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The Suzerain of Sloth

The Suzerain of Sloth

Greetings citizen. Please come in and make yourself comfortable.

If you have come here in an agitated state, for you believe that one of the Slothful have
wronged you, sit down amongst the silken pillows and let the afternoon breeze calm your
anger. Accept our hospitality and enjoy the bounty of the desert: spiced wines and fresh
fruits the likes of which you will find in no other worldly halls. Surely, on reflection,
you will realize that we could not have been the source of your troubles. We, the torpid ones,
are far too unlikely to have been roused to action against you.

If you are a follower of Leto and wish to learn more of Leto the Unfettered, then please
follow me into the next room. Here you may relax and read scrolls that shall grant you
insight into the heart of Leto.

We have several scrolls for those who seek enlightenment. One scroll provides a brief
history of the Suzerain. A second is a copy of the Stillwater Scrolls which speaks
the True Word of Leto--or at least as much as the uninitiated may see. Finally, we have a
copy of the charter of Suzerain should you wish to join our enlightened, peaceful fellowship.

A History of the Suzerain of Sloth

In a time long past, many followers of Leto lost their way and made an abominable pact
with the followers of Angelique. It was a Key age; a low point in the faith of Leto.
During this dark time those who remained true to Leto were gathered by his Prophet,
the Sirdar, and formed the Suzerain of Sloth.

The Suzerain did not abide by the abomination that joined followers of Leto and Angelique
as if they were brethren. Instead the Suzerain attacked both the followers of Angelique
and Barnabas. In fact many within the Suzerain desired to attack those who falsely
claimed to follow Leto, but the Sirdar wisely counseled that instead the Suzerain should
a beacon that would bring those who strayed back to the true path, the true faith.

Twelve were they who were gathered by the Sirdar. With the Sirdar guiding them they
became a secret society of thirteen lords dedicated to bringing the true worship of Leto
based on the Stillwater Scrolls and apocrypha known only to the initiated.

With the arrival of the Suzerain, the faith of Leto grew strong and spread throughout
the land, but there were still many in other guilds who had forsaken Leto and strove only
to bring down the followers of Barnabas even if it meant forging a permanent alliance with
the followers of Angelique, those who forsake Leto were known among the Suzerain as the
Ithnia. Many of the Ithnia were angry at the Suzerain for damaging their unholy alliance
and so they betrayed the Suzerain, passing military information along to the followers
of Angelique. Some of the Ithnia even stirred false rumors that the Suzerain were
renegade followers of Barnabas and not true followers of Leto.

The jealousy and hatred of the Ithnia was such that they turned their backs on Leto and
their actions allowed first the followers of Angelique and then of Barnabas to grow
strong. It was then that the spiteful words of the Ithnia began to lose their hold for
the people saw that the Suzerain fought bravely against all heathens and, further, the
people saw the vile worshippers of Barnabas did fear the Suzerain and in fact did ally
with the followers of Angelique to crush the Suzerain.

The Suzerain fought many battles and won many victories, but their enemies were many and
the other Leto guilds did nothing to aid the Suzerain. Each enemy guild that the Suzerain
did fell was replaced by a guild fresh from building and fortifying, so even though the
Suzerain realms were the strongest in the land, they began to fall before the onslaught.

A turning point for the Suzerain was at hand. Up until that time the followers were
largely human and elven lords from rich forested land. Some, such as Iskander and Turin,
had made huge inroads conquering neighboring desert lands, but the Suzerain's gaze
remained turned outwards towards the traditional civilized lands; they hoped to bring
the Ithnia back to the true faith. Throughout the wars the twelve remained steadfast in
their faith as did their people, but the elven and human populations were dwindling fast.
It was then that Sirdar counseled the Suzerain to look towards the deserts and wastelands.

