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Created: 2005-06-24 23:10:34
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


Olandar, father of the Gods, was murdered. His eldest son, Barnabas, stands accused of the crime. Hastily sentenced by his brother and sister, Leto and Angelique, Barnabas is disfigured and banished from the Heavens. But Angelique and Leto are unable to trust one another. Soon, the immortal plane is torn asunder by war as each god struggles to win Olander's crown...

As above, so below....

As the power struggle began in the Heavens, so to did the nightmarish Armageddon of Holy War tear at the portal worlds. Alliances disintegrated as kingdoms rose and fell and rose again. Thousands were massacred as tens of thousands were driven out of their lands or enslaved by the ever growing cults and once friends. All that was from the glorious Days of Olandar was put to the torch by the new factions of the three siblings. New alliances, kingdoms and boundaries sprang into existence, only to be laid siege to by envious, fearful or hating mobs.

Such were the times in the beginning.

Among the dispossessed of the time, were a small fellowship of loyal knights. They were not of Heaven or of any one ideal or even of one race. So with their lords dead, homes sacked, charges and duties in ruins, they still clung to their dignity and ideals. Having joined the refugees, they remained loyal to each other. To the people who had no one else to look over them, they took the role of Protectors.

Having fled the madness, many settled into lush hinterlands and established small fiefdoms in which to govern and try to rebuild their shattered lives. Crops grew, families thrived and trade flourished for a time; all overseen by the body of noble and loyal Lord Knights. Like so many things, it would not last.

The barbarian hordes appeared and took what they wanted by force. That which could not be claimed, was burned or slaughtered. The Lords of the Fiefdom rallied their militias. Sometimes the invaders were beaten back but always there were more. The Knights were driven back or broken one by one. Chaos reigned; the Lord Knights looked to be on the verge of being swallowed by the growing hordes.

It was a dark time.

At last the Knights Conclave realized that each fiefdom was doomed unless they combined their unique talents. Each kingdom remained independent yet each shared in mutual defense and protection. The position of Guild Master, Assistant GM, Justiciar and Sage were created. Utilizing their combined talents, Independent Freemen marched together under a common cause, wizards and sorcerers rallied together to unleash great feats of magic. Shadow legions struck supply lines and shattered enemy morale. Again and again the invaders were thrown back.

The Realms were free again. There was common purpose and a sense of family among the new alliance of the Realms. They were a united guild, yet they held fast to their highest ideals: Freedom, Loyalty and Individuality.

Alas, the Knights of the Realms had little time for peace. Again the barbarians returned this time, crying the name of Angelique as they threw themselves into the fray. After them came the name of Barnabas to be echoed in their war cries. The Knights fought valiantly, but this time, the hordes came with the strength of the Gods on their side.

The Realms armies killed them by the score but still they pressed onward, driven by their mindless devotion. Realm magicís were turned aside by divine intervention as fire and ice rained down on them from above. Once again, Chaos reigned as the specter of Death seemed inevitable.

Only a miracle could save the Knights of the Realms now.

They were given that miracle. Leto came to the remaining Lord Knights in a vision. Not as the Lord of Decadence, but as the Master of Chaos. He had seen the Knights uphold his ideals that had been forgotten by the salivating heathen: Creativity, Independence, Loyalty, Literacy and most of all, Freedom. He showed them the way to Reign in the Insanity, for how could he allow such valiant and courageous minions to perish. Leto showed them the way to use the Chaos and art of battle against the forces of his siblings. Chaos reigned supreme. But this time, Chaos afflicted their enemies.

With Leto to back them, the Knights threw back their attackers. Angelique and Barnabas, jealous with their failure, brought down much hardship and death upon the Guild lands, yet armed with their newfound faith, The Realms would not yield. The heathen armies were forced again and again to withdraw. An uneasy age came to pass as the Realms rebuilt and strengthened. All about them were the atrocities of the other faiths. The worshipers of Angelique enforced an inflexible oppressive existence from all under her yoke. 'In the name of morality', her narrow-minded inquisition ground down any who dared to break from the ultra conservative ideals. Meanwhile, the minions of Barnabas rallied and 'in the name of honor' massacred any and all that was different in a stagnant, perpetual and mindless bloodlust. A great decision was made.

