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Created: 2005-12-04 19:18:46
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Arguments have been made about the founding of the Dark Order, but the following is what is known.

A local king summoned a group of known assasins. They were placed within a secret room, awaiting the king. The room was dimly lit only a few candles lighting the whole room leaving the secrecy of everyone there, The king walks in dressed in full battle garbs of Angelique.The king wasting no time at getting to the point as he approached the men he threw down a hefty bag of gold “ Eradicate them. Erase all heathens from my lands.” Examing the bag once over the assassins merely nod their head and head out to do their task.

The screams of all the peasants awoke the king later that night, as he knew that he had hired the right people for the perfect job. The next day the king got his confirmation a scout reported back to him telling him “ Lord they are not natural. The heathen kingdoms lay in ruin not a sole survivor. These are assassins sir there much darker than that” The king began to show a sly smirk on his face as he requested another meeting with these assassins.

The assassins met with the king once more later that night. The king thrilled with there accomplishments brought them all wenches and food.

“ Spoils for my trusty killers” The king boasted as he laughed a little and then took a seat at the table in the small secret chamber. The 3 assassins merely sneered at the food and taunted their wenches waiting for the king to get to his point.

“Alright you know I brought you here for a reason and here it is, you guys are good. To good to let your skills go wandering to whoever has the highest price…I will provide you with the funds to set up your organization within my realm if you serve me and my allies.” The king proposed as he stared blankly for a response from the 3-cloaked men. The cloaked man in the middle gave the response the king looked so forward too “ Consider it a deal, but remember fair king we serve only Angelique for she has sent us here to cleanse these lands of the worshippers of lesser gods, none shall utter the words Barnabas or Leto again in these lands!” The cloaked figure growled out from under his cloak.

Word spread quickly of the new found order; they were met both with fear and hope, People knew not what to think of this Dark Order they did unspeakable things to common folk those who had no say in the combat, but yet they did it in the name of there goddess and could cripple a threating heathen kingdom overnight.

As the days past the numbers of men grew among the ranks of this assassin order till the city itself became divided to either a member of the Dark Order or a hater to the organization.

The day arose when the king called for another meeting with the 3 founders to discuss what everyone thought was new battle plans.

The king entered the dimly lit room after the 3 men as always, but this time there was no joyful look in his face only stern cold action.

“I call this meeting not of a matter out of this land but of an internal matter. You have a new name on the streets have you heard it lately boys? Dark Order of Peon Extermination… my peasants fear that you will not show true loyalty and fear for death everyday that you are aloud to continue to live in my lands” The king said to the 3 cloaked me sternly but yet tactfully not truly knowing the individual power of these men.

“As you wish my lord king. Our services here have giving us a vast number of men and resources to survive on our own, may Angelique protect you” the middle cloak grumbled to the king as he stood up and walked out followed by the other 2 who gave no response but the king could feel there cold look thru the darkness of there cloaks.

That night as the king slept a muffled thud was heard outside his master bedroom rolling over out of a dead sleep the king saw only but the dagger at his throat and the words “ Angelique shall forgive your crimes against her” as the dagger slid like butter thru his neck.

Daylight arose and the bells were chimed from the palace towers to alert the people of a town gathering in the palace square.

After some time all the peasants in the kingdom were in the square eagerly waiting for the great news from the king, as 3-cloaked men step out onto the kings balcony. “ Your king lost his way on the road to saving Angelique’s pride and land, this is no longer his land but now our land.” At that que all non-loyal peasants were exterminated in the courtyard from a massive volley of arrows from the palace walls surrounding the square.

“May Angelique and the Dark Order of Peon Extermination rule over these lands forever!!”The men stopped for the cheering of the lesser crowd of loyal peasants and fellow assassins

“Listen well my friends, we must spread our name further than just the walls of this city and neighboring cities. We must be known and feared thru out all of these lands. Let the heathens know Angelique’s wrath has materialized and justice will be paid.”


GM: Masked Assassins
AGM: Master of Shadows
Squad Leader: Shadow Stalker
Full Member: Cloaked One
Member: Initiate
Newbie: Peon


2nd age.Top Angie Scumming Guild 1st age,Tops among Angie's in ANW 1st age.


