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Created: 2005-05-30 09:45:39
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“When the winds of war blow, whole nations are swept up in the vortex only to settle back to earth in vast fields of blood and ashes.

When the passions of Faith have done burning fanatical souls, the seeds of Man return to till the earth and spawn a new generation of Holy fighters and clerics.

And the cycle starts anew.”
- The Apostate.

“I call Foret the one great curse, the one enormous and innermost perversion, the one great instinct for revenge, for which no means are too venomous, too underhand, too underground and too petty – I call it the one immortal blemish of mankind.”

The seductive power of Foret held sway on many hearts either too weak to break away and think freely or too avid in their quest for power and dominion over the lands of Tonan and its people. And in this cult of warmongers, vile sorcerers and common thieves, the sweet rot of corruption made its way slowly in the flesh of its fanatics. Among the Elder of the faith none less so then in the minds of the basest of followers. Such was the power of the children of the Grey God that their gazes started turning inwards and they plotted against their very own while praising above all their status and rank.

Some were shamed but not enough. The wars were savage, the slaughters barbaric. The rules of war, just like the rule of law, were forgotten or dismissed. Might made right and the followers of Foret revelled in the orgiastic rivers of blood. Blood, like wine, flowed freely to quench the thirst of a world gone mad.

“They shall rend the earth, those children of twilight faith, once followers of perverse heresies, now descended into the darkness of the daemon.”
-Aeterna Codex.

In this maelstrom a few minds were wakened. As if held in trance till this moment, they shook off the coils religion had imposed on their consciousness and dared to rise and question their fathers. But they held no answers.

This is the way it must be.

This is the way it has always been.

And these awakened minds screamed in agony as each sword they sent out slew one more innocent life. No longer was it in the name of faith and religion and the glory of ones god but in the name of power and wealth and rank. Weakened by such sorrows and moved with a new and questing spirit they questioned their priests. But they held no answers.

We must not question my son, we must do and follow.

We are the elite of Foret, our hands are not guided by petty intrigues but by a higher purpose.

And the further these souls quested the more false the lessons of their god sounded. Until they broke rank.

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”

Thus men, women and children rose as one and the tide of worship turned to the liberating madness of Darden. Like so much litmus discarded on the beach of religion, the amorphous mass of the followers of the Demon of Tismad rolled over the lands of Tonan.

Their rule, like their justice, was no less severe then that the pride of Foret had wrought. Where in the past one fire burned, purifying and terrible, now roared a dozen. The innocents of this middle world, caught between the imbalance of the deities and the certainty of damnation, died by legions. The putrefied stink of the deceased poisoned the air and the earth and the minds.

The souls of this mortal world were being extinguished by greed and blindness. What voice of men would be heard, or indeed could be heard? Was salvation possible or simply a mantra of jaded priests?

“The more a religion claims to be the embodiment of justice and fairness, the more tyrannical it is likely to be.”
- Aeterna Codex.

To be death's servant
the embodiment of fear,
To be the assasin
the killer of innocence.

Stealing of souls
in service of the Night,
Death is my temple
my lover.

To be life's servant
in parody of the gods,
To live for more
than blood of my brothers.

Lost in the twilight
of the servants of midnight,
I long for light
my killer.

To serve natures ethos
as a counterbalance
to supreme happiness
or ultimate sorrow

Standing within the center
to keep the angelic in check
Close to the heart
to keep malevolence at bay.

Old Tismad, date unknown. Written on a yellowed parchment, letter from a retainer to his Lord.

“There is a cult that calls itself Apotheo Mortis. They have been until now few and secretive but madness must be pushing them out into the open and some of them are becoming quite bold. I also have good reason to believe they are growing daily.

You can imagine my horror when I first learned that they Hunt, for lack of a better word, the likes of me.

They sacrifice to that whore Isonia under her incarnation as the Great Judge. The burnt robe hypocrites and grey children know not that they are present or they refuse to acknowledge the existence of such a thing as a cult that makes a God of Death.

I must leave you now for I go once more on a fact finding mission. Beware of these madmen and of false security.

Your Servant.”

Old Tismad, date unknown. Written on expensive vellum, letter from a Lord to his retainer.

“It is forever the curse of spies and rumourmongers to be nervous and see conspiracy and danger everywhere.

I am but a Lord today but shall be King tomorrow. There is much change in Tonan and the breath of Destiny tickles my ears.

Your warnings are noted but unnecessary, I did not achieve my position by being unprepared or blind to the dangers surrounding me. Please conclude your “fact finding mission”, your modesty truly amuses me, and return quickly. I have much need of your expertise in the Court of a certain Lady…

When next you kneel before me, it will be before a throne!”

Old Tismad, date unknown. Written on half burnt vellum, partial letter from a Lord to his retainer.

“… missing this past month….
Burning… looting…

Where are you and why have you not warned me of this plague?

… crown is lost”

Old Tismad, undated but of recent composition. Letter attributed to the Apostate to his followers, posted on the wall of an established Isonian caravanserai.


The Gods have killed indiscriminately and so shall we.

If the King or Queen worships the false idols and reads the heretical teachings of heathen gods, they shall be brought low. If they come for us with daggers at our throats, they shall be returned with daggers in their hearts. If they bring Holy War, we shall die and be reborn to exact our vengeance.

