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Created: 2005-07-18 21:14:10
Game: valid


The Shadow Vengeance (Shadow)

Sukodin and Jaenos were wrought with hatred. Brothers, torn apart by devastating earthquakes that rocked their land so many years past, were brought back together by fate and the malevolence and defiance of rule in the world. They were beset with terrible disdain for all life but their own. Sukodin had sworn that he would avenge their father who died in such horror, deprived of the glory of death on the field of battle.

Four years past, a scribe, bearing no crest or insignia had issued a warning that powerful sorcerers were set to destroy El'Lieniak, but these warnings were disregarded as the temple priests swore they were no threat. The drow city was destroyed and few lived. The only nobility spared were the rebellious princes, Jaenos and Sukodin, who had their taste of many battles, yet were too young to ever get real warrior roles. Their city abandoned, they left in a fit of rage hasitly. Despite so many seemingly unanswered cries to Darden for immediate revenge, they had set out on their journey to find and kill those responsible.

The road was long and weary. It had been packed with much turmoil and despair, as if the journey alone accross the unknown land was the climax of their maniacal frenzy, searching for answers. They teemed with hate. They had passed by expansive stares and feral taunts alike. None would make them lift their rapiers, yet. The evil that was in the world was draining. The order and structure of the underworld lay in shambles and the time had come to emerge from the tombs of ElíLieniak and migrate into a new land, with an uncontrollable vengeance to drive them. ElíLieniak, the drow city was but a ghost town of its former self. The earthquakes had destroyed all that was once glorius and noble about the drow who dwelled in the city below.

Many times, throughout their journey, Jaenos had thought, Why hadn't Darden protected them? The diety who had aided their battles and defense alike for his entire lifetime, had seemingly abandonded them. Why were they set out on this quest to avenge the destruction of their world? Answers could only emerge from embracing their old drow way, the Shadow. Warfare that was once shunned by men, hearlded by the drow and apocolypiticly feared by all, would be neccesary to rid the world they knew of all. Total annihalation would be the only course justice for the destruction of all they held dear. Being drow, vengeance and hatred drove them to this point and it would be revenge that would fulfill this quest.

Jaenos and Sukodin, despite being over 200 were veritable youth to the drow, yet were still taught the ways of old. Warfare that was long since forgotten, was embraced once more. They would need training from wise, experienced drow, long since retired to their own kingdoms. The Shadow would once again be the vehicle for their enemies destruction as no Drow would not help another in need. Their journey had included recruiting many old friends and some whom they did not know, but warriors of great respect, none the less. Jaenos had decided that despite his inexperience, he would lead the Guild of Shadows. Many years had passed since Darden had abandoned them, they since, had embraced their new diety Barnabas who proved protection of them many times past. Barnabas would be their new diety who would not so quickly turn away from their devout followers...


GM: Umbra
AGM: Assasin
Squad Leader: Phantom
Full Member: Shadow
Member: Shade
Newbie: Derelect


This is the second appearance of this guild in Valid.


All the members of Shadow must abide by the rules of Canon, the rules of Temper's Ball, and the rules set by Evernight staff, Seers and Voices. These include above all, the following:

  • Do not make an ass of yourself.
  • Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
  • Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
  • Do not spam or post redundant messages.
  • Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
  • Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
  • Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    Umbra - This indivdual has the ability to lead all divisions of warfare. They are the diplomatic division of the Shadow, making all key decisions of the guild. There are, at times, two individuals gifted with abilities to be Umbra

    Assasin - This is the rank assigned to each specialist Shadow in their respective division of warfare. An Overlord for War, Magic and Shadow will be appointed to the guild according to the descretion of the Umbra.

    Phantom - This idividual is the key member of the guild and trusted to perform any task asked of them. Shadows are the leaders of their squads and are responsible for training new Shadows and mentoring them into their key roles.

    Shadow - This is a key, trusted member who is specialized in one or more areas of the guild.

    Shade - All new Shadows are bestowed the title of Vagrant upon entry into the guild. Vagrants are those who are new and have yet to hone their skills in a certain division of the Shadow.

    Derelict - Those members who are not fit for the rank of Vagrant but still an asset to the guild. To recieve this rank, your ignorance must be truly steep.

    Members will be promoted according to their unique abilities, their experience in the game, and their desire to assist the Umbra in every event they are able. Other considerations are their building ability, mentorship to other members, genorsity among their squad, and personal recommendations from fellow Shadow.

    If the Umbra is lost in the light and unable to be found, any Assasin will be voted into the position of Umbra by fellow Assasins until such time the Umbra is recovered.

    Guild Contacts (Must have these upon entry to the guild):

    Umbra - Jaenos Jelantru steven@stevencopley.com ICQ-67308765
    Umbra - Chains rylar22@yahoo.com ICQ-985183
    Assasin - Marious gdspam@yahoo.com ICQ-58568027

    You must send information via email or icq to any of the listed contacts which must include your playername, kingdom number, icq or other messenger and email address. If you would like, you may also include playing history and requested position (scum, war, sorc).