DOPE Rules:

In the event that you are required to contact DOPE, Here are the ranks listed below:

A. GM(Masked Assassin(s))- In case of the disappearance or death of the Masked Assassins(s), an AGM (who is selected when the game starts) will take over in his place until his return. Dark Assissins and Masters of Shadows are chosen based on prior game experience and also on willingness to help newer players. Promotion-Everyone in the guild is open to promotion. The decision for promotion,through both the GM and AGM's. will be made primarily by leadership qualities,skill level,and by activity.

B. Be Active- Being active will help keep the guild strong. You may not be able to play everyday and that is understandable. I would like who can get on once a day, or at least every other day. If you fail to play your kingdom for 3 days you will be sent an ICQ message,and an e-mail, if you fail to respond you will be booted from the guild. (Unless you have reasons that have been, then tell the GM or Agm so someone knows.) If you are booted, special circumstances are understandable, and your re-acceptance will be considered.

C. ICQ is a must- it is important for guild communication, and also so you can get to know others in the guild. When you join you will be given a list of all those in the guild.

D. If you think someone is not doing their job, then message me,and we shall discuss the matter , If you have ideas to make the guild better, then please share them and if you have any skills then let us know.We shall teach any newcomer,if they wish.We shall give direction on your kingdoms,and what to do with them.We may request specialization,such as warrior,scummer,and/or sorcerer.

E. Do not:
a)attack kingdoms at random. - Do not attack any countries that are not guild targets. If someone attacks you, get in touch with your squad leader or the GM and tell them what has happened. The situation will be taken care of by the whole guild, not just one kingdom. Attacking random kingdom not only brings trouble for you, but for the whole guild,and it will not be tolerated.
b) abuse of scum tactics applies as well(such as unauthorized burnings,and/or scoutings,etc.).

F. Do not share information with anyone outside of DOPE. Everybody has friends who play the game, and they may be of a different faith. Never share any information with them.If you have contact with someone outside the guild,and they want to discuss anything guild realted,they will need to ask an AGM or GM.

G. Council Rules and Affairs:

1. Masked Assassins,Dark Assasin ,and Masters of Shadows have the only seats on the council
2. All members holding the rank of Cloaked one or higher are allowed to attend council meetings
3. All members will be given a time to add there feelings and ideas to the council
4. All Decisions are made by the council themselves, Members have a vote but not the final decision ( if the council sees the motion unfit for the guild then it will not be instated)
5. Councils meetings will be held once a week, to discuss progress within the guild and what can be done to enhance things for next week
6. Emergency council meetings maybe called in to effect for wars,internal affairs,diplomatic guild solutions

H. Rules in regard to posting in Tempers Ball

1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.


Players wishing to join - Read all of the information below. The list below are the rules you will live by, you will be expected to follow the rules here within. DOPE accepts players of any status, whether new or veteran. To join DOPE send information via ICQ to the GM or AGM:

Players may also be recruited within DOPE by established guild leaders(GM(s) and or(AGM(s)

These will be typical examples of what will be asked of you when making contact:

1. How long you have been playing?
2. What guild were you in,former faiths are not important,but giving that information would be helpful..
3. Have you held any positions of authority in previous guilds ,and if yes what positions were held?

1: co-gm: Masked Assassin (two GM's shall be in place at all times,the highest level of the guild structure,council member(s))

2: Dark Assassin(only one Dark Assassin.AGM of the highest order,second only to the Masked Assassin(s),council member)

3. Masters of Shadows(AGM,head of various duties,council member,may be squad leaders)

4: Shadow Stalker(highly skilled,usually a loyal member of the guild)

5: Cloaked One(loyal member of the guild)

6: Peon:New member .


Co-GM : Pyramid

  • ICQ UIN 254-778-470
  • e-mail: rnorthtd@adelphia.net

    Co-GM : Dinin Darkstar

  • ICQ UIN 219-069-651
  • Email: eternal_groove2000@yahoo.com