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The day shall arise when a chosen warrior of Angelique will join forces with the one who
proclaims no faith. This alliance shall be the beginning of a new Order that the lands shall
never forget….

(Taken from the prophecy that Isoniaells the forming of the Order of Excelsior)


The sun was starting to set now, soon night would fall upon the lands of his father.
Seipher paced the halls of the castle, waiting for the first chance to speak to his father. There
was much he had to talk to him about, how wondered how his father react to it? He truly
had no idea, but if it was true then he would be on a path to great glory for Angelique. He saw
his father sitting in the castle’s library, this could very well be the best time to get talk to
him. He saw the surprise on his father’s face, he must not have been expecting anybody to
disturb him while he read and wrote letters to the various Isonia nobles he knew..

“Father, I did not mean to disturb you. I wanted to talk to you about something a
person told me today.”

“Seipher, has Tania been speaking to you again. I do not know what that sorceress is
trying to accomplish. Since the day you were born, she’s been trying to convince me that
you are a chosen one. She speaks of this prophecy that was fulfilled with your birth. “

“That’s what she has told me of today, she sounds very convincing about it. I could very
well be the one who is to form an alliance with the warrior of no faith, do you not think it
could very well be my destiny?”

His father thought about this, he stroked his chin while he was in deep thought.
Hopefully this would be what he was needing to know that Tania was right and that he had a
great destiny to fulfill.

“Seipher, I have seen the horrors of battle and I do not wish that on my only son. You
have a destiny, but it not to go form some alliance with a warrior who does not even exist.
You think you are a grown man by your standards, but you are too young to be able to
make your own decisions. I can not allow you to be led astray by a sorceress who is only
seeking to create trouble for her own amusement. Now go Seipher, I never want to hear you
speak of this prophecy again!”

Disheartened by what his father said, Seipher left the library and sought out Tania. She
spoke to him about the prophecy once more…

“Young Seipher, you are the chosen one. Everything points to you being the one who
shall help to create the Order. I know the warrior you are to ally with exists, if not now then
he will come into existence shortly.”

Seipher saw the conviction in her eyes, she truly believed in all that she told him of.
Something told him that she spoke the truth, and he made up his mind to believe her and not
mention anymore to his father. He left for the castle knowing that he had a destiny that he
would fulfill one day.

Elsewhere in the lands:

He had made his decision, and he felt it was the best one for him to make. Wesberg
stood at the gates of Milledgeville, feeling the uncertainty that came with the thought of a
very unknown future. He knew he was leaving everything behind by doing this, but not
being the oldest son had sentenced him to a life where he could not achieve the glory he wanted.
He felt he had to leave, though he would miss his parents and his brothers. He thought of
Ophelia, and knew he’d break her heart with his departure. Taking a deep breath, he walked
out of the gates and into the darkness. Perhaps he would see the walls of his home again,
perhaps he would meet his end on the battlefield. Everyone tried to tell him that Isonia had
plans for him, all he had to do was let them unfold. However he found himself lacking faith
in Angelique, he felt that all he needed was to have faith in himself. He’d say the same thing if he
had been a follower of Isonia or a follower of Darden; people had told him that he had
condemned himself by proclaiming no faith, but he did not care. He had been disillusioned with
the gods when he saw all the death and destruction that had been brought upon the lands, to
him this was not the work of gods who cared for the people.

After days of what seemed like endless travel, Wesberg arrived at the twin cities of
Macon and Tifton. He felt this would be a good place for him to stop. Eventually, he was taken in
by General Herring; the man responsible for the defenses of the cities. For a warrior he lived
a very upper class life, not one you’d associate with a mere general. One night he asked
Herring how he had come into such wealth.

“Wesberg, I have not always been a citizen of these lands. I was an Angelique mercenary
back in my younger days. It could’ve been a short life, but I was good enough to make it to
retirement. You seem to differ from me back when I was your age. You show no loyalty to
the gods one way or another, that could end up being dangerous for you. Then again, you
have the one trait that makes a good mercenary. You can end up fighting for whoever will
pay you the most, you could retire a richer man than I am now. I see the potential in you
Wesberg, you just have to want it developed.”

