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Created: 2005-05-22 04:32:48
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They thought he was dead… They felt his disappearance.

They thought no one could have survived. And in a way, they where right.

A gate was created between this dimension and another dimension.

By this gate some part had escaped… a part of his ghost… of his essence!

When he woke up he was surprised as any to find himself alive in this new dimension. He awoke slowly to find that things were very similar, yet somehow different. He smiled the Dark Magic had worked well now he could just wait, until all was made ready for his return.

Years later his servants finally found the old scoll made by the dreaded Master Grond which prophesized the possibility of using the power of the Jul-Kirahss Staff to tear such a hole in time and space, but no Master had ever accumulated such power to reach this hypothesized dimension, and the staff seemed gone forever.

The ancient story dated back from a time who none remember. It said that there are multiple universes both close and far from this one. In this intradimensional space, there is a cycle of movement.

In honor of the wise master who made this prophecy, the ancients named that dimension the Exar Kun, the Close-One viewed by Grond. The servants know knew what was needed and all preparations where started and the search for the Jul-Kirahss Staff began.

Many years later the Jul-Kirahss Staff was found and Master Naga Sadow had accumulated enough power to perform the ritual, all the elements were in place for the prophecy to happen. He started using his Dark Powers and a rift started to appeared. As the rift grew bigger Master Naga Sadow couldn't control it any more and the energy breached the field of power and climbed up the shaft, discharging into Master Naga Sadow . He horrible screams made some flee while other stayed and watched how Master Naga Sadow was consumed by this Dark energy finally he slowly collapsed as the energy flowed into him.

The servants was horrified had it gone wrong....had it failed. The watched the terrible burnt and wreaked body of Master Naga Sadow. Suddenly the body was lifted up in the air and a bright light blinded the few servants who was left. The light disappeared again and the servant watched, it was not Master Naga Sadow who stood there, no it was him their true Master had returned…… they had succeeded.

He laughed long and loud, now he would have his revenge and it would be terrible for those who had betrayed him.


GM: Master of the Black Rose
AGM: Mage of the Black Rose
Squad Leader: Lord of the Black Rose
Full Member: Knight of the Black Rose
Member: Squire of the Black Rose
Newbie: Novice of the Black Rose


This is Order Of The Black Rose first age.
We serve under Foret



- Get in touch with GM or AGM via ICQ.
- You can apply in game but we will contact you and ask for your information if it is acceptable we will accept you.
- You can sent info to our mail's.
- All info is in contacts.

Tempers Ball Rules:

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

RP Rules:

- You must follow Cannon's posting rules and regulations.
- Show respect to the admins
- RP most be at least 3 paragraphs long
- Don't post OOC threads

In game rules:

- Expected to play daily.
- Expected to show up at war strikes!!(Very Important)
- Follow orders.
- Play by the rules.
- Be happy, and remember it is only a game.
- Must create a account in the castle www.lka.nu
- NO Multiaccounting!!


- Master of the Black Rose - Lord Soth & Regicider: Have all power however will consult thier AGM's in important matters
- HighLord of the Black Rose - Will step in if Lord Soth & Regicider is missing or have other things to do.
- Lord of the Black Rose: - Veteran players, which are expected to help out in the guild
- Knight of the Black Rose: - The core of players
- Squire of the Black Rose: - Newcomers who have showed themselves worthy of promotion
- Novice of the Black Rose: - Newcomers


- Follow the rules
- Show Interest in the game
- Prove your skill in battle
- Show up in war chats important!!
- Show desire/interest to help out


- ICQ/AIM is preferred, due to we all use it.
- Else it will be through banner or scribe