Rise and be ready.
Rise and may you all make… Apotheo Mortis!”

“Te bisterdon tumare anava.”
- Apotheo Mortis curse.

“Jekh dilo kerel but dile hai but dile keren dilimata”
-Apotheo Mortis motto.


GM: Hierarch
AGM: Prophet
Squad Leader: Nuncio
Full Member: Adept
Member: Acolyte
Newbie: Initiate


This is a new guild


“Te bisterdon tumare anava” means “May your names be forgotten”.
“Jekh dilo kerel but dile hai but dile keren dilimata” means “One madman makes many madmen, and many madmen makes madness”.

Apotheo Mortis is a guild for Canon’s casual gamers. Because of obligations and work there likely won’t be any warchats unless individual members decide to band together on a given evening.

**If you are looking for a guild to WIN, this is NOT the guild for you.**

If you are looking for a guild to play casually, create trouble for heathens, perhaps tell a story or two, then this is the guild for you.

Any applicant to Apotheo Mortis must be willing to lose their kingdom often and must be willing to rebuild regularly because of the attention we can possibly attract.

Still reading? Still interested? In that case follow these steps (this is the type of stuff we like to know about our members, and e-mailing us is one way to do that. If you want to join right away, go ahead, but you will be relegated to the lowest rank until we get to know you a little better):
PM Alias in Tempers Ball or email at alias_tt@hotmail.com
1. Kingdom name, number and Leader name.
2. Game experience level and previous guild experience (this is just because I’m curious and I enjoy reading about people’s history with the game).
3. Did you read and understand the charter? Do you agree to follow it?
If you require training, do not hesitate to ask. Tips are available and will be given freely.


Members will follow all Canon and Tempers Ball Rules.

-Do not make an arse of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites.
(This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.)


GM - Hierarch
AGM(s) – Prophet
Squad Leader(s) – Nuncio
Trusted Member(s) - Adept
Full member(s) - Acolyte
Junior member(s) - Initiate


All final guild decision rests with the Hierarch. It is his/her responsibility to represent the guild in the game and in the community. Is responsible for welcoming or for removing people from the guild. Is responsible for promotions of members that ask to be promoted and meet the criterias. To become Hierarch the previous person holding this position must step down or be absent for a prolonged length of time and the new person must be voted in by the rest of the guild.

Can speak for the guild or make decisions for the whole guild on an emergency basis in the absence of the Hierarch. Can accept and boot members. Prophets are expected to defend the guild at all costs. To become a Prophet a member must meet the following condition: 1) shown a willingness to steadfastly defend the guild. 2) has delivered the final blow in killing a king/queen. 3) has at least 4 recognized kills. 4) has the support of all other Prophets.

Can speak in the name of the guild but cannot make final decisions. Nuncios are encouraged the promote the guild and tell stories in the community. The Nuncio gains the ability to edit the banner. To become a Nuncio a member must meet the following conditions: 1) shown a desire to get involved more deeply in the guild. 2) participated in the killing of a king/queen. 3) has at least 3 recognized kills.

Adepts are encouraged to promote the guild and tell stories in the community. At the adept level a member gains the ability to view kingdoms. Their sole responsibility is to play turns on a regular basis or as time allows. To be promoted to Adept a member must have 2 recognized kills.

Acolytes are encouraged to promote the guild and tell stories in the community. At the Acolyte level a member gains the ability to see all members of the guild. To be promoted to Acolyte a member must have 1 recognized kill.

New member to the guild. Is expected to make an effort to get to know the guild better and participate when appropriate. The only requirement to be accepted as Initiate is having read and understood the charter.


Communication will mostly be done through banner, PMs and email. Members will be encouraged to communicate through ICQ but this will not be mandatory. Remember, this is a guild created by a casual gamer for casual gamers. It is highly unlikely that someone in the guild will have time to spend hours running strikes and playing the political games.


Role play will be encourage but not mandatory. If you feel inspired you are more then welcome to start writing in the spirit of the charter.


The guilds primary goal will be to hunt down and kill the following types of players: Darden or Foret kings, Darden or Foret scouts. Any unguilded are of course fair game. Provided enough advance notice, Apotheo Mortis will always condone hits and kills against any of the previously named targets. Apotheo Mortis means “to make a god of death”, as such and because of our primary targets, expect to be attacked often and to die often. You should be comfortable losing realms and rebuilding to be part of this guild.

*Mercenary services*
Provided guild support, it is possible we will accept contracts to take out specific realms.

Breaking any rules of Tempers Ball or any rules of the game (multi accounting, hacking, etc…) will get you removed immediately.

Total inactivity for prolonged periods of time (read weeks) will also see you removed.

If for any reason membership is displeased with one player a vote can be called. The result of that vote can be removal from the guild. Because of the dangerous nature of the guild theme, we must all work together and get along.


In conclusion, this guild is designed from the ground up to be friendly to those who may not have the time or ability to spend hours online playing every day. War chats, as you may have been involved with in other guilds, will be rare, and wars will be fought mostly on the banner. This makes it hard, if not impossible, to “win” an age, we understand, but it doesn't mean it can't be fun, and for those of you with lives outside the internet, you will always have a home here.