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Created: 2005-08-12 10:22:33
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It is said that Zeblamar comes from a once powerful family that has slowly fallen from grace. The rumor is that he is a Baron in name only and the family name means nothing any more. He has always wanted to restore honor to his family. Now with his father killed trying to put a stop to raiders in the area that day may have come.

Zeblamar stood for hours in front of the bier where his father lay in state. What few members of the family that remained had come, paid their respect and gone. His father's page stood near by. Now with only Zeblamar remaining he approached. Seeing that Zeblamar was in deep thought he did not say a word but stood waiting.

Zeblamar knew the page was there. Knew he would wait there all night if he needed to. The page would wait as long as he needed to fulfill his last duty. Zeblamar decided to acknowledge him. He slowly reached out his hand to receive the scroll the page had been holding.

"My son,

I fear the legends linger to this day, in our hearts, in our souls. The time of the Gods hangs heavy around the hearts
of a people wanting, needing, to believe in something.

Legends of battles, of wars, of valiant and epic sieges that elevate warfare to a pedestal never approached in the
reality of our wars. But reality does step in and infringe upon the daydreaming of times of yore, even if today
forcefully reminds one of those faint memories of hope and glory.

As you know we live in an Empire divided. Three mortals hold the power of life and death, of the seething
undergrounds, and of the pious priests. With a powerful and loyal following, Angelique, Barnabas and Leto, have
began the civil war that will finally unite, or destroy, our lands. The prophets tell us of the links to the past. That
these are the reincarnated souls of the Gods themselves, in the flesh of the mortals they battled over so long ago.
While the rants of the old go on, war and political intrigue have cast a stark shadow across all that we hold dear.

Angelique, the self-proclaimed Queen of Islan, ruled her land with a steady grip. The rule of law permeated every
aspect of her method. On occasion, the rumors would speak of harsh responses, oppression and deft cruelty. But
with those rumors also came the ringing endorsements of those who believed in the compassion of blind justice.

Raised in an older House of the Empire, a quiet dignity hangs on the shoulders of young Barnabas. Each action
taken, each stance held with forethought and a preponderance of the effects on all his subjects. Only a few close
advisors have his ear, and with this come opinions of arrogance, untested wisdom, and the impression of being
manipulated. On the battlefield however, this grace and steady deliberation is revered, by enemies and soldiers alike.

Leto, the smartest of three, rose to fame in circles not mentioned in polite conversation. An ear to the ground, a man
of the people, his following has grown with a deep personal commitment to those around him. The name Leto has a
dual edged meaning to many, wild, chaotic, and unpredictable while at the same time conjuring images of a
generous, charismatic leader with a penchant for caring for the poor.

Now, after a decade of civil war, and as you are reading my last correspondence, your time has come. Choose
quickly. Your life and the lineage of our family depend on this moment."

The servant caught his eye, "Shall I take a note Milord?"

Zeblamar did not answer. Putting the scroll in his belt he removed another. He stood holding it in his hands. Starring at the red crest engraved upon it. He had no reason to read it. He had it memorized. The words were engraved in his mind. He heard them over and over again in his head. Seen them every time he closed his eyes. He feared them but knew he must act on them. Opening the scroll he read it again.

" The time to reclaim your honor is at hand."

The message arrived a day before his fathers death. Since its arrival he had not know what to do. Now with his
fathers message the choice was clear. He turned to the waiting page. "Summon the men. The time has come to
reclaim my birth right. We leave at dawn." With this he turned and walked out.

The page stood stunned for a moment. Then ran off smiling. For he know his master would have his last wish
granted. His son would become the leader he was born to be.


The next day Zeblamar road out with a hand full of men that were loyal to him. He would not tell them where they
were going. Just that he was going to reclaim what was his by birth.

A few days latter they arrived at a keep. It was obvious it had not been used in some time. Some recent repairs were
visible but not many. As they approached a messenger rode forward to meat them. "Lord Zeblamar I was instructed
to wait for your arrival and inform you that some minor repairs were done to get things underway and that we wish
you the best of luck. I was also instructed to give you this." He turned and removed a bundle from behind his saddle
and handed it to Zeblamar. "Ware it with pride for only a select few are given such an honor."

Zeblamar unwrapped the bundle. Inside was a beautiful sword. It was obvious it was done by a master craftsman.
What stood out the most was the emblem of Barnabas and the ruby on the hilt. He turned to his men. "As I said I
have come to reclaim my birthright. I have come to rebuild my ancestral home. In doing so it will set forth events that
can not be undone. Events that will shape the future. Some of the things that will need to be done will not be looked
highly upon by others. Some will say I have no honor. To them I say I do what must be done. Some will say I use
unfair tactics. To them I say I was just better prepared. I will ask no one to follow me. That is a chose you have to
make for yourself".

"For those of you who wish to follow me know this. Today starts the dawn of a new age. Today starts the founding of
the Ruby Knights. By the rebuilding of this kingdom we will join a war of epic proportion that rumor has it has was
started by the Gods. We will join this war with pride and once again bring glory to our names. We will make our
enemies fear us". Zeblamar then raised the sword over his head. "Most importantly we will know we helped put the
crown on the true ruler of the Empire. Barnabas!"

With this there is cheering. Zeblamar turns to the messenger to see his reaction. He looked pleased. "Nicely put my
lord. You have the makings of a true leader. The armies await your arrival." He then nods and rides off.

And with this starts the story of The Ruby Knights.


GM: Ruby Knight
AGM: General
Squad Leader: Sergeant
Full Member: Full Knight
Member: Knight in Training
Newbie: Squire


This is the 4th age for the Ruby Knights.



Rank 1 Ruby Knight - GM - Runs guild

Rank 2 General - AGM - Helps GM run the guild and can speak for the guild.

Rank 3 Sergeant - Helps GM and AGM when needed

Rank 4 Full Knight - Experienced Member

Rank 5 Knight in Training - Has shown they can be trusted

Rank 6. Squire - New Member

If the GM is unable to lead the guild the AGM's will take over till his return. If the GM is unable to return the AGM's
will decide to continue or disband.

Promotions will be given as seen fit by attendance, performance and, loyalty to the guild. If you feel you should have
a promotion you can ask to be reviewed and it will be discussed by the GM and AGM's.


1) The GM has final say in all matters of war or other wise.

2) Have fun

3) You must be active. You will need to check on your kingdom at least once every two days.

4) Cheating will not be tolerated. You will be booted immediately. You will also be turned in for cheating to
the Evernight staff.

5) You must attend war strikes or have a good reason for not showing.

6) Follow the rules of Tempers Ball
1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or
sexually related sites.
7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

7) War times will be any time after 22:00 game time.

8) You must have a form of communication (ICQ, MSN, AIM, ect...)


To apply send an email to zeblamar@mchsi.com telling me about yourself. Please include the following

1 Kingdom name and leader name
2 TB posting name
3 How long you have played
4 What guilds you have been in and any rank if any you may held in those guilds
5 Your form of communication (ICQ, MSN, AIM ect...)
6 Why you wish to join the guild

All emails will be responded to.

Contact info
GM information: Zeblamar
Email: zeblamar@mchsi.com
ICQ: 28286372