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Created: 2005-08-09 10:02:31
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


The Arrival in the new lands.

Days, weeks, months had passed since the destruction of that which had been called Maxim. The loss of so much, so many. Such a destruction, crippling the Legion, even as it was in the peak of it's power.

All would have been lost, but for that much had been foreseen. The cataclysm had been sensed. And so preparations could have be made.

As the other empires warred. Even to the brink of destruction, the Baatorian empire mobilised for the creation of the greatest fleet of all times. An armada, meant to save the core of the legion. Permitting the saving of many armies, as well as peasants.

Together with the men, animals, treasures and relics were transported on the ships. Forming a floating garden of eden. And the sole and only hope of the Legion, for one day returning to strength.

Then as they had been lost at sea. Sailing on oceans unknown. Losing many a ships in surprise storms, it was finally seen. The rumor had been rushing through the ships soon after. Land had been seen by one of the scouts. Soon, they would be on land once more. Soon the nightmare would be over. And finally soon the rebuilding could begin.

The Beginning (Pre-Covenant)

The demon had been hearing voices for days. The startled mind that had forever been closed was now listening to the shrouded whispers of power. Power that he imagined to be his some day, power that was a lure to the weak, now it plagued his thoughts.

The war was not going well here. Baatorian politics were fickle at best, but this, to his distraction, impeded on his already difficult job.

The 13th Legion of Nazak had been turned into the 13th Baatorian Legion after the last plane war; no leaders had remained alive, but the day had been a success. I had led the last

charge as a lowly pitlord, now... now I was the Kul'Nat, I would rule without mercy. The legion would heed my power.

The voices though, that was my weakness. Twice today, I had been caught off guard by a comment, an opponent's spell of words lost upon my busy ears. I must cleanse myself; I must

deliver the old Baatezu, the old warrior of hell. The chaos is mine to control, not to be lost in.

Celestial power and blinding light, that's what mortals think of when they imagine a being of magical power and unending courage. I see the form, coalescing with power, unbridled power

that consumes without knowing. However, the form is the center, the power has a home to which it is tied. That is where you deliver the last farewell.

The summoning of someone who has a mind link is not a laborious task; they are already in contact, forcefully. Just asking their spirit, with a bit of force, is usually enough to conjure the mongrel up. This case proved to be quite different.

The 7th plane, which had just now become the home of the legion, was in preparation for yet another war, another of the unending cyclic days that turned into weeks, into months, into

millenniums. Age was not discussed here, but accepted as an event that was uncontrollable. In one of the many dwellings that resembled a thousand others, a demon, not distinct beyond

the small crown he wore, sat in a cleared room, his chants echoing slightly from the walls.

The sweet scent of incense made the air unbreathable, summoning required aides, sometimes it required sacrifice and self-mutilation but this time it required patience. The holding circle carved into the corner area of the room was ancient; the acts of magic not a new and uncharted idea here. The chanting stopped. Now the waiting began.

Time passes slowly in some planes, faster in others, small distortions in reality happen in others, while fire acts like ice and ice acts like fire in even different planes. Here, time wrapped around itself, never allowing you to gauge it's beguiled self. Weeks might have passed, perhaps seconds, who could tell? Then, the legacy of what would be the 13th Baatorian Legion began.

In this tiny dwelling, for this lowly demon, a goddess appeared. A spark of light appeared at first, a diamond floating in the air. Expanding with persistence that ignored time and

spatial law. Her eyes looked upon the demon with pity, more born of empathy than from his position in life. War, no matter it's form, was to be pitied. The gown she wore shifted

slightly here. She wasn't fully plane shifted, not willing to allow herself that much danger.

Her eyes, that's all he could see, entranced by the eyes of a Goddess.

"I am Angelique, the goddess of Justice. Your planar existence is next to conquer, my brother Leto and I will be coming for you." Laughing, her eyes had laughed at him.

