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Created: 2005-06-09 16:06:58
Game: valid


A whisper in the night travels like the scream of a burning witch as she succumbs to her tormentors. Sometimes more is to become of this than any can imagine, and sometimes even the most insignificant events can turn calm into a storm. On this very night, four whispers can be heard, each floating into the sky like sea mists, and joining to each other as compass points plotting a map. Their whispers seem to coagulate as they fall to the floor and then float into the air, intertwining with those sea mists.

Beneath one of the whispers an amber glow can be seen, casting shadows across the earth, animating everything within the light's grasp. Trees take on the form of beasts, seemingly swaying and watching all those who approach, as if guarding something. Protection of their master is the illusion created, keeping him safe from all those who would harm the sacred casting that is transpiring. As the flames dance, the whispers grow louder, surrounding all in their midst, pulling them all into their secret, burning them all in their glory. Suddenly all within the area is alight, burning through the undergrowth, entwining the figure within the flames.

On a cliff to the south of the lands can be seen a second figure standing atop a great hill. From far away nothing about him can be seen. Dressed in pure black, he seems almost invisible to the night. Only the harvest moon allows him to be seen, highlighting the embroidery on his shoulders. In his hands he holds two small silver containers. Within one there can be seen a simple mound of soil, seemingly moulded to resemble a rune of sorts. In the other is a leaf from a tree of birch, folded in order to enclose something. What is inside, again, cannot quite be seen. As he stands, the whispers once again seem to grow louder, shaking the grass atop the hill, moving the earth to a mystical rhythm. Slowly a great tension builds as the subterranean tremors become more violent. The earth moves up towards the sky, encompassing all beings who sit close within it.

Whistling through the air, the wind catches a leaf from the ground and lifts it upon itself, as if taking it within its' arms - protecting it, carrying it, saving it from harm. As it moves through the atmosphere it twists and turns as the currents manipulate its' every dimension. Almost caught upon the whispers that seem to be relayed to all sides of the land, the leaf dances as the flames and earth have done so already. Below a woman stands, her arms outstretched, willing the leaf to dance as her mind wishes it to. Crackles in the air can be heard as once again the whispers grow in volume, overtaking the wind and controlling it as they want. None can hear it except those who have learnt how, but the importance of these sounds can never be underestimated. The woman rises in the air, twisting and turning like the leaf she once controlled. Now it is her who dances, but slowly, surely, she disperses into the atmosphere, letting out a shrill scream as she does so.

In a cottage by the sea a lonely woman lets a teardrop roll down her cheek. Falling towards the floor it circles in the air, flashing pictures of brilliance onto its' surface, while also telling a tale of sorrow. Whispering to herself, the woman talks of the harvest moon, weeping slightly more every time she stops to think of its' meaning. As the teardrop nears the floor everything seems to slow down, everything except the nightly whispers. The woman's face begins to strain as her grief seems to overcome her. Dropping to the floor she meets the teardrop, letting it land once again upon her face. A feat seemingly impossible as she moves faster than the blink of an eye, and once again any who have learnt to see are left wondering if this is merely an illusion. As the teardrop lands, it spreads itself wide, taking up the room, and flooding it out into the ocean. A groan of agony as her lungs take on the water is muffled, and soon all is quiet.

All except the whispers.

In the distance, clouds begin to form, warning all of what is to come. A great storm is on the horizon, flashing in the dark night as bolts of fire burn down from the sky. The rumble of the ocean can be heard, almost as if it is sighing and grumbling, letting all know of the dangers to come. The air crackles as it combines with this power, pulling the ground towards it as the sky seems to grow shallow and the swirling clouds turn red. Through a gap in the clouds, the moon can be seen, but on this night something mystical awakes. A shadow starts to move across it, blocking out its' light. Many have prophesised that the night the moon dies is the night that all shall bow to a greater evil. Could this really be so? As all within the land watch this fearsome event, the moon begins to glow orange, and then deepens to a shade of red. Soon, it disappears completely.

Within the wind the whispers grow louder, rousing the very essence of life to the surface, crackling around the sky like the sound of rain hitting the trees. With the chosen four finally embraced, the consecration can be completed. For years they had studied, trying to find how to release their leaders from the astral plains to the land, but never until now had there been an opportunity. Finally, it was complete. The Grand Vizier had been released, and with him came the Mystic Council. A groan from the terra beneath the lands finally let all know what was to come. Purity was soon to be rid, and the light would be taken from the lands. The Whispers were growing stronger. They were taking form.

The Whispers had taken form long ago, under the lead of one so dark that words found it hard to describe. Under an old faith they looked on, waiting their time to pounce, waiting their time to attack... sadly, for them, that time never came. Their God fell, and with him fell their spirit, their essence, and their whole belief. Time, we know, heals all, and this is what the Whispers needed. Time. Time to look back and think, and time to bring themselves forward into feeling and believing what they do now. 'We are the chosen'.

Evil, corruption, and power was not always on the minds of the Whispers. In the past they had looked upon the world as something of beauty and something to be proud in... Strange how just one simple even can change so much and move so many. One breath, one movement, one blink, one tragedy... one swift and sudden change from tolerance to the opposite. That event, that simple one second in time has never been spoken about since. Nobody has ever dared utter the words to describe it, yet it changed thousands upon thousands of minds. Maybe for the worse, maybe for the better. Either way, it brought war.

