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In a Time Before, there Was a Great King in Distant Lands. King Toran was one of the Highest Of Sultans Chosen. The Bravest Knights in all the lands Dreamed of One Day Becoming a Knight For the Order and to Serve Such a Just and Mighty King. The King Had Two sons Gerod and His Eldest Son Roth. Prince Gerod Handled all Political Matters for the Order as his Cunning and Manipulation Served him well as a Politician. Prince Roth was leader of the Knights of the Order and much like his Father had Earned his Power With his Sword and Not his Tongue. The Victory's of the Knights of Order had become know by Minions Leagues and Oceans away. Prince Gerod had always been Loyal to the Order , But Day by Day his Thirst for Power Grew.He knew his Father would soon step Down and he also Knew That his Father would Name Roth Ruler over the lands of The Order. King Toran had called a Meeting of the Knights of the Order, Prince Gerod had advised the King That the Armies of Isonia had Invaded A Darden Village just Leagues away from The Orders Lands. ~king Toran~ Knights of The Order, I Have Called this Meeting to Discuss 2 Issues.

Before the King could say no more

Father May i Speak

~King Toran~
Yes My Son Speak

I have seen the Reports from Gerod, I sent Scouts and they did report Krieger Armies But they were Not Moving Forward.

They have a mass Army and will not Stop at the Darden who have never showed aggressions Twords the Order. There Ruler has sent a scribe of safe passage for a Small Battalion From the Order to meet with their Generals to Discuss the Problem so close to our Lands.

~King Toran~
What do you think Roth

I Would Order our Borders enforced and have our Knights put on High Alert, as far as meeting with the Darden Generals . I believe our Knights can Defend the Honor of Foret in any Battle and we need no help from foolish heathens who thrive on Chaos.

Yes your Precious Knights, unbeatable in Battle Tell Me Brother are they so SACRED they can fight off an Entire Faith ~Smirks~

They Will if they Must , they are Knights of Honor they will Fight to the Death for Sultan and the Order but not for Calmo M' Brother . Take your Royal Guard to meet with the Heathens since you seem to trust them so much.

~King Toran~
Enough.!!!!!!! This will be My Last Order as Ruler of The Order. Roth you will take a small Battalion into the Darden Lands, Scouts For Isonia are sure to spot Your Crest. Your Knights are Feared in all the Lands, Maybe just seeing Our Banners in Isonia Land will stop a War. When you Return these Choices will be Yours M'Son. When you Return you And the Knights will Rule The Order.

as you wish Father. Roth takes the Scroll from the smiling face of his brother and heads west Twords the lands of Darden.The Journey Would Take 6 moons . The Next Evening Gerod had went to his fathers chambers his plan had worked , his Thirst for Rule was almost Complete.

Father may I Speak with you.

Yes my son come in i was wanting to speak with you. I Know you love your Brother .

Stop Right There Father, i can see we shall need some wine for this subject.

The Proud King Smiles and Nods to His Son, Gerod gets up and gets 2 goblets and pours the wine . he turns and hands his father a goblet you were saying father.

I Know you and Roth have your Differences He is The Eldest and Leader of Our Knights, he will need you now more than ever when he returns m'son . Stand by Him he Loves you . Roth will share all with you and his Knights including Power m'son

they slowly sip their wine as Gerod listens to his Fathers Words. he could see his father was growing weary

Yes well that may be a small Problem

what do you mean son, i feel very , Gerod what have you done

There is a Rare Flower that grows in the lands of Isonia, a very pretty Flower and very Deadly.

Gerod why , Roth will surely know what you have done.

Roth yes, well Father Before you die let me give you the pleasure of informing you you have ordered the Death of your Son and SACRED Knight, An Entire Legion of the Isonias await Roth and his Battalion so two moons from now you can explain to him why he was sent to his death in the Heavens ,if they even exist ~Giggle~. and as for the Order of Knights , My Royal Guard will see to them.

The King Reaches for his Sword but it is to late, he looks his Youngest Son Gerod in the Eyes and with his final breath vows the Order will Rise Again. Gerod walks to his Father and Takes the Ring with the Royal Seal of The Order off his Fathers Finger and sits and begins to Write . Brave Knight Kaiser we have grave News, Roth and his Battalion were Ambushed by the Armies of Isonias on the way to the Isonias Village. I Request you Gather your Knights and assemble in the main Court Square of the Realm of Toran on the First Moon after this eve.Gerod then rolls the Scribe and places his Fathers seal on the Scribe. He walks into .the Great Hall,

Templar Take this Scribe to Kaiser, the Highest Ranking Knight of the Order Left within the Leagues of Our Lands and Assemble a meeting of My Royal Guard For the Break of morrows Sun.