The Guild leadership met once again. It was decided that these atrocities could not be allowed to exist. No more would the United Realms stand by only to rally to the defense. Instead, the Knights would ride forth destroying such repulsive heathen influences wherever they were encountered. It was decided that only the Creativity offered by Chaos could break the oppressive chains of Angelique. Only the Individuality of Chaos could shatter the mindset of the slaves of Barnabas. Leto would be the herald of Freedom; the knights would be his messengers.

No longer was there to be a united Knights of the Realms...But Holy Messengers instead.

The Crusaders of the Realms were born.


GM: Guild Master
AGM: Justicar/Seer/Sage/Elder
Squad Leader: Assitant Justicar/Assitan
Full Member: Royal Knight
Member: Knight
Newbie: Neophite


Many great warriors have riden under the banner of the Crusaders. Are you ready to add your name to the ranks?


Mission Statement

This guild is a rallying place for the forces of GOOD. Our goals are to live and display those virtues that are associated with the GOOD ethic alignment. This means that we will all try to act in a moral and upstanding manner at all times. Since the EVIL ethic alignments are directly opposed to ours, it is our duty to stop the spread of EVIL in a manner that is compatible with our own ethics. NEUTRAL alignments are accepted and encouraged to help us stem the tide of EVIL.

Conduct of the Members

Members of this guild are expected to always abide by the standards set forth in the mission statement. Members will not knowingly participate in any activity that is considered a direct contrast to the standards of COR. This includes activities such as the deliberate use of bugs in the Monarchy software without notifying Monarchy of them, the excessive use of foul language, and any other action that the guild considers unacceptable. Violation of any of these may lead to the loss of your guild membership. If a member receives any call for help, and they are in a position to do so, assistance is strongly encouraged. If a member can not physically provide help, then please provide aid in locating someone who can. Members are encouraged to provide aid to any relatively inexperienced and/or defenseless players by providing defensive aid via treaties. Guild members should offer these services without expecting payment.

Tempers Ball, additional rules

1> COR's Code of Conduct fully applies to Tempers Ball.

2> Do not post Out Of Character in any thread not marked OOC.

3> Do not create OOC thread in , that is for Voice only.

4> Do not take part of bitch threads or flames, be better than that. Discuss but do not accuse or insult.

5> Remember to always post as a COR member while wearing the COR badge. If you feel you cannot, create an alternate character to go slumming.

6> No one liners in RP. Short posts are ok.

7> When creating a new RP inform the Sage.

8> If you post is inappropriate edit it when asked. If you disagree discuss it with the sage and the GM about it.


One seeking membership into the Crusaders of the Realms should fill out the application found within one of two places on the COR Web Page. The application will be held as a Candidate until the applicant has found two <2> members to sponsor him/her. After the applicant has found two <2> sponsors, should no current members object, he/she will then become a full COR member with all rights and advantages at the end of that month period. If a member objects the Sr. Officers will collect the facts and determine the candidates status with a vote of 50%+1.

Guild Officers

The officers of the Crusaders of the Realms will include the following:

Guild Master , who supervises and runs the guild's daily business, co-ordinates with other officers, and adjusts by-laws to reflect guild policy. The holder of this position is elected by the members. Guild leader elections shall be held on the one year anniversary of the sitting Guild Masters original selection or subsequent reappointment, can be called at any time by the current Guild Master, or can be held if the guild vote no confidence as described under expulsion, officers. All other officer positions will be appointed by the Guild Master. These positions are:

Assistant Guild Master: Runs the daily business of the guild, when the Guild Master is away on vacation, etc. The Sage and Justicar report to the AGM, who must ensure their duties are being performed to satisfaction. AGM may receive other duties as needed by the Guild Master.

Sage: Heads the CORnerstone section of the guild, co-ordinating of all Role-play between Guild Mastership and members of the mystical forces of COR. The Scholars report to the Sage, who must ensure their duties are being performed to satisfaction. The Sage will take control should both the GM and AGM be unavailable. Sage will also help watch Tempers Ball to insure that guild members are posting in the appropriate manner.

Justicar: Heads the military and sorcery division of the guild, co-ordinating all military and sorcery forces between Guild Mastership and the members of the military section of COR. The Royal Knights of COR report to the Justicar, who must ensure their duties are being performed to satisfaction. The Justicar will assume guild control should the GM, AGM, and Sage all be unavailable. The Justicar is also in charge of setting up and making sure that allies are maintained.

