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Created: 2005-06-24 20:16:48
Game: valid
Faith: Leto


Being Livid After United Enemies

The village of Turkid has been in the region of Zothar for nearly 4 centuries. Its population has always teetered around 1,000 citizens. Each and every year on the eve of summer, 10 villagers, 5 men and 5 women trek into the Forest of Lotar or what has become known as the “Dark Forest.” Since the inception of the village, none of these travelers have ever made it back alive. They began sending members of their village into these woods to fulfill the village’s founder age old prophecy. Prior to his death just days after Turkid’s creation, he gathered the elders of the tribe for a meeting. During this meeting he explained to them that the key to the village’s eternal existence lied in the center of the “Dark Forest.” And with that he told them that each year until that “key” should be found, exactly 10 men and women shall journey into the woods in search of it.

This year, nearly 400 years since this village’s creation and the same amount since the death of their founder, another ten villagers prepared them selves for what they and nearly all of the villagers thought would be their final journey. The eve of summer arrived and those 10 made their way into Lotar. Days and weeks passed by and the villagers found no trace of them. The eve of summer soon became the eve of fall. The temperature had begun to change and so did their surroundings. A torrential downpour struck the village on that eve, one in which had not been seen for decades. Huts were washed away and thus many of the villagers had become homeless. The day after the storm, high above them in the sky raged the biggest sun that any of them had ever feasted their eyes on. The suns rays glared into the Forest of Lotar.

As the villagers assessing the overall destruction caused, they heard one of the young children screaming. Most ran to his aid. They peered into his eyes which were focused on the Dark forest. The young boy raised his finger and began to point. The villagers turned their attention to the Dark forest and saw what the boy was fixed on. A man was walking towards them through Lotar, holding an object high above his heads. They began to run toward him as he made his way out of the forest. There he knelt on the ground briefly before he collapsed. The villagers knew him as Sumesh, one of the 10 whom had made their way into the forest on this summer’s eve. The elders made their way to him but it was already too late, Sumesh was no longer with them. Some of them began to cry as others now focused their eyes on the golden laced book that Sumesh had brought out with him. One of them picked it up and read the words inscribed in Silver. “Leto” he cried out. Soon others joined in yelling out the name. The elders sat down there and opened the book and began to read its beautiful handwritten text.

Today, now a century since the finding of the “key,” the book and the god Leto have been credited for saving the village dozens of times and for its overall upward movement. Now no longer a village, the city of Turkid has some 10,000 residents who preach the word of “Leto” on a daily basis. Since the “keys” finding, other cities have attempted to take over and/or destroy Turkid including the city of Garnt, where the people worship a false god known as “Angelique” They arrived on the land of Turkid with 10,000 soldiers, horses, and swords while Turkid was still just a village with a population of 2,000. They began to charge towards the village’s center while the citizens sat round table and prayed through the books word. Suddenly the heavens swung open and lighting began to strike sparking a fire that soon completely surrounded Garnt’s forces. Most of the force perished in the flames while some managed to get out with only minor injures and fled back to their city. Since that day, the armies of Angelique have not since returned, but word of mouth has passed and it has been told that they are planning an invasion soon the likes of which no one has even seen… So now the people of the city of Turkid and other surrounding villages and cities in which they have proclaimed the word of Leto in have formed an alliance, one that shall wait for that battle. An alliance which has become known as, “BLUE,” or Being Livid After United Enemies.


GM: Sumesh GM
AGM: Viceroy AGM
Squad Leader: Ambassador Squad Leader
Full Member: Protector
Member: Knight
Newbie: Guard


Returning Guild


1. GM- In case of the disappearance or death of the GM, an AGM (who is selected when the game starts) will take over in his place until his return. Squad Leaders are chosen based on prior game experience and also on willingness to help newer players. Promotion-Everyone in the guild is open to promotion. The decision for promotion will not be based just on NW or most kills, but will be based on what they have brought to and done for the guild.

2. Be Active- Being active will help keep the guild strong. You may not be able to play everyday and that is understandable. I would like who can get on once a day, or at least every other day. If you fail to play your kingdom for 4 days you will be sent an scribe, if you fail to respond you will be booted from the guild. (Unless you have reasons that have been, then tell the GM or AGM so someone knows.)

3. ICQ is a must- ICQ is important for communication, and also so you can get to know others in the guild. When you join you will be given a list of all those in the guild, and they will know that you are going to add them.

4. Do not attack kingdoms at random. - Do not attack any countries that are not guild targets. If someone attacks you, get in touch with your squad leader or the GM and tell them what has happened. The situation will be taken care of by the whole guild, not just one country. Attacking random countries not only brings trouble for you, but for the whole guild.

5. Do not share information with anyone outside of the guild. Everybody has friends who play the game, and they may be of a different faith. Never share any information with them. If someone approaches you on ICQ and asks for information, give them the GM or AGM number and tell them that they handle that.

6. TB Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post accusations of cheating.
3. Do not post bug reports.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or names.
5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).

Sumesh(GM)- Ruler of the guild, title in honor of the finder of the “key.”

Viceroy(AGM)-Second highest guild ranking, each of these members has a specific task and/or duty within the guild. In case of the GM’s absence, one of these members shall lead the guild.

Ambassador(Squad Leader)- Experienced players that are trusted members of the guild.

Protector-(Officer) Seasoned Veterans, usually squad leaders and always trusted members of the Avatars.

Knight(Member)- Those members who are trusted by their experience or their length of duty within the guild.

Guard-(New Member)- Brand new members of the guild!