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At the foot of the mountains there was a small town. The people were the throw aways from the communities from across Tonan. These people banded together to start a town of their own, one were everybody was accepted for who they were. The people lived a meager life and survived barely. One night three young men met upon the mountain top and a vision came to them. Sween, Winterhawk, and Batlord could not believe that Isonia had come forth and ordered them to be her sword in the realms. That night they swore an oath to fight for the glory of Isonia and never forget where they came from.

Over the years the band of brother found others to swear allegiance to Isonia and to fight for her cause. However to join the clan, they had to take the same oath the 3 brother took. The clan grew in strength and numbers and reputation grew over the years. Their zeal in which they would fight for Isonia scared the more dedicated heathens and over time the Oathbound was feared within the lands.

Over time the Oathbound had trained numerous peasants to be fierce warriors, feared spies, and faithful sorcerers. Over a span of decades, these Oathsworn had learned so much from their experiences that the most loyal of followers grew to want to lead their own band of people. And as time continued, the Oathbound shrunk in numbers and power as other clans lead by past members of Oathbound.

Soon all that was left was Batlord, Winterhawk and Sween. The brothers didn't know what to do. They had bounced around from clan to clan searching for a new home. After years of being together, the brothers slowly parted ways and the Oathbound flame was reduced to a kindle.

After years of Oathbound's disappearance the realms of Tonan were in complete distress. The balance of power between the Isonia, Darden, and Foret was thrown off. The mighty heathens of Foret dominated the lands and forced their will upon all that resided in the lands. The clans of Darden and Isonia could do very little to stop the tyrants of Foret.

As a member of the Dark Fellowship, we had been subjected to the numerous raids and wars of the heathens. The tactics of both would leave the Dark Fellowship townships in ruins and needing great repair. Once the towns would be repaired war would soon ensue, occasionally, the Dark Fellowship would prevail, however a stalemate was the usual outcome. Outnumber, the Dark Fellowship could do little against the mammoth clans of Darden and Foret. After several months of the Dark Fellowship it dawned on Ren that something needed to be done.

For days, Batlord sought for his best friend Sween. The two of them have fought along side each other for many years and the combination of the both of us was devastating. After sixty days of searching, Batlord had gotten word on the location of Sween. He was residing in the lands of Darden. I rode for 2 days under the cover of night to the location and sure enough there was Sween.

"Sween my friend, I can not believe what I am seeing. You are not bearing the colors of Isonia, but have joined the followers of Darden." Bat said.

"Only for safety my brother. I could not stand to watch my people suffer any longer." Replied Sween

"But what of the oath? What of that? Does that mean nothing to you?" Inquired Bat.

"I thought so, for if you would have remembered, you wouldn't be baring the mark of Darden upon you. Now come with me, and live under the banner of the Dark Fellowship and the protection of Isonia." Said Bat

With that, Sween instructed his people to move across the borders of Dark Fellowship and pay homage to the true Goddess Isonia.

For a few months Sween fought with the brothers and sisters of Dark Fellowship. Together we fought for the honor of Isonia. Converting heathens, battle the less fortunate, and destroying anything in our path.

Three days ago, a message was received by Bat and Sween. It called for a meeting at the mountain at which we swore our oath. At the bottom of the note, bore the seal that had been missing for ages, the seal of the Oathbound.

Bat and Sween set out for the mountain together, riding hard and stopping only to give the horses a break so they would not go lame. After 4 days or hard riding we had finally reached our destination. We were a day early so we decided to explore the cave that we had long forgotten. At the entrance, the names of past guild masters were scribed into the walls. Reading the names brought great memories back to Batlord and Sween. The glory days of Oathbound resonated through Bat's head. Bat had an idea of why they were summoned here.

During the Nightrun awoke to a presence around the camp site. A glow emanated from the cave, and memories of the past stirred through his mind. He woke Bat and signaled toward the light. Ren had seen this only once before, and that was when he first swore the oath to Isonia.

Bat and Sween moved down the cave closer to the light. The radiance growing stronger and stronger until our eyes couldn't bear it no more. The Light seemed to flash before us and suddenly there she was. There dressed in her war armor stood Isonia herself. Silently she strode towards us and slowly unsheathed her blade.

"Bat and Sween my loyal followers, tomorrow Winterhawk will be joining you. During this time a lost thought shall reemerge from your memories and what you three have done in the past, you shall bring to the present. No longer will be the days of Isonians fearing the heathens of Darden and Foret. Go forth and be my sword unto the world of Tonan."

Suddenly a light a flash of light blinded Bat and Sween. When they awoke it was morning.

Then in the morning mist, a horse could be heard galloping in the distance. My days living in the shadows and waking at the tiniest noises and disturbances. The silhouette of a being on a horse drew closer and closer. Finally as the figure broke through the mist, we saw the smiling face of our close brother Winterhawk.

"Good morning my dear brother. Long time no see." Says Batlord to Winterhawk

"Yes my friend, it has been too long since we have met" added Sween

"You speak the truth my brothers, and I was the one that called you here to this holy place." Replied Winterhawk, "I called both of you here to renew your oath as well as my own to Isonia. I want us to realize how we must serve her with out question and without judgment. I want to put the call out."