Intelligence: Heads the Intelligence Agency of the guild, co-ordinating all intelligence information between guild leadership and members of COR. This agency is intended to be a place for the collection of intelligence information which will be gathered by the military and mystical divisions of COR. The Assistant Intelligence Officer reports to the Intelligence Officer, who must ensure his/her duties are being performed to satisfaction. The intelligence officer will assume guild control should the GM, AGM, Sage, and Justicar all be unavailable.

-No officer may dictate COR Policy with out express permission from the Guild Master. -Additional officer positions may be appointed by the Guild Leader on an as needed basis.

Guild Junior Officer Positions The junior officers of the Crusaders of the Realms will include the following:

Scholars: Report to the Sage and work with the CORnerstone members of COR, a maximum of four <4> people can hold this position at any one time.

Royal Knights of COR: Report to the Justicar and work with the military forces of COR. Often times this position is a squad leader or trainer. More than four positions is allotted for Royal Knight for Monarchy.

Assistant Justicar: This person assists the Justicar in his daily business of War.

Assistant Intelligence Officer: Report to the Intelligence Officer and helps collect and co-ordinate intelligence information with the Intelligence Officer. One person may hold this position.

Scribe: Sends a weekly update of upcoming events and anything of interest happening in COR. This person also informs the Sage of inappropriate posts by members in Tempers Ball.

Elders: COR Members who held Guild Mastership positions in the past and are recognized for their wisdom. Elders are cc'd on various issues for input only and asked to head special short term projects, as needed by the Guild Master.

-Junior Officers do not vote on officer issues unless asked to by the Guild Master -If one Jr. Officer is asked to vote on a issue, all Jr. Officers are granted the right to vote.

Honorary Officer Positions

Historian: The Historian is responsible for the upkeep and additions to the COR Web Page. He/She will also be responsible for the collection and storage of the history of COR. The historian is a permanent position until he/she retires or is removed by the Guild Master.

Voting Process

Matter of Substance

Issues of paramount importance, such as the replacement of the Guild Master and decisions that will affect the collective future of the Crusaders of the Realms must be voted on by the membership. The tally must show 50% +1 of voting members for the issue to pass, mass mailing must be sent to the membership, and a period of at least two weeks must be given to allow members time to vote.

Matters of Course

Items that need to be resolved that pertain to the running of the guild activities are to be decided by the Guild Master or a designated appointee in charge of the particular function with which an issue is concerned. Decisions made by officers can be vetoed by the Guild Master. If 50% +1 of the Guild Mastership disputes a decision made by the Guild Master, any officer can call a meeting where in Leadership will vote on that decision. Jr. officers do not vote unless otherwise notified by the Guild Master.

Guild Master Elections

Declaration of Intent to Run

Before a Guild Master election is held, all those wishing to be considered for the Guild Master position must e-mail their intent to run and, optionally, their platform to be reviewed. The current Guild Master must also e-mail their intent to run and platform to be considered for re-election. Members are encouraged to reply with any questions they may have for the candidates.

Election Process

After a two <2> week period from the day a election was called for, the names of the potential candidates will be sent out to all guild members with a e-mail address in which to reply to with their vote. The person responsible for tallying the votes shall either be the retiring Guild Master or a person agreed on by all candidates . The members will have a two <2> week period to vote. After the votes are counted, the new GM will be announced along with his/her new officers.

Expulsion of Members

Although it is very rare, if any member ignores Guild Policy or participates in activities forbidden in the "Conduct of the Members" section in these by-laws, it will be grounds for expulsion from this guild. Should this occur, the Guild Officers will meet for the purpose of considering expulsion. The accused member will be given the chance to state his/her own case, just as the injured party will be given the chance to bring charges against the accused. The Guild Master has the authority to grant a pardon, if deemed necessary.

Original Charter Created By: Trollsbane, My My, Sir Redrum, Wraith, Doctor Why, Panzermagi, Volant, Qualasia, and Lightsedge <03/01/97>

Revision for Ultima: Kalfear, Silvertears, Gray Rage <03/12/97>

Converted to HTML: Pantag <03/03/98>

Revision for Monarchy: Gammit Dammit <10/1/99>

New Application Process: JackWar <10/26/99>

New Revision for Monarchy: Spectre <10/27/99>

Revision for Canon: Aidan, Bran, Renna, Nyteshadow, Spectre Nyx

Contact Info:

GM: Aidan Feargahal ICQ:17793706

AGM: Bran ICQ:32797422 AIM: firetwn Yahoo:terranfox