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A group of young adults sat around an old man in the city of Niss one afternoon. The old man was a cobbler by trade, but in reality he was a missionary of an old religious sect in the south, the Asa Vestrin sect. The old man would tell tales to the young people that would listen, and he always began with the same story...

“I have wondered through the lands of the south and the north for many years and have seen the strife and conflict of the gods first hand. In the time before the wars there was peace and the smiling face of Vestrin, called Olander in the north, shined down from his Throne of Heaven and blanketed us all in his warmth.

Vestrin had three children: Cyril, Kerwin, and Morrin called Barnabas, Leto and Angelique in the north. Cyril was Vestrin’s favorite and his chosen successor to the Throne of Heaven. Those were days of sunshine, happiness, and fruitfulness. Those were the days before the murder of Vestrin.

Vestrin was in his bountiful garden when he was attacked and killed by one of his own children, Morrin the Betrayer. After committing the horrible deed Morrin hid in the branches of the eternal tree Uhlind and waited for his siblings to arrive. Cyril was the first to discover the mutilated body of Vestrin... In a panic he pulled the dagger from his father’s back and attempted to resurrect him. Kerwin arrived in time to see Cyril pull the knife from their father's back. Kerwin accused Cyril of the diabolical act. Morrin climbed down from her hiding place and accused Cyril of the crime also.

Cyril, with the blood of his father on his hands tried to defend himself against the accusation brought by his brother and sister. Morrin the Betrayer being the guilty one struck out at Cyril and Kerwin soon joined in. A war began between the three children of Vestrin for the Throne of Heaven. Kerwin fights for revenge, Morrin fights to hide the truth and Cyril fights for his rightful place. . It was only later that Cyril learned the truth about the murder. Cyril vowed that he would take his seat on the Throne of Heaven.

So began the God Wars that pitted sibling against sibling and family against family. I have traveled many places and I have discovered only one truly noble cause that I would join, were I younger."

"What would that be," asked one of the young people.

"Yes whom would you join," shouted another.

The old man always smiled at these interruptions, for he knew then that he had their attention.

"The Asa Vestrin is who I would join. They were once a monastic sect that worked for and venerated the God Vestrin. Before the God Wars they were know as the Vestrines. Knowing the mind of a God is not easy, but Vestrin had given his followers the knowledge that few possessed. He had told them of his chosen successor to the Throne of Heaven, Cyril. The Vestrines were to be, at Cyril's time of succession, the messengers of Vestrin and his chosen successor Cyril. With the death of Vestrin and the war between Morrin and Kerwin, the leaders of the Vestrines, sought out the god Cyril. They found him in his castle atop Mount Erebus and spoke at length with him.

When the leaders returned to the home of the Vestrines, they shared the wisdom of Cyril with their followers. The Vestrines began to change their doctrines, becoming warriors and mages. They soon changed their name to the Asa Vestrin (the Arm of Vestrin) and destroyed their old homes. They traveled for many years before reaching the base of Mount Erebus; there they built a secret citadel called the Sheath.

Since then the Asa Vestrin have fought against the evil minions of Morrin the Betrayer, and Kerwin, who seek to take the Throne of Heaven in spite of the rightful heir Cyril. The Asa Vestrin has only one tenet known outside of their sacred order:

We weild the bloody sword and sharpened spear to all who stand in the way of the Throne of Heaven’s rightful heir Cyril. Convert or die - that is your only option!

It is said that only those brave enough to journey to the base of Mount Erebus have ever discovered more about the tenets of the Asa Vestrin. I hear the way is long and treacherous, but surely those of strong faith would brave the journey."

The old man always scanned the crowd as he finished his tale. He knew deep in his soul, that those who did not drop their gaze from his eyes were sure to seek out the Asa Vestrin...


GM: Hand
AGM: Hilt
Squad Leader: Guard
Full Member: Blade
Member: Steel
Newbie: Iron


We have returned


You have completed the long and hazardous journey to reach the hidden citadel of the Asa Vestrin, the Sheath. Unfortunately your journey has been for nothing, for you can not find the citadel and your body is too weak to make the long journey home....

Your weak and battered body refuses to support you any more and you slowly sink to your knees. The fading sun is your only companion as it sinks beyond the great mountain that is Erebus. Slowly the shadow of night engulfs you and you realize that this is the last sunset you will ever see. Rest, all I need is rest, you think to yourself as you close your eyes and enter into oblivion...

You have been reborn into the family of the Asa Vestrin!" a voice says to you as you gradually become aware of your surroundings. You are lying on a comfortable bed, fresh soup lies beside you in a table and it is warm. You have been saved!

“Rise and discover all the answers to the questions that sent you on your quest for our sacred mountain and our humble domicile." says the man that stands before you.

The man waits patiently as you eat some of the soup and get dressed. Then he takes your arm and guides you from your room and into the halls of the Sheath. People are everywhere; running errands, gossiping, arguing, laughing. Children run through their parents and elders, chasing each other and playing. It is as if the troubles of the world have not yet touched this place...

You are shown to a room that is bare except for two chairs facing each other. A man in a long, flowing cloak sits in one. He beckons you to sit in the one opposite him. You take your seat and the man begins to speak.

“I am the Hand of Vestrin I guide the Asa Vestrin to the paths that Cyril has planned out for us. You have entered into the sanctuary that is known as the Sheath, the citadel of the Asa Vestrin. Nothing happens here without my knowledge, nothing. We fight for the glory of Cyril, the god the northerners call Barnabas.

“The Asa Vestrin are loyal only to Cyril, as such we fight against the forces of Kerwin and Morrin the Betrayer (Leto and Angelique respectively), the usurpers. We are the vengeful hands of Vestrin on those who would destroy all that he hath wrought, and would keep his rightful heir, Cyril, from the Throne of Heaven. We have Seven Tenets that we live by, they are the heart and soul of our order :

1: No action can be taken unless directed by the Hand.

2: If a Blade (General Member) does anything to jeopardize the Asa Vestrin he/she will be exiled.

3: If a question arises and the Hand is not available then ask the Hilt (assistant guild master). If he/she condones a reckless course then he/she is accountable as is/are the Blades responsible.

4: If there is internal strife within the Asa Vestrin then the Guard (as senior members of the guild) will decide the outcome, their decision is final.

5: The Asa Vestrin will join with another guild when asked; it is our duty to join with our brethren to sit Cyril upon the Throne of Heaven. Of course a healthy gain in money or lands is expected.

6: The Asa Vestrin are not in a position to rescue any other guilds who have acted in a careless manner, we are not our brothers keepers.

7: The Asa Vestrin may not start it but by Cyril we will finish it or die trying.

"Those are the seven tenets of the Asa Vestrin. We are the Arm of Vestrin we will visit the retribution he was denied, upon those who would destroy his world. I am the Hand that guides, below me is the Hilt that provides the foundation and a sure grip on the blades, below the Hilt and above the Blades is the Guard who dictate the quarrels of the Asa Vestrin, only the Hand can overrule the Guard. We have the Blades, who provide the edge with which we will vanquish our foes, and the Steel -although untempered- provide the pool from which we all must come from.

“Do you wish to join our august company and strive with us to put Cyril upon the Throne of Heaven where he belongs???

The Hand sits back and looks at you. You begin to think about what he has just said and you come to a decision....