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Created: 2005-11-18 23:49:09
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


For a thousand years in the jungle, hidden in a soaring mountain range and banded by roaring mountain rivers there was a little known, infrequently seen village. In this village lived the Gurkha, a taciturn and isolationist people.

From time to time, the warmongers of nearby cities and nations would foray into the Gurkha valley jungle searching for plunder and valuable territory. First they might send an expedition of a dozen men. When those men failed to return, they sent a hundred. When again these men failed to return or send word, the warmongers in their fear and anger would send a thousand men. And then, they sent no more.

Perhaps a century might pass, until the fear of the demons in the Gurkha valley that swallowed fierce warriors whole receded. The warmongering heathens attack again, and again massive armies disappear into the dark jungle night.

Wet with the blood of thousands of foolish heathens, the Gurkha warrior clans still kept to themselves and remained peacefully in their valley paradise under the benevolent shield of Angelique and the violent precision of their guerilla training. And so it went, century after century.

A violent, ugly betrayal led to the invasion of the Gurkha valley by thousands upon thousands of foul heathens. Even the valiant, grisly efforts of the legendary Gurkha jungle warriors could not stop their village from being destroyed, its people from being slaughtered.

A heathen people, in the same position, might have lost faith in their god. Heathen weakness might cause even a great warrior to question his faith after a great defeat. But the Gurkhas worship of Angelique is old, very old, and they knew that She had not forsaken them. But their protected valley and its lush environment were lost to them. All that was left to them was revenge, and the Gurkha thirst for revenge knew no boundaries.

The Gurkha Guerilla Regiment is the final answer to the treachery of the despised heathen warmongers. No longer able to merely protect their valley and people, these survivors strive and stop at nothing to satisfy their need for blood and revenge on the weak heathen armies.

Unmoored, the fury and passion of the Gurkha fighters is unmatched - and in the dark of the night, a curved Gurkha khukri will find their enemies no matter what it takes.

On the cusp of launching their blood war with the heathens, the Gurkha watched as the rest of the continent experienced the same test of faith which they had only so recently passed. The homes of heathens and faithful alike were destroyed, along with the continent. Along with the remaining Gurkha, these people - peasants, warriors and nobility alike, fled from Maxim to their new home on the Island of Covenant.

Unlike many of the heathen worshippers of the lesser Gods, the faith of the Gurkha survivors in Angelique was deepened, strengthened by their forced emigration. The Gurkha knew that if the Goddess had a hand in their eviction from the jungle valley, it was to prepare them for the trials of fire and flood to come.

The Gurkha have reorganized on the Island of Covenant, fiercely determined to exact lasting vengeance upon the heathens. Through ceaseless dedication to Angelique and Her many followers, the Gurka will carve a reputation in flesh for daring and fatalistic committment.


GM: Colonel
AGM: Captain
Squad Leader: Lieutenant
Full Member: Sergeant
Member: Corporal
Newbie: Private


The Gurkha Guerilla's return to give refuge to all followers of Angelique. Heathens beware.


The guild rules are as follows:

1. Follow all standard TB posting rules:

a. Do not make an ass of yourself.

b. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

f. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2. (Posting is recommended but not required. When posting on the boards, all members are to be respectful of others. Any personal attacks upon others, both players and guilds, or upon the staff will not be tolerated. If you are caught posting anything that a guild leader sees as violation of this rule, you will be punished as appropriate on a case by case basis. Get caught again within any reasonable time period and you will be dealt with far more harshly. Moderate yourself, ask guild leadership for advice if you need to, but this is your only warning.

3. Follow the guild hierarchy. If you are having problems with another person, in or out of the guild, report it to one of the guild leaders. It will then be addressed and taken care of.

4. Guild communication is via internet relay chat and AIM.

5. No wars outside a guild declare without prior permission.

6. Leaking of any guild information will lead to immediate expulsion. Any ally guilds will also be notified of any member removed from the guild for this reason.

7. Do not repeatedly ask the guild leaders for a promotion. Rank promotions will be given on a merit basis.

These are basic rules. Rules can be modified/enforced without altering this charter as deemed necessary by guild leadership.

If the GM becomes inactive, the Co-GM shall take over. If the Co-GM becomes inactive, leadership shall fall to the next willing AGM.

The rank titles are as follows:

The Colonel (GM): Leader of the guild, final arbiter of decisions, etc. May be more than one at times.

Captains (AGM): Warleaders, RP directors, trusted experienced members who help operate the guild.

Lieutenants: Squad leaders and experienced, trusted members.

Sergeants: Trusted, experienced Gurkha professionals.

Corporals: Trusted members.

Privates: New members, as yet unproven. Guild probation.

GM AIM SN is deltafox295, ICQ is 332828225