Wesberg thought about what Herring had said, and it appealed greatly to him. This

seemed to be the best way for him to forge his own destiny, and live the kind of life some
could only dream of.

“I’ll be more than happy to learn all you know General Herring, it would be a privilege
to have your knowledge. I could be the kind of warrior that legends were written about. I
believe this is the direction my life must go in now.”

General Herring smiled and talked more about Wesberg’s training, from that day
forward Wesberg would be known as a feared mercenary and warrior.

Ten years later:

Wesberg sat in the chair the king had offered him, not saying anything as the old man
told of his great plans for the future, and how he needed a warrior of Wesberg’s quality in
the army. This was nothing new to Wesberg; he had heard things of this nature many times
from various kings and queens he had been asked to fight for. He was a mercenary, always
willing to work for the highest bidder. Despite the wars that were being waged between the
gods, Wesberg never declared which faith he truly belonged to. He had fought for and

against the armies of Barnabas, and Leto on many occasions; he never once
considered the consequences of his actions. The fact that he was paid handsomely for his services
was all that mattered to him. He heard the staggering amount of money being paid to him,
and that sealed it for him. The decision was made that he would fight for this follower of
Darden, and he would win a victory over Isonia.

Seipher could see the concern on his father’s face, the news he had received could not
have been good. He looked out the window and saw the banners in the horizon, the army of
Harrel was preparing to march. Looking out in the distance he could make out the banners
of the various generals that were fighting. He turned to talk to his father about the news.

“Father, the armies of Harrel seem to have not grown larger and we have held them off
so far. What news could you have received that could be so threatening?”

His father had seemed to age another twenty years, it seemed to take an eternity before
he spoke.

“Son, a new general has been appointed to lead Harrel’s army. I fear this man is one
who could very well be the death of us all. Have you heard of the mercenary known as
Wesberg? I fear that Harrel has hired him to lead his army against us, he must have grown tired of
us being the last group of Isonians standing in his way of controlling this area. I do not know
how our army can hold up against them with Wesberg leading!”

Seipher knew right away that this was a grave situation, Wesberg had never been
defeated in battle. His name was known to all in the lands, he was a general to indeed be feared.

Wesberg marched an army of soldiers out onto the battlefield to face the Isonian army;
yet something different happened this time. He found himself and his troops outnumbered,
and the battle was bloodier than he could’ve have imagined. This was the battle in which
Wesberg met his end; he was struck down by one of the enemy soldiers and died


Wesberg awoke to find himself in a room bathed with a white light. He had no idea how
he could’ve gone from a battlefield to what seemed to be the room of a palace. He saw a
woman standing to his left; he turned around and was stunned to find himself facing Isonia
herself. He normally would’ve had something to say instantly, but he found himself not
knowing what exactly he could say. Angelique's eyes got his attention right away. They seemed to
have this genuine goodness and purity to them. He had heard from many of the Angelique
followers how righteous she was. Now Wesberg could understand why, this was a goddess
people could believe in. This was truly a dream unlike any other he had ever had. Finally after
what seemed an eternity of silence Angelique spoke to him….

“Wesberg, in case you have not realized it you are dead. You were killed in the last
battle you led against my people. Tell me why is it that you have waged war against my

Wesberg thought about this, he had always known the life of a mercenary. He had
accepted his payments with joy; only now he began to realize that all he had earned was blood
money. He explained to Angelique how he lived his life, and that he waged war against all the
gods and not just him. Isonia gave Wesberg a very thoughtful look before speaking again.

“What is it that you were really after during your time alive? You say that it was money,
which you were after; I know your heart Wesberg. You have a side to you other than that of
a heartless mercenary. You cared about those who served under you. You always made sure
that you looked after their best interests as well as your own. I ask you, what was the point
of all this if you were merely a hired warrior?”

This caught Wesberg off guard, no one had ever asked him these kinds of questions. He
tried to answer, but Angelique had already spoken.

“It is because deep down you seek justice and want the world to have the peace that it
once did. Can a mercenary turn his back on his former life and begin one that has a purpose,
as opposed to one where the only motive is greed and destruction?”

