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Created: 2005-10-17 19:09:19
Game: valid



The League of Extraordinary Heroes

It was in a murky forest where a creature hid among the trees not to be seen. Below was a vast civilization of evil vermin. Their stench was growing greater and greater by the day. This creature had only been seen by his people; moving swiftly and striking like lightning, the enemy feared his great powers. His powers were that of a hero, not of an ordinary hero, but the Extraordinary Hero. For so long he had sought to restore order to Tonan. These people were of peace and were lovemakers. As the Hero perched among the trees, hiding in the shadows, he came up with an idea, and he knew only this idea could save all of Tonan.

For the answer was a League of Extraordinary Heroes. The Hero knew he must work fast to put a band together, but he couldn’t have normal beings. He needed and demanded only the best. With his determination he set off to recruit only the most devoted and hard-working martyrs.

The Hero analyzed all of the successors and carefully made his choices; all from which were ruled under Angelique.. It was not an easy task, but with time his idea took form. His ambition had finally came to be, the select few were now in place; the time of The League of Extraordinary Heroes was now upon us. With our gallant uprise order will be restored in the lands of Tonan, and the evil mobs of vermin will be diminished.

With this, The League of Extraordinary Heroes struck out, and gave liberty to all of those worthy and death to all of the atrocious. Glory would be restored under Angelique!


GM: Extraordinary Hero (GM)
AGM: Commanding Hero (AGM)
Squad Leader: Martyr
Full Member: Successor
Member: Knight
Newbie: Entrepreneur


The guild is new.



1. Posting

Obey the rules of Tempers Ball:

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethically offensive, or sexually related sites.

As Valid is a land where the history is almost as important that the battle that takes place. Therefore recording these battles as not as important and is optional but encouraged.

2. The Chain of Command

Extraordinary Hero (GM) - He is the general of the Heroes. Obey him in all things.

Commanding Hero (AGM) - These are the chief strategists of the Heroes. They are capable of all-arms planning, and are deeply versed in the arts of tactical, strategic and operational warfare.

Martyr (Quad Leader) - These are aides to the Generals. This rank is for those who are climbing up the ladder towards the rank of Commanding Hero, and are learning the tactics and strategy that are necessary to become a General.

Successor (Advanced Member) - Among the Heroes, there are the leaders of the villages. They serve in the army, and have the common touch that is often necessary for the small units to remain in line.

Knight (Trusted Member) - A superb warrior, they have few cares outside fighting who they are told to fight.

Entrepreneur (New Member) - A youth, not yet as advanced as a Knight, but show great potential of climbing the totem pole.

Promotion is at the discretion of Extraordinary Hero. With mighty deeds of pure good, you will rise to the steeple.

3. Application Requirements

To be accepted into LEH, you must email, msn, aim, or icq the following information to Extraordinary Hero:

- Your kingdom name
- Your leadername
- Your ICQ
- Your email
- Past experience

Failure to do so will result in rejection of your application.

We are a select group who pride ourselves on the individual abilities of our members. Though a potential member may not currently have the skill required to be considered as such, if they show dedication towards the guild, it is likely they will be accepted.

In the event that the Extraordinary Hero goes missing, a new commander shall be elected from among the Commanding Heroes, and continue as leader with the rank Chief of Staff.


This is our first age.

Contact Info

GM Info: jpmoresi06@netscape.net ICQ#: 243051525

AGM Info: Thantos on TB AIM:bigboarder3412 ICQ#: 100483348