The Templar Rides into the Lands of Knight Kaiser and hands the Knight the Scribe with the Royal Seal of Toran. Kaiser Reads the Scribe and Bows his head by the News of Shred.Then Nods to The Templar.

At Dawns Break Gerod Held a Meeting with his Royal Guard, His Lies Flowed to even his most Faithful Followers. He Tells them of the Kings Death and of Roth, He Orders Archers Placed atop the Great Fortresses of Toran for the Next Moon. He Then tells them the Knights of the Order are to be recommissioned as Royal Guard and to Fire if They Refuse. The Royal Guard dare not Question his Order as now he was King of Torans Realm.

Meanwhile Roth and his Battalion had Crossed into the Darden Lands, He saw the air Filled with Smoke for miles, He thinks to Himself My Brother was right they have Invaded the Darden village. He orders a Scout to ride forward and see what news he could find. no sooner than the Scout had Left Shred hears Battle Horns in the East Woods, He Reaches for his Sword as he does 3 Legions of Isonias Chosen had Surrounded his small battalion 3 riders approach led by An Elven Princess.she is bearing a white Flag, He Sheaths his Sword.

~Elven Princess~
Prince Roth, Leader of the Mighty Knights of the Order, we have been Expecting you.

Speak Your Terms Heathen.

~Elven Princess~
Centurion Bring the Heathen Forward.

The Centurion returns with the Leader of the Darden Clan Tortured almost to the point of Death The Princess Grabs the Darden By the hair and pulls his head up to meet the eyes of Roth.

Tell Him !

The Darden says nothing, the Elven Draws her Sword and puts it to the Dardens Throat ,Thy can tell him or I Will . The Darden Begins to Speak he tells Roth of Gerods Plan, that he was to be killed and that Gerod had killed King Toran.

Heathen Lies

The Elven Princess Stares Roth in the Eye as she drives her sword through the throat of the Darden. she then reaches in her Cloak and hands Roth the Scribe of the plans with Gerods Seal .

Why are thee telling me this before i fight your legions to my death..

~Elven Princess~
We wish no War with the Order or Foret , Return and Claim your Place as Ruler of the Order. Roth turns with his small battalion and rides swiftly back to the lands of the Order.

~Isonia Centurion~
My Lady why does tho let Such a Mighty Warrior of Foret Live.

The Elven Princess Smiles
When Shred Returns to The Order it will throw them into Civil War, we will Let them Destroy Each Other then take the fools Land With no Resistance.

The Centurion Smiles and they turn and ride back to the Lands they have Conquered.

Roth reaches the lands of the Order, He Knows what is at Stake , so he first Rides to his First Knights lands, when he Arrives the wife of Knight Kaiser tells him of the Royal Scribe and that he and the rest of the Knights have gone to the Square.

Thank you M'Lady I would request to leave my Battalion here .

The Lady Bows.
Roth Wraps himself in a Peasants robe and mounts one of his Templars Horses.

The Knights Lead By Kaiser Had Just Arrived at the Gates of The Orders Greatest Realm, Kaiser looked up and Saw 100s of Archers atop the Great Fortresses. Kaiser was a Wise and Cunning Knight and felt uncomfortable at this site. As The Knights Gathered in The Square Gerod Walked to The Tower Edge Cloaked in his Fathers Robe . he had not Heard That the Darden Village had been Massacred as of yet.

Knights of the Order, Our King Has Died in his Sleep , The Loss of Roth was too much for him to Bear. His Final request was that the Knights be Disbanded and recommissioned as Royal Guard in Memory of Roth.

Knight Kaiser sees right threw the lies of Gerod, But also sees the Archers poised to kill all the Knights. He Bows his head and orders his Knights to remove their Crest of the Order. Shred is at the edge of the Square and hears the words of his Treacherous Brother

The Body Of Our Mighty King Is in The Great Temple to the South .Please go there and Mourn before you report to the Royal Guard at first light for your new Duties.

Roth turns and rides back to the lands of Kaiser. He Tells his Battalion of the Treason and Lies and orders them to leave the lands and head North to a small Foret Village so they will be safe, if Gerod knew they Lived it would mean Civil War. Roth awaits for Kaiser but it had Grown Late and the Mighty Knight had yet to Return.Still Cloaked in a Peasant Robe he rides to the Temple where his Father Lay Murdered by his Brother.

He Arrives at the Temple and walks with the Shadows, Only One Remain at the Body of his Father. Knight Kaiser.

He Slowly Walks up Behind Kaiser and Reaches to touch his Shoulder, Kaiser turns swiftly and puts the Sword to The Throat of this Stranger of the Shadows. Roth pulls back the Hood.

Roth!!! Thank the Heavens, we Must Take out the Royal Guard and Kill Gerod for this Treachery.