Wesberg replied that yet it was possible, he had known of mercenaries who left behind
their lives as hired warriors and gone on to live the life of a king.

“Would you like that kind of life Wesberg? You may think that you’ve done enough
damage to Barnabas, Darden, and myself but a warrior of your quality does not come along very
often. I can give you a new life, one with a purpose, but only if you accept my offer to
become a warrior in my cause. You will fight for justice and goodness, as well as bringing peace
back to the lands.”

In Wesberg’s heart there was no doubt that Angelique was speaking the truth to him, he saw
clearly that he had a direction to his life now. He nodded and told Isonia that he accepted
her offer and that he had gained a warrior who would be invaluable to him. With that,
Wesberg was brought back to life as a warrior of Angelique.

Wesberg awoke to find that he still lay on the battlefield, the place he was at when he
was struck down. The Angelique army was still encamped, only now they were taking care of
the dead and wounded. He lay still, not knowing whether or not to move just yet. He had no
idea if the soldiers would kill him again, since he had led the army that tried to destroy them.
He suddenly found himself facing a blade that hovered above his head. He saw that a soldier
had come upon him and found him to be alive. He finally saw the soldier’s face and uniform,
he was from the Angelique army that he had faced. Wesberg finally found his voice and decided
to speak to the soldier…

“Friend, I bear you no harm anymore. I was killed in this battle, yet Angelique rescued me
from the afterlife and brought me back to the realm of the living. I am on your side now, I
have pledged my loyalty and intend to stand by it. We are no longer enemies, we are now on
the same side as I shall fight to bring victory to Angelique.”

The soldier did not move his sword right away, but after several agonizingly long
seconds he removed his sword and offered his hand to Wesberg. Taking it, Wesberg stood up for
all to see. The troops gathered around, unsure of this development. Out of the crowd
emerged the general of the army Wesberg had fought against. After a few tense moments
Wesberg extended his hand to the general, a sign that he had no evil intentions towards anyone
under the banner of Angelique. Retreating to the general’s tent, him and Wesberg went over
what brought them to Angelique. The general introduced himself as Seipher, and that he had
known of Wesberg’s many accomplishments. Defeating a leader of such prestige was a great
honor, and he was thankful to have the famous mercenary as an ally. The discussions soon
led to what they felt should be done to further the cause of Isonia. Wesberg spoke of
creating a fighting force that would defend the lands from any enemies that would come their
way, and bring a true victory to Angelique. Wesberg offered Seipher the chance to fight
alongside him; together they would form an elite group of warriors and would embark on their
glorious crusade. Seipher gladly accepted Wesberg’s offer, and the army left the sight of the
battle to follow the will of Angelique.


GM: Grand Excelsior
AGM: High Templar
Squad Leader: Excelsior
Full Member: Templar
Member: Knight
Newbie: Squire


OEX is back


Guild Applicants
If you want to join OEX you must first send the GM
or Co-GM a e-mail with the following information:
a) Your game experience, if any
c) The type of kingdom you will be playing.
d) Contact information, IE: E-Mail Address,ICQ

Guild Rules
1) Respect all members and fellow players of the game
2) Do NOT mouth off to higher ranks than yourself or
any member
3) Try to keep everything as respectfull as can be,
OEX is known for it's respect for others
4) follow the tempers ball rules that are the
Tempers Ball Rules

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ,
or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on
the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is
not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or
Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical,
or sexually related sites.

Ranking Information
1) Grand Excelcior - GM
2) High Templar - AGMS( they are different types of
AGM's, IE: AGM of WAR)
3) Excelcior - usually a Squad leader
4) Templar - Trusted Member
5) footman - Member
6) squire - New Member

Promotion and Demotion
1) Long time member of the guild
2) Do something specifique that is asked for your
3) after war, is possible you get promoted if you
prov loyal and good

Demotion (reasons why you would be demoted)
1) Breaking the game rules
2) disrespect a fellow member
3)Dissobey specifique orders form AGM,Co-GM or the GM

e-mail: seipher13@hotmail.com
icq: 81046137

ICQ: 72881327