She faded while he sat there in shock. His mind racing with this threat, how could he face two gods? With one god he could gather an army to withstand, to force back, but to conquer two? Who could do that with the powers of a demon? Quickly, his mind thought of a solution, a chant and a puff of onyx dust held the portal to the Goddess's domain open.

Running from his room, the yelling had already begun. They were prepared for battle; it would be a different battle than they had ever waged. A new world to be destroyed, a new home for the Legion, the thoughts of battle drilled holes in his soul. The battle cries came forth and the banners were raised, now was the time.

Raising his arms above his half-horned head, the demon shouted out the words, his dwelling collapsed outward, crumbling half a dozen other buildings nearby. The portal stood, open and shimmering in the clearing haze.

"We have a new opponent, we have a new war. The Goddess Angelique dared threaten me here. She has laid claims to what is ours for her and her brother Leto." Spinning about, the demon took in his legion, charged by the destruction, their own blood lust taking shape in the same fashion as their leaders.

As he ranted to his army, another occurrence; a hundred Tanari were seeing a vision, a vision of their world being crushed, being decimated by a goddess and her brother, words like symbols taking form in their planar minds. They were Angelique and Leto.

They knew the portal was their only way to fight them. The demons were already pouring through it, soon it would be closed. "Follow them!" The persistent voice said in their confused minds, overpowered, they flew. The last devil squeezed through the shrinking hole as it closed with an audible "pop" leaving nothing but clear air in its stead.

They stood transfixed, the mountain plateau they stood on overlooking a range the like of which they had never seen before. The sunset, blood red on the horizon, reminded them subtly of their home.

The devil and his army stood transfixed on the ridge, a hundred Tanari warriors not far away, drinking in the sights, sounds and smells of the new land. The view was nothing short of breathtaking - the land sweeping down into a mountain pass through which ran a river, sending reflections of sunlight dancing across the newly gathered demonic army.

A cloud of dust appeared to the North, and another to the South - the host unconsciously shifted into battle formation at the sight of the approaching hordes. From the clouds, shapes began to emerge - riders carrying banners reminiscent of shapes they had seen before, in their old realm.

Banners of the deities Angelique and Leto.

They began to descent the range, meeting both armies at the time they joined together for battle. Raining havoc on the armies, Tanari warriors fought beside Baatezu warriors, fighting side by side for the first time in millennia, creating a bond in blood, crushing together both armies. Shrieks of pain and anger from both sides drowned out any vestige of order, the battlefield descending into melee as the huge armies clashed. The organization of the newly arrived demonic army began to win the day.

The ring of steel on steel ended hours later, with the few surviving remnants of the Letite army fleeing, those of Angelique fighting to their last breath. After the battle, and after the compact of blood adding the Tanari to the army, the devil had visions again. The first two gods stood, vowing their death, one now remained. "I am Barnabas, god of war and honor. I vow to stand by you, fighting against both my brother and sister".

The devil listened, still filled with rage. "War it will be, " he answered - And he could hear the god's voice. "From now on, you'll serve me, and together revenge will be ours. Let this be known as the compact of the Spirit."

And so the Compact of the Blood uniting Baatezu and Tanari was finalized, as was the Compact of the Spirit, binding the Thirteenth Baatorian Legion to the God Barnabas. The devil stood in command, at his right hand a demon, together they stood. Ready to go on, to follow their new god faithfully. They stood at the head of their new army,

united in their hatred. A new era had arrived in the land of Mo'Pri. The legions of hell had arrived.

Later Barnabas sat alone, a smile on his scarred face. His plan had worked. Now an army like no other was at his command. Faithful till death, pushed on by revenge and hatred. Now the first step of his return had been made. Soon the Throne would be his.

Charter Adapted from the original Charter of The Thirteenth Baatorian Legion From the ages of Mo'Pri, with thanks to Decae and all the saints of that era.