Roth Kneels at his Fathers Body. I Shall Avenge thee Father. He Stands and looks at Kaiser, My True Brother, Legions of Isonias Chosen are right outside our Borders, They Have Overran the Darden Fools Gerod is in League with. I now see why they let me Live. If we War with Gerod and his Royal Guard Not only will we be Destroying all My Father has Built and Killing our Own. These lands Many Brave Knights Died Defending will be lost to Krieger. with You and the Knights and the Royal Guard I Believe The Heathens will not attack our Mighty Lands. I Have Spoke with thy wife. Tell no One I Live. Not Even the Knights we Have Left. Make Sure they Defend the Order even if they do it in the armor of the Royal Guard. I Promise you m'Brother I Will Return. And When I Do The Knights will Rule the Order as My Father Wanted. I Shall Return to the Lands Far to the West Where I Was Trained in My youth. I Give my Oath to Return when The Heathen Threat has passed and are peoples are safe to Avenge My Father.

Roth Sets West.
His Father Had an Old Friend There That had Helped Train Roth and Tought him in the ways of Sorcery.

Toph was thankful that the memory of the Sidhe had faded so completely from the memories of the world about him that no one really made a note of him, in particular. Toph imagined that now adays, he must look like just some type of elf, rather than the immortal that he truly was. It was better than one hundred years ago, when Sidhe were few and far between, but still recognized by the populus. Sure, it had been nice to be followed about by villagers asking him for aid in some manner, whether he could help them with his magic or not, or to have small children giggle when he wagged his pointed ears at them, but, once you did something for one, you had to do it for all, or else you made enemies, and enemies were NOT something Toph needed more of. It had taken decades, but finally Toph was able to sit down on a bench in the middle of a city and actually read a book, his favorite thing to do. Today, it seemed, he was not going to have that opportunity, for a man had just sat next to him, and called him by name. Toph blinked for a few moments at the man, until his mind sorted through the innumerable faces that he had met over the years and came up with a name. "Roth! My friend, its been years! What can I do for you?" The Sidhe lord asked, listening as Roth responded and told him of his Father's betrayal and murder, and his quest to regain his fathers throne. "Of course you have my help, Roth. Im sorry to hear of your fathers death, he was a good man." Indeed his father had been, being one of the few men of his generation who knew what a Sidhe looked like, but had been polite enough not to go spreading the word to the rest of the island, Grateful, Toph had served as his advisor for many years, watching Toran's child, Roth, grow up. Toph had finally left to wander the island a bit more, offering his help where he could, but he missed those old days. "When do we leave? And I hope Im not the only one you have asked to help"

I Have Just Arrived My Old Friend. Knowing That you cared For my Father i Came to You First. I Have Heard of an Elven I Once Knew.Close to These Lands. I Will Go to Her and some of the Friends of My Youth and Return in 3 Moons My Friend.

Anarane had traveled many years and a distance she had not realized. Coming upon a small plot of land, uninhabited and untouched, it seemed to her, by the ravages of war or of any creature of the lands she had left behind. She had traveled alone to this place looking for solitude. It had been a time for reflection on her past.

Constructing a small hut, nothing more then a place Ana could lay her head at night, a place to sleep. It seemed she did not sleep much these days, most of her time was spent in meditation. There as a small stream that ran nearby and she had found a crook around which flowed. The way it bent around the small outcrop of land, left it surrounded nearly on three sides. A Young tree stood nearly at its tip. This was where she spent most all her waking hours. The only time she was not there, was when she hunted for food, preparing it and eating or on the occasions when she slept.

This day like many others, was were Anarane was found. She had brought very few possessions with her. Her daggers where always at her side along with her sword. Her staff in hand. A small sack that carried but one other robe and a few cherished objects.

As Ana sat at the base of the tree, her fingers idly came across a ring bearing the crest of a distant enemy. A great warrior of a distant time and place. It had been so long ago that the name escaped her and even the names of the Gods and guilds they had fought under. There was only one memory left of that time. A night on a battlefield. The warrior kneeling on the ground as the war was coming to an end. A token given with honor as a symbol of protection offered in another place and time. As her mind wondered through those days. The days of many other wars. Days when Ana thought she would lose her mind, her mind suddenly broke from the reverie to the sound of a snapping twig. Ana did not move, in reaction, noticeably as her hand dropped to the dagger at her waist. Slipping the ring over the thumb of her right hand, being much to large to fit any other, she sat and listened. After the slight sound of the twig snapping she felt, rather then heard, whoever it was moving closer. Without turning her head away from the flowing stream she spoke. "Who is it that approaches without a word, that would put their life in danger, with their attempt at stealth? I take by your movements, that you value your life, but my elven ears have not problems in hearing your footfalls. So tell me who are you?" As Anarane spoke, she rose from her resting place and turned to see a face she recognized. It had been so many decades ago, that at first she didn't know who he was. Then as if a picture from long ago flashed once again before her eyes. Looking to where her and rested at the ring she had just slipped on her thumb, then back up at the man standing before her. Was she to believe her eyes.

