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A new age is at hand. Scattered Vampires and other super natural creatures gather in great numbers and carry the favor of the Darden themselves, For the first time since the Turning, new Kings take up their crowns, claiming dominion over the war-torn realms of Tonan. However now the undead have returned in full to wreak havok upon the living. Three century's ago, the Turning (as the living called it) was a time of great chaos as the living turned it's eye's on the Undead and Demons of Tonan. The war that ensued claimed many on both sides however the The undead and Demonic force's decided to withdraw from Most of Tonan and scatter to the four wind's

Now the Time has come for a gathering. A call went out to all Undead and Demons even some Elves across Tonan. The gathering started at an elf's Kingdom her name is Nightstar. The first she contacted was the ancient vampire known as Ivy Tamwood the reason for this being she alone could summon most vampires to her side and fight for her But Ivy would want something in return and Nightstar didnt have to be a genious to know what that was. The second she would contact would be the Demoness Farene while she didn't have the Influence that others demons had she was the only one she knew of. So she sent her friend Anarane to contact Ivy and Farene. Within days Ivy was standing before Nightstar

Nightstar had called for a meeting. One unlike any that had beens seen before. Why did she involve herself with such a group? Why did she call the meeting to be within the walls of her kingdom? She had her reason, but they were not to be revealed yet.

As she worked in her library, she felt the presence. No one had to tell Nightstar that Ivy was there. They had known each other long enough and Nightstar knew that Ivy wanted her as one of them. To live on forever was not something Nightstar was sure she was ready for. Though she knew there would be a price. A price that would be very dear. The price she knew would be her life's blood. The very essence that made her who she was.

She turned and looked at Ivy. Looking at the Vampress closing. Nightstar knew the look. She could feel the hunger.

"It is time Ivy. Time for Darden's people to take back the world. You know why i called you and I have called Farene as well. It is time for the gathering."

Nightstar walked over to a window in the tower room and looked out. She knew that things were about to change for her. The live she had lived was about to change forever. She watched as the last rays of light disappeared she was her life begin to fade away. Her ideals where put to rest. They had served her well, but that time was past now. Now.... Nightstar turned back to Ivy.

"I know what you want Ivy. I know that you want to turn me. I also know that this is the price I must pay for our world to go on."

Nightstar walked over to the fireplace and sat in her chair. She had reached and pulled her hair away from her neck. Her heart was racing, with fear as well as antisapation. She could feel Ivy watching her. Though she didn't seem to be making a move toward Nightstar. Slowly Nightstar began a soft chant to Darden for the strength to do what was needed now. To allow herself to be embraced.

Ivy stared at nightstar with a half smile as she started to apprach Nightstar. Ivy now standing beside Nightstar bent down close to her neck and started to bite down then stopped just before she bit all the way into her neck leaving small teeth marks on Nightstar’s neck.. " No Nightstar not this day your followers need you alive and able to walk under the sun. But I shall make you an offer. I want your first born given to me to care for as my own. or if you really want it I'll embrace you now. This way you still have more children and a Family to look forward to not to mention true death. Normally I wouldn’t ask such a price but you are asking me to not only leave my presant guild but change my allegance entirly"

Ivy stepped back a few steps and waited for Nightstar to decide. Ivy wanted Nightstar to be willing to be embraced wanting it as much as She wanted to be the one to embrace her. But Ivy doubted Nightstar would ever truly want to be embraced. The only reason she offered now was because of what she was asking of Ivy.

Then came the answer from Nightstar. " I want you to embrace me now Ivy so stop screwing around." Ivy nodded with great satisfaction as she started to approach Nightstar. Ivy got Nightstar into a standing postion and bit down into Nightstars neck Draining the very life’s blood from her. For Nightstar their was no pain but to her surprise it was total ecstacy. Soon Nightstar was on the last little bit of her blood and her last breaths of her life when Ivy pulled away from her neck and slashed her own wrist and fed her blood to nightstar.

Farene clapped after watching the entire thing. Ivy turned to look at Farene with blood still dripping from her mouth and down her shirt. " Enjoy the show Demon?? " you know I’ve never seen a Vampire embrace a living being before." Ivy gave a slight smile to Farene and walked over to a bell pull to summon a servent. Within momments a servent walked in. "prepare a Dark room for your queen and she will need somebody to feed from when she awakens in three day’s." as they left he room with Nightstar Ivy chuckled. " Well nightstar you have what you want and I have what I want. I will serve Isonia along with those of us that will follow me. I have what I want in this exchange I have you."

