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Created: 2005-10-14 22:49:17
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In ancient times the warriors of the Divine Wind were located in the mountain reaches in the far north.

Mighty citadels standing high in the mountaintops reachable almost solely by flight of Wyvern or Dragon.

Their home would be on top of the world. Secluded yet outreaching. As few could reach their high cities. Where the warriors of the Divine Wind would train ancient techniques of combat. Agility, and dextirity among the most revered skills of their kin.

The beliefs of the Divine Wind were simple. They believed in law and justice brought forth by the strong. Power and strength seen as the two basic elements to bring forth these teachings to the world.

So it came to be, that one day the warriors of Divine Wind took the skies. Mounting their dragons and wyverns, flying to the valeys below. Bringing the scourge to the heathens. And proclaiming their aerial rule and faith in Angelique.

Armies raised to meet them were smitten by their unusual tactics. As battle after battle brought more vanquished armies. As with fight after fight, slowly the rule of the Divine Wind became more complete. Until finally. For a reason unknown the Divine Wind withdrew to their cities high in the mountains. Not to be heard again for many years. Slowly peace came back to the world. And as time passed the very name of the Divine Wind was writhed mixed into legends. Believed to be no more then a fable of a long forgotten legend.

That is until the present days. As rumor slowly spread of this ancient banner once more rising. The banner of the Ice dragon, and the Ice griffin. As once more the skies see black of the many creatures of the air filling it. As once more their mighty armies have raised. To bring forth the word of their goddess Angelique. Now all will learn again of the Divine Wind.

As to you, young soldier. The Divine Wind is looking for many a valuable soldier. Enlist and add your strength to our ancient armies. Bring forth with us the word of Angelique. Come and join our fight, so that the heathens once more may tremble at the very name of the 'Divine Wind'.


GM: Jackal
AGM: EvilElmo
Squad Leader: Anchors
Full Member: Okay Realms
Member: Whooped
Newbie: WhoAreYou/Vacation


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Ice Dragon- AGM
Wyvern- Squad Leader
Ice Griffon- Profound Member
Dragon- Trusted Member
Griffon- New Member

*War Chats are mandatory.

-If for any reason you can't attend you must tell me either via-scribe or some other way of communication.

-If you miss three consecutive war chats, you will be removed from Divine Wind.

-You must follow and obey all direct orders from the leadership of Divine Wind.

-If you wish to voice an idea or have an opinion, then do so in the appropriate manner and time.

Only Trusted members are accepted into Divine Wind.

Temper's Ball Rules:
1.Do not make an ass of yourself.
2.Do not post accusations of cheating.
3.Do not post bug reports.
4.Do not post kingdom numbers.
5.Do not post redundant messages.

In the disappearance of the GM, Divine Wind will be disbanded until his return.

There are three ways to contact me to get access into Divine Wind:

1) e-mail me at Casano4831@aol.com or use your AIM to reach me there. Contact Steven on AIM 'Sexayguy1'

2)ICQ 215730259

3) If you know someone that refers you to Divine Wind or if you know me, you will be accepted, If not you better give a very good reason why you want to join Divine Wind.