"Roth ? Surely I must be seeing things. If I am not, the please sit and join me and tell me why your are here and how you found me." His face hardened by the years, but his eyes were unchanged. As ever the windows to the soul. The honor she had found in them so long ago, still lie within them. She gestured to the log, near where she had been sitting, for him to sit and rest. His story unfolded, telling the tale of what had happened to his father and the quest he was now on. He looked up at Ana, she could see the unasked question in his eyes. Ana merely nodded her head in response as she held up her hand showing the Crested ring on her hand.

It wasnt Long Before Shred Had Enough Old Friends to March back to the Lands of the Order, he Knew he Still Had Loyal Knights There. The Night Before they were to Reach the lands of The Order. A Young Lady Walked into the Camp Roths Army was posted at. 2 Templars Escort her to Roth .

What are you doing here M'Lady

I have came to Fight with you and your Sacred Knights .

Roth sees this is a very young Woman and has no scars of Battle on her.

Go Home M'Lady. Some of our Knights will Die Tomorrow

I Have no Home to go to. The Dardens took all i Had , all that was Forets and Gerod did nothing M'Lord. I Can Fight . I Wont Let you or the Knights down.

Roth Smiles. Very Well . get some rest M'Lady , we ride at Dawn.

As Morning Drawed to a close the Battaloins Reached the Lands of The Order.

~Royal Guard~
M'Lord M'Lord a huge Army has Gathered on the High Grounds.

whos Banners do they wave Guard

~Royal Guard~
:: With Fear in his eyes ::
Ours M'Lord. They Carry the Flags of The Order. It Looks to be Prince Roth Leading Them M'Lord.

Sound The Horns and assemble the Royal Guard.

M'Lord a Third of our Guard were Sacred Knights. they have already Joined up with Roths Armies. over half of what we have left has fled to the hills. With This Army That Shred Has Gathered along with the Sacred Knights. We are Out Numbered 10 to 1 M'Lord. we will be Massacared.

Gerod walks into his Empty Courtyard. Where are the Guards ?

~Royal Guard~
They have all fled M'Lord. they dare not face The Knights of the Sacred Order.

:: Scouts Return to hilltop ::

Lord Roth Gerods Armies have fleed into the eastern Mountians. Only a few Royal Guard and Gerod Remain. Toran is yours with no Battle M'Lord...

Roth looks up and sees smoke from Toran. Gerod has Set the Castle a Blaze. Roth Knows there is a battle to fight.1 he must fight alone. He Races Twords the castle Gates.

as he rides through the unguarded Gates he sees Gerod Standing There with his Fathers Sword in Hand.

You may kill be brother but Toran will soon be in ashes. You will Rule Nothing.

You Fool. Does tho think the Order is but 1 Realm ? The Order will Rise from these Ashes .

Gerod Races Towards his Brother, he swings his blade . he is no Match for Roth . The Sacred Knight Easily Over Powers his Treachorous Brother. Gerod Drops his Fathers Sword. Shred Walks over and picks up the Mighty Sword and puts it to his Brothers Throat. As Much as the Knight wants to Avenge his Father he can not Kill His Brother.He Turns and Starts to Walk Away. Gerod pulls a Dagger from his robe and is about to Pierce his Brothers Back as an Arrow Streaks past The Sacred Knight , Hitting Gerod Through his Black Heart. Roth Looks up and the Young Woman with no Battle Scars had saved his Life.

Roth :: Nods :: to Shadow.
It Is Done. Knights there is much work to be Done.


GM: We da bomb of the guild
AGM: Dead's got some funk goin
Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: its Sacred not Scared ana
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Newbie: Deads foot fungus


!st age in these lands


Guild Contacts
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all members who apply will be accepted as a Villager(rank 6) then have 24 hrs to meet the contact and info requirements of The Sacred Order.

The Sacred Order Ranking Titles

Rank 1 Sacred Knight
Rank 2 Golden Knight
Rank 3 Black Knight
Rank 4 Templar
Rank 5 Warrior
Rank 6 Villager

Guild Requirements
ICQ or Yahoo IM
valid E-Mail

Guild Rules
You Must Play Your Realm at least Every Other Day. All New Members must send their Contact Info within 24 hrs. If you like to Flame others on the Boards this is not the guild for you.

Tempers Ball Rules Rules-
1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
2. Do not post accusations of cheating.
3. Do not post bug reports.
4. Do not post kingdom numbers or names.
5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).