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Created: 2005-11-20 05:11:02
Game: valid
Faith: Barnabas




In his many years of life, he had seen many fascinating and terrifying things. Before he was 15 he witnessed many killings in his hometown, if it wasn't the Heathens it was the ruthless leaders of the town, people who claimed to be servants of Barnabas but were only out to serve their own interests. His family was murdered A year later, while the friends he had left consoled him, he had a dream, BARNABAS himself came to him and told him he had great things
planned for them. They were to have faith and to read and study his works and there dreams would lead them. The friends immersed themselves mentally and physically in preparation for there time to come...others joined them in their training, and on his 18th birthday, he dreamt about overthrowing the overbearing Lord of his city and bringing true honor unto Barnabas.

Upon gathering his friends together, they prayed to Barnabas for his blessing and guidance and they road into the castle, surprisingly the people of the town followed and with very little bloodshed, the city was now his. 

The town was small and old, there were buildings that had been burnt to the ground and others that were nearly falling down. This town had seen much through the ages. There was much work that needed to be done, to make this town once again prosper, buildings needed to be repaired, the fields needed to flourish with the crops of the town, for they are hard and black from the fires and the blood.

20 years past, his town had been through many more faith wars, but was still managing to survive, The fields were still hard and black from the fire and blood. The last winter was very rough, with war and famine. His people were leaving or dying, his town being burned by the heathens, he prayed alot, wondering if this was what his destiny was to be. Many of his friends that 20 years before had helped him to take control of his city; had over the years left to start cities of their own. But they have always been friends, brought together by their shared experience and their faith in Barnabas.

That night he awoke with a start, he had a dream but wondered how could that be, he didn't have
what was needed, just as he was about to tell his wife of his dream an aide and one of his childhood
friends came bursting in, "Lord, a horde is coming, my town was burned to the ground, my people killed, there coming here now, I have 2 war ships and 4 galleys, we can rebuild somewhere else where,
we can plant again, where the ground isn't hard or burnt from war, we can give our people a better
life." In his dream he had been captaining ships on a new adventure, taking his people to Barnabas's
promise land. He now had his ships. Rallying his people and friends they boarded the ships with
what they could take and shipped out, as they sailed away they could see the smoke from there city 
and they decided to look to the future, and try to forget the past.

He was surprised how he knew exactly where to sail to, a beautiful Isle 500 kilometres south of 
his old homeland, in his dreams he heard the new name, Isle of Mastabas. He told his friends about 
his dreams and was astonished that they all had similar dreams, and dreams of others coming to
join them, and bring honor to Barnabas. Upon approaching the isle he noticed to his sadness, a
fight on the beach, natives were being killed by a group of heathens so his people took up there
swords and helped defend the natives in a great fight that liberated the island.

The natives thankful, shared with their saviours the secrets of the isle, the caves and the rich soil, the fresh lakes and springs. We shared with them the truths about Barnabas and found that they were attentive and masses of them converted. The Isle of Mastabas will bring great Honor onto Barnabas and we look forward to others to receive the same dream and for them to come join us. 


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


This is a new guild.



* Contact Info
GM BAT icq 93451061

* Membership requirements 
We expect the following: 
-have fun, if you are defeated or killed then restart and rejoin. 
-play often and if you are a new player learn the rules of the game and follow our building plan, ask a lot of questions to ameliorate your kingdom. 
-show up in wars and act as a group member (listen to each other, communicate, attack in group) 
-respect all members and Voices and possible enemies, behave even if you get insulted. 
-any complaints from inside the group will be kept inside the group and the GM or Co-GM will be informed about the incident. No private wars in TB ! 
-all members are expected to follow orders from someone in a higher position. (AGM's should follow the GM/Co-GM's orders)
-all members will follow the rules of TB 
 *Do not make an ass of yourself.

 *Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.

 *Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.

 *Do not spam or post redundant messages.

 *Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

 *Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

There are 2 big reasons to be banned from the guild 

1/ Attacking, scorering andor scumming other people with the intention to endanger the guild. Attacking other guildmembers (without being in war with them with the guild) will end with a boot immediatly. 
2/ Spamming, insulting in public, not following the rules of BH cannot be tolerated! 

1/If a request/order is given and you don't follow the request/order, you will be Demoted or in severe cases booted from the guild. (If you think the request/order is wrong or you just cant do it, tell the person that gave it to you so, if he/she doesn't listen contact the GM/Co-GM) 

There will be promotions from time to time. 
Keep in mind that not everyone can be AGM nor Ambassador nor Quadleader, so be patient and if you play well it shall be seen ! 

Promotions will be given for: Exceptional behavior, attentiveness at wars and general performance and play. 

*Quitting Guild 
Everyone is free to go but once gone you can only return if:
The GM + Co-GM + all AGM's agrees on the return.
If you quit the guild for RL reasons, this rule may be waived. 

GM = High Trolloc 
Co-GM = Trolloc (but same power as High Trolloc)
AGM = Trolloc
Ambassador = Seeker 
Quadleader = Assassin
Full member = Minion 
Junior member = Myrdraal 

The GM has all the powers, he controls the guild, has the final word 
The Co-GM has also all the powers and replaces the GM when he is offline. 
If the GM stops playing then the co-gm takes over and leads the guild. If there is no co-gm then the following in rank takes over

There will be the following AGM's 
1/AGM of War - he/she who organises wars. Will organise and choose guilds for us to war against.

2/AGM of Intel - he/she who organises scum. Will work in Co-operation with the AGM of War to ensure all Heathen targets are scouted and burnt. Will ensure that scouts during wars up to date

3/AGM of Organisation - he/she who controls the daily follow up, Will work in Co-operation with the AGM's of Membership and Member Tutor to keep a detailed account of all the members.

4/AGM of Membership - he/she who keeps an eye on the members, controls moves they make and gives advice. Will inform the GM / Co-GM of a member he/she believes should be booted. Will be in charge of recruiting new players. 

5/AGM of Communication - he/she who has external relations and negotiates with other guilds. Will organise and maintain Non Aggression Pacts (NAP). 

6/AGM Member Tutor - he/she who instructs new members the way of playing, who gives advice where needed. Will work in Co-operation with the AGM of membership to assure all members are playing at there best. 

7/AGM Defense - he/she who makes the squads and controls them. Will work in Co-operation with the AGM's of Membership, Member Tutor and Organisation to ensure the strength of the guild.

Ambassadors -There will be as many Ambassadors as there will be AGM's. Will replace an AGM if a position becomes available. Will help out AGM's with some if there tasked if needed. 

A Quadleader trains and helps where needed and is important in wars. , Will work in Co-operation with the AGM's of Membership and Member Tutor, to ensure their squad mates are playing at their best. 

A Full member is a trusted member and a junior member has to prove what he/she is.