With the Sirdar's guidance, the Suzerain learned to see the desert not as a barren land,
but one with hidden strengths, among which were the goblin races. With a new zeal many of
the Suzerain moved into the desert and began preaching the Word of Leto. Among these were
Lord Fatuous the Mad and Lord Bremmon the latter whom became known as El Hajijj. The
followers of Barnabas, believing the desert lands to be worthless, decided that they had
destroyed the Suzerain and so turned back to strengthening their realms. Meanwhile Lord
Fatuous succeeded in bringing Skirm'Duk and Laxus'Duk, two powerful goblin lords, to the
true faith.

With the conversion of the two powerful goblin lords and many others, the faith of Leto
swept through the desert lands at a furious pace. Soon new lords joined the Suzerain and
the armies swelled to tremendous sizes as zealous goblin hordes joined the armies. The
stalwart kobolds were of particular use to the Suzerain because of their strong faith and
their huge populations. The rapid breeding of the kobolds quickly replaced any losses in
the armies and a trained kobold was a ferocious warrior. Soon most of the armies of the
Suzerain were filled with hosts of kobolds. Some, such as Ligneus of Kells resisted.
Instead the Grey Elf focused on training stealthy network of spies and assassins. Most of
the armies, were filled with kobolds. Not only were the kobolds fierce warriors, but they
brought new battle tactics to the field. The most skilled tactician among them was

With the Sirdar's blessing, Ougadougou began proposing a radical strategy of continuous
warfare with no time spent building. Land gained was converted to desert so that new
hordes of goblin troops could grow and thrive. With the new strategy, the Suzerain became
an even more terrifying force for heathens and soon they swept across all the lands. With
their resurgence, other Leto guilds began to take heart and their faith in Leto returned.
The Suzerain began to form close ties with many of these such as SoSW and The Golden Horde
and taught them some of what they had learned of strengths of the goblin troops.

So began a period when the Leto faith grew strong. With the Suzerain attacking strong
heathen guilds the other Leto guilds were free to build and strengthen their own kingdoms.
Many used their newly strengthened lands to fight heathens, but a few Ithnia remained who
continued to betray their brethren by making secret pacts with heathens so as to strengthen
their own guild at cost of their faithmates. These cowardly Ithnia only attacked the weak
heathens for the Ithnia did not have faith. Overtime the power of the Ithnia waned as it
should and the power of the Suzerain and their allies grew.

Many years passed during which the power of Leto grew stronger than it had been and his
followers had new faith such that they did not rely on heathens. What happened next remains
a mystery to all but a few. As spring equinox approached, the leaders of the Suzerain
departed for Ekbatana, one of their grand desert cities. In a blink of an eye, they were
gone and overnight the city aged into a ruin. Among those who knew, there were whispers
of omens and portents. One young kobold claimed he heard and elder priest declare that
Leto needed the Suzerain elsewhere. Whatever the reason, the Suzerain had vanished in the
desert. Not long thereafter Leto also disappeared from these lands and false gods arose to
hold sway.

One of the Suzerain remained behind--Ligneus of Kells--but he remained secluded using his
powers only to protect his lands, not to expand them. Soon the name of the Suzerain vanished
from memory of all but a few.

Now a lord has arisen claiming to be Leto Incarnate. The lands have once more been thrown
into turmoil. Old banners have reappeared and once again the followers of Barnabas and
Angelique rage against those of Leto. Rumors have arisen of new activity in the desert,
of armies building, of cities appearing as if from the void. Are these rumors more than
wild tales? Might the Suzerain return? And if they return, will they stand besides this
one who claims to be Leto or will they denounce him as a blasphemer and raise their
banners against him?

The Stillwater Scrolls

Herein is told the story of how things came to be, and how the gods came to make them be,
such as these things were revealed to Llaward the Prophet through the inspiration of Leto.

