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He had been travelling for days, but was finally beginning to see the familiar landmarks that showed him he was nearing home. On the way he had purchased a tattered old book that was titled "History of the Fourth Army, The Enchanted Warriors." Underneath this title read "Through the darkness to reach the light." He was eager to return home and read the book with his family. Especially with his sister, for he and her had a close bond. Both of them loved adventure stories and learned to read at a young age. Both of them wished that they could be on a heroic adventure as a child, little did he know that it would be all too soon before he would embark on one of his own.

He was giddy with joy, returning home after being gone for years training under Ash Gallant, a well known swordmaster in the area. It was his father's wish that he be trained in the art of swordplay. He mastered it as if he had been born to wield a blade. Now he would return home for the summer before leaving in the fall to attend a military school where he would learn about tactics and strategy. One day his father hoped to see his son as an officer in the small but proud nation of Mysidia.

Now it was a familiar sight to see smoke rising from the village, but not smoke of this colour, something was wrong. He broke his horse into a gallop and began riding hard down the road. As he came closer he could hear screaming, sobbing, and the clashing of weapons. The warrior immediately drew his blade, it was nothing special, a crude blade for a trainee but that did not matter to him. All that mattered was arriving to help defend his village from what he percieved as an attack....

"FATHER!" The young man shouted as he saw him fighting off several men with the family blade. He saw his sister motionless on the ground behind him, his mother shielding his sister with her body. Her dress was tattered and torn, blood flowing from the many cuts on her back and arms. "Kain, get out of here, get back to Ash, he'll know wha.." His words were cut short as a blade came across his throat. The world began to move in slow motion as Kain busted into action, spurring his mount forward he charged the men that killed his father and had ill intentions for his mother and sister.


He remembered little from the battle, but when he came to Ash Gallant and a unit of men were digging graves, and gathering the dead. Nearly the entire village of Myst had been decimated, Kain numbered among the handful of survivors. Ash offered no words of comfort for the young man as he looked over his entire family, himself the only survivor. The man simply handed Kain his father's blade, and pointed to a man gagged and bound. He moved to his feet, shook his head and made his way back towards his burnt down home. He was about to enter when he stepped on a book, or rather what was left of the book. Reaching down he picked it up, then walked back down to where his sister's body lay. Sitting next to it the young boy began to shed tears as he opened the book finding little that was legible until he came upon one section that looked as if the flames had not touched it. He read aloud the passage to his sister, as if she was laying in her bed and he were reading her a bedtime story.


We are the remnants of the Fourth army of Angelique, The Dark Warriors. We were involved in the Wars of the Heathen lands and were betrayed by our supposed Leto allies. We were on a holy war and were crusading into the foul and misshapen lands of the Slayer Barnabas. We thought we had the upper hand on the foul hordes of Oleander’s Assassin but we were mistaken. After the fall of the one true father our Mighty Angelique vowed to find the truth and to crush the God who performed this foul deed into the Earth from whence they came. After the long and violent power struggle it was found that the foul and evil god Barnabas was the fiend who killed the one true Father. As the three gods were equals in their power, the banishment of the Slayer was needing the two gods, Leto, and Angelique, to band their power and overwhelm the other. To force him from his heavenly home and into the dark pits beneath the earth to forever live in darkness and damnation for the deed he had committed, but our deduction was awry. In that black and despairing land did the Slayer find power, what a black and forbidding power it was as well. In that time did the Mighty Goddess consult with the Lord Leto about a way to stop and quell this tide of dark power that was emanating from their heathen lands. After the meeting with the Lord of Law did the wise and mighty command a marshaling of the powerful armies of the true faith. After months of careful planning and gathering of the supplies and forces that would be needed did the combined armies of the Lord and the Mighty march to start their history altering campaign in the winterlands against the evil hordes of the Slayer. After years of fighting, Angelique armies were steadily gaining the upper hand so the plans were started to make a final thunderous charge that would effectively wipe out the final hordes of the Slayer, it was there that we were crushed. Slowly, to avoid detection, we deployed our forces into position ready to start the final battle. As our troops were spread pretty thin, if the enemy found out they could muster into one position and systematically crush us into the ground. To our shock and dismay a scouting party found the army of the Slayer marching straight through our lines and toward the stronghold of the Mighty. How they got past us was soon found out as our forces gathered hastily to chase down the heathens and stop them from taking our ancestral home. As our forces charged through the countryside in pursuit of the mighty army we came headlong into the fortified position of the Lords forces. For us our biggest blunder was believing that Leto’s forces were still on our side and we did not take heed of the fact that they were dug in to their position and facing us as we topped the hill. We ran straight into a slaughter, we fled. As we fled Barnabas forces Came thundering from behind. As an army we, were finished, but as a people we had just begun.

