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Created: 2005-05-22 18:28:50
Game: valid


When there was peace and prosperity in the lands, a group of people settled in a prosperous portion of Tismad. Later to be known as Tuscany, a vast empire was built under the guidance of the pure God of justice, Foret. The Simple Sin had left the world shaking with rage. The news of the fight between the gods spread quickly. The Last Sin left Tuscany and the rest of Tismad in destruction. The creation of the Tuscan Warriors thus began.

A group of the strongest, most fearless, and devout warriors gathered under the protection of Foret. Knowing that Darden and Isonia was the cause of the vast destruction around them, their mission was clear. The Tuscan Warriors would fight the followers of Darden and Isonia for the greater glory of Foret. Tuscany would be rebuilt as the war waged on. Great kingdoms of power would be built for the effort. A King was crowned to lead the Tuscans to battle. Trusted leaders of various realms created a monarchy within the lands.

The devotion to Foret was clear in the lands of Tuscany. Courts of Justice and Temples of worship were seen resurrected in great numbers. With destruction also came rebirth. The indestructible golden pillars of Foret held the foundation of newly built buildings. Farms sprouted with new growth of food that fed the many peasants within the lands of Tuscany. The new Tuscany was being created, and soon would become a great force to be reckoned with under the name of Foret.

As time passed Tuscany once again became a place of beauty and pureness. Through good times and bad times, our bonds in the guild are what make us successful. After long battles we find time to relax and enjoy our Chianti, our local wine from the vines of our lands here in Tuscany. The Tuscans are the patrons of the arts and sciences. More beautiful art and sculpture has come from our lands than anywhere else in the world.

But art is only one facet of our guild. The Tuscan Warriors are a family of great warriors. We fight hard to protect and expand our empire. We live as one and there is no racism here. Elven as well as goblin and droben may live in Tuscany and share in the fruits of the harvest on equal parts along with their neighbors. We fight for the glory of our God Foret with our last breath if it must be so. With pride, justice, and courage we fight.


GM: King
AGM: Prince/Princess
Squad Leader: Duke/Duchess
Full Member: Royal Knight
Member: Loyal Knight
Newbie: Apprentice


An old and respected guild resurrected to be tested in the lands of Canon-Valid.


General Guild Rules:
1) Communication is the key to success, and only active players willing to work as a team are welcome here in Tuscany. ICQ and mIRC are essential chat tool to have. We very much encourage the use of these tools.
2) No player is allowed to go rogue at any time. Do not disobey your orders. If you have a problem with your orders or another kingdom that has attacked you, notify an officer.
3) Be Active! The life of the guild strives on having active members that check their kingdoms frequently. Check the guild banner for the latest news.
4) Notify the king/queen or a prince/princess if you plan to go on vacation with a valid reason. Abusing the vacation function results in banishment from the guild.
5) Report any news(attacks, scoutings, sorceries) to an leader immediately. This information is necessary to decide the course of action of the guild.
6) You must participate in guild activities. If an attack is scheduled, do your best to be there ready at the time scheduled. If you will be unable to attend, tell an officer beforehand so we can account for your absence and schedule a time you can come in later or earlier and help out.
7) Treat your fellow guild members and opponents with respect. This includes following the rules of Temper's Ball.

Temper's Ball Rules:
1) Do not make an ass out of yourself.
2) Do not post bug results on the boards over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by the staff.
3) Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5) Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6) Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites
7) Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

The inner structure is simple. The titles given among our ranks show respect and honor given to those with long standing service to the guild. The higher ranked members are our mentors to help and teach the apprentice members, and to offer guidance to them so that they may also gain rank and honor in the future. The more effort you put into the guild, the higher rank and responsibilities you will receive. Promotions will be given with recognition of effort put into making the guild the best it can be.

These are our honors currently offered:
1) King/Queen, Leader of the Tuscan Warriors.
The fearless leader of Tuscany. He/she has the final word in all matters of the guild. With strength, wisdom, and honor, he/she leads the Tuscan Warriors into battle. In the event the King/Queen is met with death or is unable to fulfill his/her duties, the most capable prince decided pre-hand by the King/Queen will take over.

2) Prince/Princess, Second in Command.
These members have gained royalty status with strong devotion to the guild. They are the most faithful and skilled of all of Foret's Warriors. The King/Queen of Tuscany has crowned them for their service to the guild. They help lead the great Tuscan Warriors on the battlefield.

3) Duke/Duchess, Third in command.
These members are the most trusted by the Tuscan royalty. They are respected and well known members and storytellers. They are quite often squad leaders on the battlefield as well.

4) Royal Knight
This is an honor bestowed to those that have shown loyalty and devotion to Tuscany. These respected members follow orders during times of war with great care and share their knowledge of building to our apprentices.

5) Loyal Knight
These members have yet to prove their true devotion to Tuscany, though many are already loyal and experienced in the arts of war.

6) Apprentice
This is the rank for which our newer members hold, they must work hard to prove their worth in Tuscany.

The sole core requirement is activity, if you stay active you will have a large role in the guild. Play your turns once a day and attend war chats. I will personally do my best to devote as much time to the guild and its affairs.
Activeness is essential and war chats attendance is a requirement.

New members must send an email/ICQ/avairy with specific information to the King/Queen. But we do warn that just clicking apply and sending an email does not guarantee a title to Tuscan land. The body of the text should be your kingdom name, kingdom number, and what most common alias you are known by...along with your ICQ number (if you have one, if not any message service you might use). Please include your game experience and a brief description of yourself and what you can do for the guild.