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Created: 2005-11-30 01:37:39
Game: debacle
Faith: Leto


Warriors of Darklyre

Darklyre once a proud empire for Leto with’s it’s many thriving cities and it’s vast army was well known for it’s ruthlessness and it’s discipline during combat. Many lesser empires and city states had fallen to Darklyre over the last thousand year’s of it’s reign. But with wealth and Fame come’s the jealousy of other’s. Now the great empire found it’s self on the losing end of a war. Armies from both Barnabas and Angelique mobilized into one force with one goal in mind the destruction of Darklyre
Shadow looked out over the central plains and watched the approaching army. With a great sigh she turned to her general. “ General I want you to break our forces into three divisions. The center I will lead myself and will meet them head on while you take the left wing and circle around and strike them from the rear group three will strike from the east.” “ My lord they out number us one hundred to one how are we to over come such numbers.” Shadow understood her generals fear and she was feeling the same fear also but she wasn’t about to show it to her men. “General We are the best warriorsLeto has to offer we will make our stand here. Now hurry and gather your men it will be nightfall soon, we strike at first light.” The General made a quick salute and left to get his men together.
Shadow later that night was standing looking out watching the camp fires off in the distance. “ Almost a beautiful sight is it not your highness?”Shadow turned around to look at the tree’s behind him. Looking around franticly for the body that went with the voice. “ who and where are you? I am empress Shadow of the Darklyre empire.”
The Vampire stepped out of the shadows that had concealed her. “ I know who you are Human and your noble status means nothing to me, as to who I am you can just call me master. You see little one I orchestrated this entire event because I wanted to repay your elders for their kindness almost eight hundred years ago. “Shadow now just glaring at the woman only ten feet from her. “ What do my ancestors have to do with this war that is upon us now? “
“ Why they have everything to do with the events that have been unfolding before you. You see human eight hundred years ago I ruled a kingdom I had ruled it for almost three hundred years then your till your empire set it’s eye’s on it. Well needless to say turn about it fair play your highness.” The Vampire got a chuckle out of how easy it had been to manipulate the other two faiths into attacking Darklyre. “ You see it was really a simple thing to manipulate your empire into attacking small empires from both faiths. Once that was done it took even less effort for me to manipulate Barnabas and Angelique followers into joining forces long enough to destroy you.”
Shadow stood looking at the woman with disgust and hatred in her eye’s. “ You have destroyed a great empire why would you do such a thing? Woman I will kill you for what you have done you vile wench!”Shadow charged sword leading and yelling a battle cry.Shadow swung her long sword and only met air as the vampire had moved but to where. She turned around just in time to be thrown about fifty feet from where she once stood. “ Human don’t do that again you need to keep your body intact for the battle come morning.” The Vampire then backed into the shadows and faded away.
Shadow now alone got back to his feet and looked around for the evil woman who had caused the destruction of his empire. “ From this day forward I swear to destroy every heathen guild I come across. Won’t matter if it is big or small. All of them shall fear me and the Warriors of Darklyre. May Leto guide us on our journey.”


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


first age



1. Master - GM, full powers and authority. The gm
2. Jonin - AGM, may edit guild banner, may train and lead their respective groups. And must report to the GM
3. Chunin - same as AGM, but not in chain of command. Chunin will report to the Jonin's
4. Genin - trusted, full fledged member, Genin are allowed to attack and scum unguilded Targets and must report to their SL's
5. Shinobi - member in training,
6. Watcher - entry rank, no privileges.

~Chaper One:Participation~

1.1 The Clan must run as if it we're one, therefore, if you plan to join Darklyre, you must be active. This includes checking your kingdom at least once every two days, unless you have a legitimate reason.
1.2 It is extremely important for you to attend all guild wars and guild meetings. This is part of being active; notify the GM or AGM's if you cant make it
1.3 WE prize Teamwork above all else as well as friendship
1.4 WE are a clan of Honor and we don't allow flaming in TB post's
1.5 our war chats will be on IRC so if you dont have mirc dont expect to be a member more then a few days ( you have 2 days to get it and start using it ) before release.

~Chapter Two:Conduct and honor~
2.1 The chain of command is as follows: Master(gm), Jonin's(AGM), Chunin, Genin, Shinobi, Watchers.
2.2 Respect and honor everyone, including heathens
2.3 As a member of Darklyre Your words and actions reflect us. Remember we are a clan of honor
2.4 Above all, follow all Canon rules and TB rules. This includes no OOC spying, spamming, etc

~Chapter Three:Promotions and Discharges~

3.1 PROMOTIONS: The GM Will give out promotions when he see's fit to or when a sl has recomended it
3.2 Promotion to Jonin will only be made if a spot is open. and if the GM thinks you are able to handle the spot
3.3 GROUNDS FOR RELEASE: Any breach of contract from Canon and Temper ball's rules. As well as any breach of the guild charter.

~Chapter Four:Application~
The following criteria must be sent in before you apply to the Darklyre. Any application sent in without the criteria will be automatically rejected. The alternative is to get in contact with the GMs via ICQ or Mirc
4.1 A reference is required. This can mean any respectable Solas gm or agm.* (a few new member's will be taken in each age).
4.2 Canon history. This includes past faiths, guilds, and games.
4.3 Contact Info, Mirc and ICQ are MANDATORY. ( we requir you to use Mirc.
4.4 Current Kingdom number, name, and stats

~Chapter Five :Temper's Ball~
While posting in TB I expect you to keep any and all said flame's to yourself. Remember you not only make you look foolish but your guild aswell when you flame somebody else.
5.0 Do not make an ass out of yourself.
5.1 Do not post accusations of cheating.
5.2 Do not post bug reports.
5.3 Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
5.4 Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)

6.0 If the gm disapears Shaterstar shall take over the guild

Contact info
email: elohssa3@home.com
Shadow icq: 341-070-463 (GM)
irc info: irc.enterthegame.com.