"The call of the Oathbound? I knew that is why I was summoned here. The seal of the Oathbound was my first clue." Said Bat "Oathbound? Here? Again?" asked Sween

"Yes my brother. For too long Foret has had a strangle hold on these lands. We need to return the Oathbound for the glory and honor of Isonia. To help our kind fight through the struggles of all Isonians." Replied Winterhawk

:"I am with you my friend, I shall contact the past members of Oathbound and also discuss the transition with the Dark Fellowship clan." yelled Batlord

"I shall contact friends that I have made through the years and ask if they will fight by my side once again" cheered Sween

"I will talk to my friends and see if they will swear the oath" bellowed Winterhawk. "Now it is settled, from this day on, the clan of the Oathbound shall be here to server Isonia proud. Now go and spread the word of the oath and garner support were ever you can find."


GM: Scion
AGM: Presidius
Squad Leader: Sage
Full Member: Praetorian
Member: Citizen
Newbie: Oathsworn


3rd age


GM BAT icq: 93451061 email: batlord@pandora.be
Co-GM Sween icq:83885920 email:Sweenballz@hotmail.com

Rules of Oathbound

1. Roleplay is not required but greatly encouraged.
2. You must maintain active play (at least once every two days is expected). Read the banner daily. In addition, all queries from guild officers or your quad leaders must be replied to within 48 hours. Failure to do so may result in loss of a rank or expulsion from the guild.
3. If you are leaving for more than 3 days you must notify the guild so we know not to count on you in the attacks.
4. Icq or AOL AIM are integral tools to communicate in this Guild and are mandatory.
If you cannot use these it is your responsibility to compensate for their lack by very regular Emails and Aviaries.
Failure to use them will result in your expulsion from the guild.
5. You must always ask permission of your quad leader or an AGM before taking any offensive action not listed on the banner.
This includes any scum operation other than scouting that you are caught on as well as sorcery and standard attacks.
If you accidentally happen to conduct an attack w/o permission, you must immediately notify the guild officers.
The only exceptions to this are in cases where you have been attacked 4 times or more or have had war declared on you or have caught someone burning structures in your kingdom. In these cases an immediate response is both justified and expected.
6. Follow all instructions from your Quad Leader, the Agms and the GM's. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action that may result in loss of rank or expulsion from the guild.
7. Participation in guild activities and wars is mandatory. If you absolutely cannot participate in a war, you must notify your quad leader as early as possible. Regular nonparticipation in wars or activities is cause for expulsion.
8. Ally with all members of your quad and no one else. It is important that you ally as quickly as possible with your quad mates.
9. Promotions will be given as needed or as a reward for service rendered to the guild. Do not ask the GM or AGM's as to when it will occur.
Promotions are attained by length of continuous service to which are attached by custom and prior collective agreement of various rights and privileges.
10. Report any attacks on you (whether scum, sorcery or actual attacks) to all of the officers listed on the guild banner. Please attempt to scout the person attacking you if possible. Send along the scout report along with the copy of the news items from your main screen.
11. As a veteran guild we have experimented with all types of Build, fortifying and battle techniques together we have put together what we feel to be the most effective for the way ~Oathbound~ operates and have implemented these techniques as a guild standard.
Our members will follow these guidelines! Any member wishing to do otherwise must come before senior members and demonstrate conclusive proof of better technique.

Posting in Temper's Ball a) When posting in TB, remember your actions reflect not only you, but the guild as well.
b) Do not post for the guild unless you are an AGM and have consulted with the GM.
c). Operations and guild activities are never to be posted in TB except by a GM
d) Limit posts and do not impose on other guild threads unless welcomed
e) Never insult or show disrespect towards another guild, regardless if we have been disrespected...we are above flaming and insults. This guild will not engage in this type of behavior!
f) all members will follow the rules of TB:
No Vulgarity or Profanity
Do not make an ass out of yourself
Do not post accusations of cheating
Do not post bug reports on the boards, over icq, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards
Do not post spam or redundant messages
Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed
Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This incluces radical, ethical, or secually related sites.


GM/Scions: Batlord : Full Authority, Full Powers, has the sole task of accepting and booting all members and applicants and has the final word
AGM Presidius: Our "Elite select" senior Veterans, will carry out all of the GM's orders, be guild advisors, trainers, and disciplinarians.
Sage: Veteran member, proven loyal, faithful to Oathbound through length of service,
experienced in Battle, duties performed and seniority. Sages shall lead the Praetorians, Citizens, and Oathsworn, reporting to the GM's
Praetorian: A trusted man/woman, senior member that has proven loyal, faithful and devoted to Oathbound.
Citizen: Will battle to the last, with honor and total loyalty.
Oathsworn: Newcomers to Oathbound. Entry rank no privileges. Will do whatever is told of him/her without question.

Oathbound consists of many dedicated men and women of a diversified racial arrangement. New players are welcome to apply, however the following information will be needed. Applications should be sent to any of the officers and the court of officers will review all applications for approval.

Application information must contain 1) Your email address.
2) Your Temper's Ball name.
3) Your ICQ number and AOL IM - if you do not have either of these and are not a WebTV user, refer to rule #3, submitting a reason for lack there of.
4) Where you live, more specifically the time zone you are in.
5) When you will generally log in and play.
6) Your previous monarchy experience including any positions you may have held in other guilds.
7) If one or more of our members knows you, then please let us know that as well. Anything helps in the application process so please take time and make sure all your information is correct and complete

This information must be filled in prior to acceptance