GM: Warlord / Warlady
AGM: Pit Lord / Pit Lady
Squad Leader: Devil Spawn
Full Member: Pit Fiend
Member: Greater Baatezu
Newbie: Lesser Baatezu


TBL has been around in the far past. And has decided to make a limited return at this time.


Guild email : Redwolf37@earthlink.net

GM contact info :

ICQ/AIM # : 20514771
Email : Redwolf37@earthlink.net
MSN messenger : None

TBL Ranks

GM = Warlord/Kul'Nat
AGM = Pit Lord/Lady
Ambassador = Devil Spawn
Officer = Pit Fiend
Full Member = Greater Baatezu
Junior Member = Lesser Baatezu

The mission of the Legion:

- To promote the faith of Barnabas,
- To return heathens to the true faith and,
- To show honor and ability in war.
- To help the Barnabas faith in coordination and to give support

The rules of Temper's Ball are to be followed, with the following additions:

- Voices and admin are to be given the outmost respect.
- TBL members will be expected to keep a mature behavior in Temper's Ball, TBL members will receive one warning, after that a TBL member breaking this rule again will be removed,
- Honor and respect are to be given to guilds of the Barnabas Faith. No cheap attacks are to be made against any of these guilds.
- Leadernames should be relatively sensibly.
- TBL's name is something the TBL members are proud off, for this we ask from every member to act sensibly in Temper's Ball

Quotes of Rules from Temper's Ball

Quote : Decae 22 June 2004

Game Rules

Covenant is a game that changes per my whim and will do so with chaotic consistency. Covenant is a roleplay game, if you wish to play with efficiency, you should role play.

You are responsible for your actions. If you perform certain actions in the game, it will reflect upon you in the forum. Those who have decided to lead guilds are responsible for their members, in the game and on the boards.

All the rules of Canon apply here. You read them when you signed up.

Covenant does not reset like the other games. The ages can be very long, or very short. Most are longer.

Covenant Forum Rules

Only Admin created threads may contain OOC information. Any thread with the "(OOC)" tag is considered an out of character thread, and thus any posts made will not show or count towards any posting number that you may be attempting to meet.

All posts in Covenant not done in OOC threads, must be in character, and in roleplay format. Any posts that do not meet this criteria will be edited or removed by a staff member. A common rule of thumb is one paragraph of roleplay as the minimum allowed. A paragraph is composed of at least four sentences.

Quote : Voice Fionn 28 sep 2002

TB Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself

2. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

Specific TBL rules :

TBL Roleplay Rules,

These rules are in adition to any Covenant rules to RP,

- All posts must be in character
- RP posts must have at least eight lines IC,
- Have Fun
- RP ambasadors will be appointed from TBL's ranks to help direct rp's

Succession rules

If the GM disappears for a period longer then 1 week, A call of succession can be made.
With a call of succession, All the AGM's can cast a vote to elect a new leader.
If more then half of the AGM's wish for such a vote, 2/3 need to agree on a new leader.
If no candidate gathers the required number of votes, the vote will be extended to all members of the guild. At the end of the extended voting period the new leader will be elected by simple majority of the votes
Each stage of the voting process will last for a full 48 hours.

In game rules:

- OOC spying, Cheating, and unsanctioned Multiple accounts will be fought with all of TBL's might
- Troubles with a member of TBL can be conveyed to the GM's
- TBL has two IC leading paladinhoods, the black rose and the white rose, the leader of each order has is also one of the two TBL co-gm's
- In case the GM's are unavailable for leadership, the agm's and the cohortleaders can chose a new temporary gm,
- When going on vacation the GM must be notified to it, and the reason of going onto vacation, Going onto vacation without informing the GM, will be reason for a warning, and possible booting, if no reason is given.
Application Process:

- To Apply to TBL, email at Redwolf37@Earthlink.net
- Points which will be asked before you're authorized to join,
* Give your Leadername, and Landname
* Give ICQ number/AIM screenname
* Give MSN screenname
* Give your official email addy
* Give an account of your Evernight History
* Some contact out of game is needed