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5th age



1. The Prince -( Guild Master )- The Prince will be the leader of The Kindred , chosen from among the seven clan elders. He will preside at all meetings of the Elders and at all conclaves. He will be in charge of relations with the Heathens and other outside influences. His word is Law.

2. Clan Elders -( Assistant Guild Master )- Each Clan Elder is in full charge of his own clan and has the autonomy to make all decisions effecting his clan without regard to the opinions of the other Clan Elders, as long as those actions do not considerably affect the other Clans. The responsibilities of the Clan Elder include, but are not limited to, preparing members within their respected clans for full membership. This includes a training and an educational period. In addition to the aforementioned duties, The Clan Elder will also help in organizing clan and guild wide events.

3. Head Justicars- The two Head Justicars will assist the Prince in the running of the Camarilla. This will be an advisory position, to both the Prince and those Elders seeking his wisdom, with no vote within the Inner Circle. The Head Justicars will also work with The Clan Elders in organizing, setting, and running a training course to help train the neonates and to better train full members (Vampires). The Head Justicars will also be responsible for keeping a Guild Membership list, with the monthly information provided by each Clan Justicar, and to distribute any guild-wide information to all such members.

4. Clan Justicar- Each Clan Elder will appoint a Clan Justicar to assist in Clan affairs. This will be an advisory position to the Clan Elder, and in the absence of the Elder, the Justicar will be called upon to handle any urgent Clan business. The Clan Justicar may appoint an Archon to assist him in his duties, should it become necessary and with the full approval of the Clan Elder. The Justicar will also be responsible for keeping track of all necessary records, such as membership and Clan meetings. He will make a full report monthly to the Head Justicar of any membership changes and pertinent Clan business. The Clan Justicar and Archon hold the title of Vampire, however are next in line to hold the position of Clan Elder.

5. Cainite - The Vampires are full members of the Camarilla and are responsible for reporting to their Clan Elders.

6. Childe - Neonates are still probationary, and not yet full members of The Camarilla. Noenates must fulfill a probationary period of a minimum of one week. They will give full respect to all other Clan members at all times . Neonates will only become Vampires once they have received their full instruction and training, have been presented to the Prince, and have been notified by their Clan Elder that they have been accepted as a full member of the Vampire Society.

~Chaper One:Participation~

1.1 The Clan must run as if it we're one, therefore, if you plan to join The Kindred, you must be active. This includes checking your kingdom at least once every two days, unless you have a legitimate reason.
1.2 It is extremely important for you to attend all guild wars and guild meetings. This is part of being active; notify the GM or AGM's if you cant make it
1.3 WE prize Teamwork above all else as well as friendship
1.4 WE don't allow flaming in TB post's
1.5 our war chats will be on IRC so if you dont have mirc dont expect to be a member more then a few days ( you have 2 days to get it and start using it ) before release.

~Chapter Two:Conduct and honor~

2.1 The chain of command is as follows: Prince (gm), Clan Elder's(AGM), Head Justicars, Clan Justicar, Cainite, Childe.
2.2 Respect and honor everyone, including heathens
2.3 As a member of The Kindred Your words and actions reflect on us.
2.4 Above all, follow all Canon rules and TB rules. This includes no OOC spying, spamming, etc

~Chapter Three:Promotions and Discharges~

3.1 PROMOTIONS: The GM Will give out promotions when he see's fit to or when a sl has recomended it
3.2 Promotion to Clan Elder's will only be made if a spot is open. and if the GM thinks you are able to handle the spot
3.3 GROUNDS FOR RELEASE: Any breach of contract from Canon and Temper ball's rules. As well as any breach of the guild charter.

~Chapter Four:Application~

The following criteria must be sent in before you apply to the The Kindred Any application sent in without the criteria will be automatically rejected. The alternative is to get in contact with the GMs via ICQ or Mirc
4.1 A reference is required. This can mean any respectable gm or agm.* (a few new member's will be taken in each age)
4.2 Canon history. This includes past faiths, guilds, and games.
4.3 Contact Info, Mirc and ICQ are MANDATORY. ( we requir you to use Mirc)
4.4 Current Kingdom number, name, and stats

~Chapter Five :Temper's Ball~
While posting in TB I expect you to keep any and all said flame's to yourself. Remember you not only make your self look foolish but your guild aswell when you flame somebody else.
5.0 Do not make an ass out of yourself.
5.1 Do not post accusations of cheating.
5.2 Do not post bug reports.
5.3 Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
5.4 Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)

6.0 If the gm disapears Nightstar shall take over the guild

Contact info
Rawr icq: (GM)
irc info: