhaps you are not giving it your all.

2.) RP is highly prized and critical for promotions. We like good players, but we covet good RPers! Unique and creative characters are easily seen, and easily remembered... helpful when trying to distinguish oneself from the rest of the guild.

3.) In game strategies and acceptance/execution of orders. The greatest strength lies in the group, and if the group functions without hesitation, the battle will be won. Failure to do as asked by an officer or hiding or late hitting during wars without excuse will be deemed dishonorable and punishment will follow.

Punishments of the Fury:

Minor Violations will receive a warning, which if kept attaining will affect not only promotion status but also may incur demotions as well. Major Violations will receive one of the following punishments...

-The Tree of Woe: Truly a vicious treatment, you are laid bare upon the Tree of Woe in RP (Temper's Ball) with your dishonorable actions exposed for all to see. After a period of time you will be removed from the Tree and stripped of rank, to regain again that, which was foolishly lost.

-The Passage of Banishment: To lose everything, your guild, your friends, your honor is what this punishment entails. Rulings will be swift and merciless, especially if the GM is involved. Banishment is divided into two categories...Exile (forced to leave the guild for a specified period of time, then allowed to return without honor or rank) or Eternal Banishment (You are NEVER allowed to return).

So guard your honor well and work hard, as promotions are not given but earned.

Demotions and punishments are also not given...but earned.

Prepare Yourself...