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Guild Name:

MAVENUS (Mavenus)

Created: 2005-12-03 03:07:31
Game: debacle
Faith: Barnabas


Along time ago, in a far off land there was a man. He was not just any man, but a great man. In this far off land there also was a woman. And as I am sure you guessed, she was not just any woman.

She was a really big hassle.

And this is how the story begins. The man's name was Maverick, and he was unfortunately traveling with his long time friend, Venus. After months of traveling, and her telling him,

"Oh Im sure I can find the way to my castle."

It was clear that they were both lost.

Trying to hold back his temptation to strangle her, he decided that the best course of action would be to cut their losses and start building for the coming winter. Ordering his troops to begin construction, the complaining one, aka venus started to complain.

"These lands are no good, its to cold. Im not happy, theres not enough liquor..."

And the list went on and on and on. Until finally Maverick could not stand it anymore and ordered his troops to stop building.

"Just do whatever makes her happy, because Im sick of listening to her complaining."

And thus Mavenus was formed. A collection of lost soldiers trying to find their way home, but who can not stay focused because of the never ending banter of a woman. They hope that when they finally can satisfy her, that perhaps she will remember how to get home.

That is if she can stay sober for long enough.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


A fun guild for Debacle.


Angry Drunk Woman (Venus)-GM
Awesome Hero (Mav)- AGM

Slaves of Venus-same as agm, trusted explicitly

Workers of Venus -often a squad leader/more responsibility

Initiate - trusted members

Pretty New People- newer members

Should Venus, Maverick all leave the guild, the guild is disbanded and will remain so until one of the two returns.

As a member of Mavenus you are asked to:

1)pay attention to current guild events
2)conduct yourself the way a member of Fervent is expected to
3)read the banner daily #very important!
4)obey all rules in Temperís Ball
5)show up for all guild wars possible and let someone know if you are not going to be able to attend

Every so often there is a rank evaluation time, when the GM carefully considers each member and what they have accomplished in the guild, and if the player meets all of the requirements(most importantly participation in guild wars) then they are promoted one rank. The higher you get in the ranks, the more difficult it is to get promoted. Fervent takes pride in its ranks. It usually takes several games before a player can rise to the upper level ranks, and making it into the highest ranks is the ultimate honor.

Do not ask to be promoted. That will assure you being put at the bottom of the list of promotable members. You will be promoted and recognized when the guild leaders think it is time.

**NOTE: Posting on Temperís Ball is not absolutely mandatory but is strongly recommended, especially in the Mavenus threads in the debacle forum, as it is important to keep the story of the guild fresh and develop all of the different personalities of Mavenus. While it is a rare occurrence, a few members of Mavenus have been removed for not being able to conduct themselves responsibly on Temperís Ball, so please obey to rules of the board (its not hard, there are only 5 of them)

1.Do not make an ass of yourself.
2.Do not post accusations of cheating. (contact the Fervent GM first if you think someone is cheating, she will relay the info to admni if appropriate)
3.Do not post bug reports.(Use the email address for this)
4.Do not post kingdom numbers.
5.Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).
Ways to get on the Gm's bad side(these will most likely get you booted immediately)

1)Making an ass out of yourself on a public forum(TB) (to be decided at the guilds discretion and among the high ranks.)
2)randomly attacking/sorcing/scummer other kingdoms. dont do it, ever
3)cheating/OOC spying, withholding pertinent info with the intention of harm to the guild, harboring known spys in the guild. If you have information the gms should know, then make it known to them! And last,any comparable dishonorable act, to be decided at the discretion of the gms.

If you wish to join Mavenus, please send an email to venus at Breezy699@yahoo.com with the following information:
1)How long you have been playing Canon
2) a brief summary of your personal Canon history ,including guilds you were in, current TB name, old BH name, etc
3)your character's name
4)whether or not you have ICQ or AOL instant messenger
5) whether or not you have an interest in Role-play, a brief description of your character, and how that character might fit in with Fervent
6)If you know anyone currently in Fervent

This is very important.
Please note, if you do not email me or talk to me on icq, 58697616 you will get rejected automatically. Venus