We are the remnants of the Fourth army of Angelique and we are the last of the Mighty Angelique’s forces that walked into that terrible slaughter. The scenes of that battle will forever be etched into our souls and the only way to ease the pain will be vengeance. We have little patience when dealing with the heathen followers of Leto and Barnabas, We do not know whether or not Leto’s forces joined in Barnabas deed to topple from the throne of the gods first the Father Oleander and then our mighty Angelique. Now with only one motive in our puzzled minds we call all followers of the Mighty and Blessed to the flag of Angelique to war against Leto and Barnabas, and vow:

Victory over all!!!

There were two warriors who managed to escape on that fateful day, Kain Dragonhand, and Lord Kobe. They were no longer content merely serving the armies of Angelique they decided that they would lead them. They decided that night that they would re-build the 4th army. Once preparations were complete they emerged once again this time as The Enchanted Warriors, as The Dark Warriors were no longer. The ancestors of The Enchanted Warriors were all followers of Angelique, they may not have been warriors maybe peasants, but they all lived and died worshipping Angelique. The DWR alliance was never discriminate, so when they became guilded there was no reason to start. The only discrimination they had was against those who do not follow the all mighty Angelique.

A group of scholars had provided a conclusion to why Leto had helped Barnabas that bloody day. They had come up with the following: There was only one reason Leto may have helped Barnabas that day, Leto had helped Barnabas Slay the one true father of the gods, Oleander was killed by both Leto and Barnabas. When Kobe, Kain, and their Alliance had heard the conclusion the scholars had come up with they all stood silent and swore vengeance for their Fallen comrades. Vowing to one day banish Barnabas himself.

After ages of fighting the forces of Barnabas and Leto, Kobe took a break from his duties as one of the leaders of the alliance. It was beginning to tear away on him, he decided to go visit his friend in the forest of the lost. No news has been heard from Kobe since then, it is rumored he met his end there in that forest. Kain continued to lead the alliance in Kobe’s absence.

Let this be The Beginning of the End.
What is the terror of death?
That we die our work incomplete.
What is the joy of life?
To die knowing our task is done.

Lord Kobe(Who shall not be forgotten) & Lord Dragonhand


It was apparent to him that the names of the “gods” mentioned in the tome were those of the three mortals who now led the mass of armies in a constant struggle to dominate the world. He also took note that one of the men depicted in the tome shared his very name, and that he himself had already pledged his services to Angelique.

He then looked over at the man that was captured, the one who killed his father. Around the man's neck hung a pendant that had the symbol of Barnabas upon it. Shutting the tome he rose to his feet and took up his father's sword, and charged at the man, and before anyone knew what had happened the boy's sword was bathed in blood. He ripped the pendant from the man's neck and spat in his face in the final second's of the man's life.

He made a decision then, he would gather together a group of holy warriors. These holy crusade under the banner of The Enchanted Warriors, and the banner of Angelique.

"The Enchanted Warriors shall rise again, and place Angelique upon the throne where she belongs."


