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Created: 2005-11-19 19:46:18
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


"99 pints of ale on the wall, 99 pints of ale, we take one down, pass it around, 98 pints of ale on the wall…"

So lived the legacies of Sir Sanchez and Sir Cleveland. It was 11:00 pm on a cold November night when I first met the two. As I walked into the bar that night and made my way over to the two I realized this would be a night like no other. Perhaps it was because of the two naked men I was on my way in to speak with or maybe it was because it was so dark out that I had to feel my way in here, I just knew I was in for something special.

I pulled up a chair like I was instructed and took a seat.

"I would've warmed the seat up for you there laddy, must be your first time in The Nudist Colony eh?" said Sir Sanchez.

I politely shook my head yes and I peered through the place. To my surprise there were dozens of the most beautiful naked women all around the building staring at these two men, two of the most legendary men in all of history.

“So you’re here to hear our legendary tale eh sonny?” said Sir Cleveland.

The young boy smiled politely.

“Well it all started a night completely unlike this, in fact it was quite a warm morning..” said Sir Cleveland.

“What are you talking about, it was early evening and I could’ve sworn it occurred during a hailstorm!” said Sir Sanchez.

“You know, who cares, that parts not even that important, let’s just say it all went down during a semi-decent afternoon, ok? Good!.. So anyways before I was rudely interrupted, it all started in the small desolate village of Runas. We were both but young men at that time, perhaps around your age,” said Sir Cleveland.

“We grew up as Barnibites (Followers of Barnabas). Are mudders were Barnibites and our Fadders too. But we could always tell that something was missing.” said Sir Cleveland.

“Beautiful naked women, now that’s what we were missing!” said Sir Sanchez.

“Do I need to tie you down? You know it wasn’t just the naked women, although they did have a big part to do with it. It was the rules. Don’t do this, you can’t have sex, you can’t have sex with three people at the same time, you can only marry one woman, keep your clothes on. I mean come on, men can only take so much. We wanted to be able to enjoy ourselves but apparently that was out of the question too. We didn’t want to miss out on anything, so we didn’t what any young intelligent men would do!” said Sir Cleveland.

“And what’s that?” the young lad said as his eyes lit up.

“We spoke to each of the young women in the village privately that night and told them to meet us on the beach a few hours before dawn. There we had moved the lot of the villages large boats and prepared them for journey, one in which we knew not where we may end up. Fifty or so of them showed up and we piled onto the boats, Barnibites we were no longer. We pushed off from shore and began our journey. Days passed by and soon those days turned into weeks. And weeks into months. The ocean seemed never ending until one day in the distance we came about this large, mysterious, and at that time what seemed to be an uninviting island. The trees were huge, bigger then we’d ever laid eyes on. We could hear the sounds of animals from a distance. The shore was bare and we knew we needed to venture further into the center of the island to set up home for the night. Little did we know that such home would become permanent. We started our lives over again there on that island with a pact at the center of our existence. The pact which has lived on till today and which has brought you here to see us live in infamy. We promised to worship Leto, the one in which recognizes the beauty of the body and the need for it to be shown. With that we agreed to never cloth ourselves again, that we should roam free from all items that may block the wonders of our bodies. We established the village as The Nudist Colony, a name that has sent thousands of men and women on journeys across the ocean to one day find!” said Sir Cleveland..

“Wow!” said the young lad.

“The sun is about to rise young man, would you like to join us for our daily streaking ritual across the beach?” said Sir Sanchez.

Before I answered, I stood up waved my arm towards the door and led the way.

The legacies of Sir Sanchez and Sir Cleveland still continue on today. Join the cause of Leto, nakedness, and of course The Nudist Colony, a place where there’s nothing to hide!


GM: The Naked Ones
AGM: The Showoffs
Squad Leader: Terd Burglar
Full Member: The Streakers
Member: NKD Militia
Newbie: Mr Slave


This is a new guild with lots of streaking!


Ranking Tier:

The Naked Ones (GM) – These men are the ones who established the colony. They are the outright leaders.
The Showoffs (AGM) – These men are the next in line to take over the colony. They have proved time and time again their dedication to the guild.
The Journeymen- These are those men and/or women whom have made their way to the island and have consistently showed us their willing to participate in all of our strange rituals.
The Streakers – Finally these people have shown us their here to stay, they are near veteran players who frequently lead the daily streaking.
The Bashful – Not quite veterans yet, these people have showed us that they can be free.
The Barnibites- Those who are new to the guild and are still afraid to let it all be free.

Rules and Regulations:

1. If the GM vanishes or is no longer capable of running the guild, The Showoffs shall appoint a new leader.
2. Guild members will be promoted on the basis of their performance and dedication to the guild. Do no beg a GM or AGM to be promoted at any time!
3. If you wish to join this guild you must be active. The only way to have a successful guild is for the players within it to play an active role. I'm not looking for you to play your guild everyday or every hour for that matter, but enough to be a factor. Along with this, your attendance is expected at warchats! Remember to roleplay!
4. Please obey all TB rules!! Do not make an ass of yourself. Do not post accusations of cheating. Do not post bug reports. Do not post kingdom numbers or names. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming). Do not post pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites.
5. Make sure to report all attacks/scum/sorcery to the leader of the guild. No attacking back without authorization.
6. Have fun and get to know your fellow members of the guild. The reason why we joined this game was to have fun, lets all try to remember that!