The world of the beginning was of two things perfect: the infinite Heaven and the infinite
Earth. Earth was the primal matter, infinitely massive and perfectly featureless, surrounded
by the perfect space of Heaven. Neither mountain nor valley, neither pebble nor dust was
there on Earth, and neither cloud nor breeze passed through the void of Heaven. No water
coursed and no fire burned. Immortal and divine were they both, Heaven and Earth, gods
all-knowing and all-perceiving, and where they met they brought forth divine children:
fire and water, sun and moon, stars and planets, wind and cloud, mountain and valley,
all the features of the world were made, each with its own spirit, yet each bound in the
perfect order and fated to a determined routine, for none had been born with a will
beyond that of their creators.

Such was the world for countless ages, for its order was so perfect and seamless that
time was immeasurable. Then the primal perfections brought forth Olandar, a creature
of free will, who could choose the order that he would follow. And Olandar reigned as
the prince of the world, and he joined with the spirits of the divine world and brought
forth his children, Barnabas, Angelique, and Leto. The eldest of the three was Barnabas,
and Leto was the youngest. Free-willed they were, like Olandar, free to diverge from the
perfect harmony of the order of Heaven and Earth, and empowered to change that order.

Olandar and his children dwelt in Heaven, in a divine palace among the stars, but Leto
often stole from the palace to wander the world. And wherever he wandered he created
new things, the living things, the forests and the meadows, the reefs and the jungles,
and the creatures of the earth, air, and sea. And he altered the world in miraculous
ways, and his alterations changed the order of things, so that the world was no longer
an endless cycle of perfect order, but everchanging and mysterious, as it now ran along an
infinite thread of time. And all things that Leto created he loved.

And Leto created the races, as children of his own, who would have spirits, though mortal,
for only Olandar could guarantee eternal life to his children. And the races would live
on the Earth free-willed, but confined by their mortality. So Leto often visited his
children, so that he could enrich their lives with new creations, or by inspiring them
to use their own creativity. Many a time would Leto adventure on the Earth, and during
these times he would bestow gifts upon the races, divine knowledge that created culture
among each race. Leto taught plowing of the field, and is said to have created the first
music and instruments. And Leto created the first of the great artifacts, instruments
of power made from mysteries lost to the mortal races.

First of all the races were the Grey, and first among the races were they to receive
Leto's gifts. And they alone among the races adored Leto above all else divine, even over
Olandar, although they paid the Divine Father of Leto the proper respect and honor. All
the other races, even the other elves, held Olandar above all else, for Leto, in his
own form or disguised as a prophet among them, had instructed them to do so, for Leto
knew that his creations could thrive only with the All-Father's approval.

Leto could not hide his creations from Olandar, but his father did not disapprove,
especially when Leto began to encourage the races to honor his father's name, and
Leto even made gifts of his artifacts to his father and siblings to assuage any
disapproval or jealousy. But Angelique protested Leto's deeds, and told her father
that this was an abomination to him, child of the perfect order as he was. After
much argument, Olandar relented and gave his children certain dominion over parts
of the world, that the races and the ever-changing world might have some new order
brought to bear upon it. Barnabas was given the mystery of fire to keep, and he guarded
it as a secret for the gods alone, as Leto1s children were but lowly beasts to him.
Angelique was given dominion over water and ice, and she first inflicted the hardships
of winter and the floods of the thaw upon the races, in order to make them fear the
power of the natural order that preceded them. Leto nurtured the Earth itself and
made it bountiful for the races, but he wept to see how his siblings cared little for
his children. Only Olandar stayed the wrongs of the oppression of Angelique and the
uncaring of Barnabas, and Leto respected his father for letting his youngest son visit
compassion upon the races.

But Angelique was swiftly destroying the races with winter, for there was little to
warm them in that season without fire, which Barnabas would not give unto them. Leto
would not let his children suffer, so he devised a scheme. He introduced the races to
the art of making wine and to the brewing of beer, and he took some wine to the divine
palace, wine that he himself had made and had imbued with divine power, and bade his
brother to try it. The powerful drink put Barnabas to sleep, and Leto stole into the
place where the secret of fire was kept. He plucked a brand and took it to the races,
so that they could warm themselves in the winter, and he taught them the secret of fire
and its creation. He also encouraged them to build temples and shrines and taught them to
sacrifice in Olandar's name.