He had fought for years for Angelique, knowing in his heart that he would see her armies prevail one day. At least he thought he knew at first. Kain witnessed Angelique's downfall and saw his own forces dwindling. He went to meetings with other leaders within the faith, and eventually the armies of Angelique once again became the most powerful faction in Tonan. Then he heard ill being spoken about himself and his guild from within the Angelique faith, the alliance that had formed led them to a great many victories, but certain political moves Kain did not approve of. Eventually he had decided that the current leaders of Angelique needed to be shown what the faith truly stood for. He would mete out justice on them in his own manner. This meant a temporary alliance with letite realms, enemies of his own guild. His armies would clash with those within Angelique, and when the war was over, he would make sure only those true to the faith in his eyes remained alive. Then he could return to her armies. Even within the ranks of Leto he would still serve Angelique.


GM: Hallowed One
AGM: Pious One
Squad Leader: Consummate One
Full Member: Ardent One
Member: Enchanted One
Newbie: Condottiere


TEW was around for a few years in Monarchy, then part of Angelique since the old gods returned. Now it will see it's first age in another faith.


*Posting Information-
**It is strongly encouraged to join in on war-threads, and role-play threads for the guild.

**Treat others in TB with respect, and do not whine on the boards. Disrespecting others and whining will make the guild look bad. Remember you post as a member of TEW, what you say could have an effect on the guild.
*TB Rules:
** Do not make an ass of yourself.
** Do not post accusations of cheating.
** Do not post bug reports.
** Do not post kingdom numbers.
** Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).

*Upon joining TEW make sure you can answer these questions-
** How long you have been playing?
** What guilds have you been in?
** Do you RP or post on the boards?
** Have you held any positions (officer or squad leader etc.) in previous guilds and if yes what?
** Do you have any skills that can help the guild (Icon making, web page knowledge etc.…)?
** ICQ, AIM, Yahoo or MSN instant messenger services
** Access to IRC.
**None of these are requirements, but being able to answer them is.

**Being active is extremely important here in TEW, if you are not active, you are no longer in the guild. Unless you can provide an acceptable excuse.

**The guild will not condone hitting members of other guilds outside of wars with those guilds. Likewise the guild will not tolerate other guild’s members hitting one of ours outside of war. If this happens do not retaliate, instead send the news to me via IM or aviary.

**Matters discussed within the guild are to stay within the guild.

**ICQ is the mainstay of the guild’s communication outside of aviary(scribe) I however have ICQ, MSN, Y!, and AoL IM services. This greatly improves the guild’s ability during wars, as well as let us get to know one another and become a family.

**Hallowed One- (GM) Only few can lead others, whether it be through deeds or words. The Hallowed One is the voice of the guild, his or her actions affect the guild. His/her decisions decide the fate of those who are part of the alliance.
**Pious One (Coadjutor)- (Co-GM) Assistant of the Hallowed One, right hand, advisor. All of these fit the Coadjutor. For all intents and purposes he/she is a Co-GM, except for the fact that the Hallowed One has the last word.
**Consummate One- These are AGMs of specific areas(RP, War, Sorcery, and Scum) They have earned great respect within the guild and their word is as good as the Hallowed One’s or the Coadjutor’s. They will fulfill the role of the GMs if need be.
**Ardent One - The guild's elite force, often Squad leaders. They have proven themselves within TEW time and time again.
**Enchanted One - Full fledged member, they are to carry out orders from their squad leaders,
**Condottiere- Membership still to be assessed (new member)

**In the Hallowed One’s absence the Pious One will take all Hallowed roles, If he cannot do so then one of the Consummate Ones will do so. So on and so forth.
**Condottieres may gain membership after they are trusted by the Hallowed One or The Pious One, Trust is gained by fulfilling Guild requirements.
**To advance from being an Enchanted One the member must prove himself worthy in the eyes of his or her superiors.

*Contact Information for Kain-
**ICQ- 58952353
**MSN(and e-mail)- Kain_444@hotmail.com
**AIM- noahdragonhand
**Yahoo IM(Y!)- donmiddaughiii