And now here they are. Returned to spread havoc across the lands, only this time in the name of Isonia. They saw an image of themselves in her face and embraced her body and soul with all the belief that had bottled up inside them and their vessels. The time has come for war. The time has come for change. The time is come for the Whispers to join with Isonia and fight for the glory and knowledge that their God is the only one to stand, the only one to remain. With or without honour, the rest will fall and bow before them. Reality is about to change.

And so it was that Barnabas returned...

Indeed, change had come, and reality was not what it once had been. The Whispers had sat back for so long, building, organising, manipulating, but in essense they were simply waiting. Just 8 had dared to officially state their place under the Vizier, yet so many more were to come - only they didn't realise it yet. Those thought to be dead, those fighting under the name of a heathen God - soon they would all show their faces within the Whispers, and so they did.

The onset of new faces, however, was not the most momentous moment in the age of The Whispers' return. Barnabas had shown his face once again. From the beauty of Isonia had come the honor of the true God, and with it the Whispers had to show their true face. Spreading corruption through the lands was simple a show, a means to hide their true goal: to place Barnabas above Olander, and to sacrifice all who stood in their way. From this day forward the God of War would reign supreme.


GM: Grand Vizier
AGM: Mystic Council
Squad Leader: Gale
Full Member: Breeze
Member: Whisper
Newbie: Silence


A new force in Valid


Guild Contact Information:

Dwarven Giant
E-mail: dwfgiant@witchytree.com
ICQ: 24549785



Firstly, you must always follow the rules of Tempers Ball whenever you post. These are:

1. No Vulgarity or Profanity.
2. Do not make an ass out of yourself.
3. Do not post accusations of cheating.
4. Do not post bug reports.
5. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
6. Do not post redundant messages. (No spamming)

Additionally, follow the RP rules:

1. You must post at least 2 times per week.
2. Role-play posts are to be three sentences long minimum.
3. OOC threads and/or posts are not allowed. Brief OOC comments are allowed, but they must be less than 3 sentences long.
4. Booting threads is not allowed.

When applying to WHAM you must firstly send the GM an e-mail containing the following details:

1. Leader name.
2. Kingdom Name.
3. ICQ Number or other contact information.
4. Why you will be good for the guild.

Within the guild the following ranks exist:

Grand Vizier - GM, absolute powers.
Mystic Council - AGMs, can view members and assist the Grand Vizier.
Gale - Assist the mystic council in their tasks. Breeze - Often a squad leader.
Whisper - Fully trusted member.
Silence - Newly recruited.

The Grand Vizier has the final say in any guild issue. Although closely advised by his Mystic Council he has the power to take full control over the guild at any time. If he deems it so, the Mystic Council can be immediately replaced or disbanded. This may seem as if the Grand Vizier may hold a little too much power, but it is in his duty to do what is best for the Viziers - not for himself. This being so, the risk of a power corrupted dictator is minimal - always possible - but minimal.

The Gales are there to assist the Mystic Council with organisation. They may help to organise attacks, check up on the status of members, or simply keep a watchful eye on the overall status of the guild. Below them, the Whispers take control of 3 or 4 people within the Guild. It is their duty to tutor and lead this small group into becoming close allies. Although this role seems unimportant, it may be the Whispers who train a future member of the Mystic Council.

Whispers and Breezes are at the lowest end of the Whispers'' 'social' spectrum. They have the fewest rights within the Guild, yet are still seen as important. They are all expected to be as fanatical about the Guild and the Faith as the leaders, and any who seem to be wavering and endangering the Guild will be dealt with accordingly.

Promotion from the entry rank will be given after 2 weeks of membership. If after this time you are seen as being trustworthy, the rank of Whisper will be given. The Grand Vizier is the only one allowed to promote members, although the Mystic Council is able to advise him on this.

To be removed from the alliance the Grand Vizier must have given permission. You may be removed for what is deemed to be a serious enough offence. You will be given one warning, and that is all. Upon removal you will be allowed to argue your case - if we think that you have argued well enough you will be given one last chance, if not you are out. If the Grand Vizier is unable to carry out his duty the Mystic council will take control for the duration. If needed a new Grand Vizier will be elected from either the Inner Council or the Elementalists. The vote will be taken internally by this council, with members being unable to vote for themselves. If a leader cannot be found the Inner Council will take joint control until the issue can be resolved.

Kingdom Types:-
There are four types of kingdom - all as important as each other, and all with a clearly defined role within the guild. All types are given equal respect, and will be matched with other kingdoms that can support each other.

Land Takers - Rego Gladium.
These kingdoms concentrate fully on war. They maintain their kingdoms to allow the training of troops, and enable the guild to both protect itself, and also fight to secure the faith. Each squad needs at least one war kingdom so as to allow it as much protection as possible.

Hidden Eyes - Video Nefas.
Scummers hunt down enemies of the guild and find the weaknesses of each kingdom. These kingdoms will carry out the primary wave of offensive by finding the might of the heathen's kingdoms, and detailing this for the guild.

Elan Users - Ars Magica.
These kingdoms are very important to the guild - they allow enemies to be weakened through the destruction of their buildings before others can go in and take the land. These kingdoms often gain their land through 'cleaning up' after wars.

Combined - Trium Elementum.
Finally, there is a combination - a mixture of all three disciplines. To produce a strong kingdom of this sort takes a great deal of skill, as there is not a 'solid strength' of one sort to protect the kingdom. These kingdoms can, however, be very effective under the right control.