When Barnabas discovered Leto's deceit, he complained bitterly to his father, and wanted
the races to be punished, if not destroyed. But the races had sacrificed to Olandar as
Leto instructed, and when Leto showed Olandar the devotion of his children, Olandar
acquiesced to his younger son and spared the races. Barnabas was unsated, and his rage
was such that he devised that the secret of fire would create as much evil for the races
as it would produce good, and he began to place evil thoughts in the hearts of the races
and first caused hatred to grow among them. Thus began the days of great animosity between
Leto and Barnabas. And, since Leto had done this to undo her work, Angelique also came
to have enmity for her younger brother.

So the world was for many ages, until Olandar began to tire of overseeing the races, as
he was a child of the primal perfection, and always this unchanging order was at the
center of his spirit, such that he wished to retire from the ever-changing world, despite
the devoted worship of the races. While enjoying Leto's wine, Olandar divulged these
thoughts to his younger son. Leto understood that Barnabas, the eldest son, would likely
take Olandar's place as ruler of the ever-changing world, and Barnabas still despised Leto
for stealing the secret of fire. Leto was unafraid of his brother, but he feared for his
children, whom Barnabas held in great contempt as lower creatures unworthy of compassion.
Angelique, too, was still angered by Leto's theft of fire, and he knew that she would punish
the races if Olandar retired.

Thus, Leto hatched a desperate plan. Olandar was beloved to him, but the races were more so.
Leto again managed to get Barnabas to imbibe the godly wine he had made, this time with
such a power as to cause his brother to forget what he had done for some time after
draining his cup. While Barnabas slept, Leto slew Olandar with a divine weapon belonging
to Barnabas. Leto arranged it such that Angelique would find Olandar's dead form, and
she, seeing the weapon, suspected her older brother, who stood to gain the rulership of
the world. Barnabas was defiant, but could not account for the time since he'd drunk the
wine. Leto mourned on the earth with the races, as Angelique and Barnabas argued, and soon
the two were vying for rulership. They quit the palace and raced to the earth to recruit
the races. Leto had encouraged worship of Olandar alone and not of himself, to the point
where few of the races knew that Leto was their creator, but the seers of the temples had
felt Olandar's death, and the faith of the races was shaken to a point whereby Leto's
siblings were able to call a few to their service, and these few zealots would create
their churches. In order to defend his children, Leto called as many as he could to
temples dedicated to him.

Thus began the Great Faith Wars between the worshippers of the three Divine Siblings,
where those who have forgotten the gifts of their creator, Leto, have sought dominion
over all the races and to pave the path for destruction and oppression of all mortals,
save themselves, by the hand of the unloving divinities they worship, opposed only by
the devoted who remember their creator.


GM: Sirdar
AGM: Vizier
Squad Leader: Caliph
Full Member: Emir
Member: Effendi
Newbie: Aspirant


The Suzerain of Sloth is a secret society of nobles joined for the sole goal of spreading the word of the One True God, Leto the Languid. Joined under


The Suzerain of Sloth (SoS) Charter

I. Organization

II. Powers, Responsibilities, and Duties

III. Promotion

IV. Terms of Engagement

V. Contact With Nonmembers


Summary Info

I. Rules

All Suzerain members must follow the rules outlined in the official Suzerain charter,
the additional Suzerain rules below, and all Evernight rules.

All the rules of Evernight must be followed including, but not limited, to those
listed below. You are expected to follow all the rules in all fora. Not following the
rules in Comments or any other forum is just as much cause for dismissal as not following
the rules in the Guilds forum.

The spirit of these rules must be followed as well as the letter. Attempting to
skirt the edges is unacceptable.

Failure to comply with Suzerain rules will result in being expelled from the guild.

Failure to comply with Evernight rules will also result in expulsion. In addition,
the administrators may ban a player from the boards and/or the game.

A. Additional Suzerain Rules

  1. Having more than one kingdom in the Guild game is prohibited.
  2. Hacking of any sort is prohibited.
  3. Using OOC spies or OOC information is not acceptable.
  4. Any form of cheating is unacceptable.
  5. Administrators and moderators should be treated with respect and courtesy at
    all times
    . They are are unpaid and spend an enormous amount of their energy and
    time to maintain
    and improve the game. Treating admins or mods with discourtesy
    will get you expelled from the guild. If you disagree with them, politely point out
    your differences. In many cases it is better to make your case in private than publicly.

B. Temper's Ball Rules:

  1. Do not make an ass of yourself
  2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically
    asked to by staff.
  3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
  4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
  5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
  6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes
    racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
  7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

C. Guild Forum Rules:

  1. Do not claim that threads are closed to the general public. As long as people are
    adding to the thread and not spamming or stalking then everyone is welcome in every thread.
  2. No excessive vulgarity. As long as its part of the general post its acceptable, but
    when your swearing just to swear it will be edited. Note: Suzerain rules forbid
    vulgarity of any kind with possible exception for true roleplay threads (but
    discuss this with your Caliph first).
  3. No revealing Voice alts.
  4. Do not post personal recruitment threads. There are faith threads created for
    that purpose.
  5. Do not do anything that you or the moderators think is unwarranted or in bad taste.
  6. All posts in this forum are considered in character. If you would like to traditionally
    Role Play with
    your character please add (RP) or (RP Invite) for Role Play or Role Play Invite only to the
    end of your thread title.

D. Modified Tempers Ball/ Guild Rules

These rules have yet to be posted in the official forum rules threads, but they are
still to be obeyed. http://www.evernight.com/boards/canon/viewtopic.php?t=21454

  1. This is an internet forum. This is not real life. If you want to involve real life,
    talk about people's jobs, hygene, education, living conditions, sexual preferences,
    religious beliefs or backgrounds, ethnic beliefs or backgrounds in any sort of
    derogatory way,or a way which any member of this staff finds inappropriate - you do so
    at the risk of losing your posting privledges or even worse, your posting and playing privledges.

  2. This forum specifically relates to the Guild game. If your post has nothing to do
    with this game, it needs to go in the proper forum. THe proper forum for random talks,
    birthday announcements is Comments. The proper forum for game talk (Wow, EQ, DAOC, Guild
    Wars, etc) Is the Hardware Tech Forum. If you have to have a thread shut down for posting
    the wrong content in the wrong forum, its now an offense to be warned over.

  3. These petty squabbles between certain people will end. If its a valid war, then by
    all means discuss your war. Talking about past infractions, some not even relating to
    this game anymore (Monarchy, etc) is beyond a waste of my bandwidth. Take it to ICQ.

  4. The "Do not make an ass of yourself" rule will be strictly enforced from now on.
    If you are found in violation for it, don't expect three warnings. Expect three days
    minimum of "away from Tempers Balland Canon" time to think about how you are going to
    act when you return. This goes for harassment as well.

Guild Contact Information

Heathens wishing to contact the Suzerain should contact the Voice (ICQ# 75944721).
Your land is important to us. We are currently receiving an influx of heathen land. Please
wait and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Followers of other Leto guilds wishing to contact the Suzerain regarding inter-guild
matters please contact the Voice (PM Xenophon; ICQ# 75944721; email: XenophonSoS@aol.com;
preferred contact is by PM unless otherwise arranged).

Followers of Leto who wish to join the Suzerain should contact the Castellan in one
of the following ways:ICQ# 75944721
Email: XenophonSoS@aol.com
PM: Xenophon