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Created: 2005-05-11 23:24:43
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Vampire, where I am from this is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest warrior.
In my land to become a vampire is to be imbued with the power of a god itself. You become an avatar of Chaos, a sword with which your patron can reach out and smite his enemies for their transgressions, but that is in my own lands.
Here I see vampires and I am made sick by the snivelling, pathetic creatures that I am faced with.
These things are a desperate lot who feel the need to surround themselves with havens of their own kind, draw mortal attention to the existence of things beyond death and threaten to ravage all that our sect has ever accomplished.
I can barely stand to look upon your disgusting kind but alas my patron demands it! He demands that I gather specimins from your race, the race that affronts his pure creations merely by existing. This he orders me to do so that I may complete his higher purpose, that I might open the gates of hell itself and release the power of the multiverse onto this degenerate plain and show the kine the only true path to enlightenment!

With a thin smile on his lips Zelphyn turns away from his captive audience of ten vampires and walks towards a cluster of three black stone podiums upon which rests a large battle-axe, a faded silver staff and a plain wooden bowl.
With mock reverence he holds up each one in turn, pivoting on his heel to show them to the bound vampires at the far wall before turning back to lay them on the satin pillows of their respective podium before he swivels around to once more address his undead captives,

Behold representations of the physical symbols you use to signify each of your petty, fleeting little gods.
A staff for arrogant and pompous Foret, a bowl for snivelling and cowardly Darden, and finally an axe for the cold and uncaring Isonia.
Each of you held these items as a symbol of faith once upon a time, in fact you were chosen from your various faiths because of your overwhelmingly pious natures! You see of all the offending monsters that claim the title "vampire" in this world your kind are the worst! You believe that by interjecting in mortal affairs you can "cure" yourselves of your condition...a condition that you were born into rather than earning might I add.
Fear not though my precious lambs, for the wolves are here now and though I cannot grant you the enlightenment and reverse metamorphosis that you so desperately desire I assure you that I can, and will, bring you a swift yet excruciating destruction!

Half turning he reaches for the axe and hefts it above his head, carefully drawing his wrist down the blade, a soft hiss escaping his lips as the skin and veins part easily and the honed metal grates quietly against bone.
With a smile he drops the axe to one side and holds his wounded arm over the bowl, watching with satisfaction as the dark blood quickly overflows the brim and runs down the sides.
Gently he presses his hand over the wound and murmers a few words, sighing softly as he feels the flesh knit itself slowly back together. Chuckling he reaches for the bowl, grasping it reverently and muttering a few more words in a dead tongue before turning slowly on his heel.

It is time....soon the ten of you will be part of something so much larger than you can ever imagine that it is almost obscene. Do not worry though, you will live on in infamy in the annals of history of your own kind as the Kindred who helped to create hell on earth...it's just too bad that you will not be around after this ritual to witness it!

With a malicious smirk on his lips he advances slowly towards the farthest right vampire who is now struggling in vain against the mithril chains that bind it to the wall, a look of terror on its deformed face.
Stopping in front of the writhing vampire Zelphyn tuts quietly and reaches up grip its chin in his free hand, exerting enough pressure to cause bone to fracture before letting go and taking a half-step back, the malicious smile never leaving his lips as his hand drifts inside the folds of his robes and retrieves a wickedly sharp ruby-hilted dagger.

With this blade annointed I shalt spill the blood of the upstart childer and release the true inheritors of the multiverse into this land that we might ravage and destroy all that is good and pure and bring about the end times. With the upstart vessles I release the childer of our patrons into the lands, each a carrier of a fraction of their respective lords true power to corrupt and weaken all around them.
From the depths of their respective lords' hell they will struggle, and should their souls survive the trial intact they will be rewarded with unlife in this land and be charged with doing the duty of their masters to the best of their unnatural abilities.
And so with the hour fast approaching I call forth the dark lords by name and ask them to grant me, their humble servant, with the presence of their chosen ones so that we might repaint the canvas of this world in their glorious image!

With alien words spilling like liquid from his throat he steps forward and begins to slash at the bound creature before him, shivvering in pleasure at the screams issuing from it as it's life blood drains onto the marble floor below. Swiftly Zelphyn passes from one vampire to the next, his blade a flashing blur as he carves intricate chaotic symbols into their flesh, his voice raising in pitch untill he is singing the names of his patrons over and over again in a shrill screeching chant and collecting a measure of blood from each of the sacrificial vampires into the bowl of his own blood.
Then finally he is finished and he stands at the end of the semi-circle of somehow still living vampires, a dark grin plastered across his blood spattered face as their screams of pain quiet and then transform into moans of agony as they feel the transformation begin. He casts his mind back to his own Becoming and shivvers in pleasure at the memory of internal pain as the body is ripped apart and altered from the inside out into the ideal image of each dark patron.

Such is evolution of the multiverse, steeped in pain and suffering but never without purpose or design. And now is time to finish the ritual and pledge our hollow alliegance to one of these heathen gods!

Chuckling softly he holds the bowl above his head and upends it, shuddering in a mixture of civilized disgust and animalistic pleasure as the viscous vitae dribbles through his hair and down his face. With the vitae clinging to his features he moves to retrieve the silver staff from its resting place, glaring at it in disgust and then muttering several verses of magical script, his lips turning up in a slight smile as the blood surges down his body to the tips of his fingers like a living blanket. Finally it makes contact with the staff and the silver hue becomes dark and tainted with visible corruption as the mixture of blood works its way along the length untill all traces of the pure colour have been removed and a tarnished, sickly hue is left behind.

And so it is that the Patrons choose Foret as their vessel for corruption for he and his followers have proven themselves those most open to greed, selfishness and cowardice. Thus we choose him as the one who will carry our flock untill such time as his usefulness is outlived and the numbers of the pretenders within his ranks are greater than those without!

With a serene smile Zelphyn feels a wash of power and he gazes intently at the metamorphosis happening before him with pride and a sense of good portent welling up inside himself and he slowly walks from one twisted, writhing figure to the other, whispering the same words to each in a soothing almost parental tone.

Soon you will all rise and the lords will be so proud, so very proud indeed!

-As taken from the writings of our first sire Zelphyn D'Athaal in his much vaunted work "Metamorphosis of Perfection".
Further extracts from this masterpiece may be added in the future after revieve from the Blood Council.


GM: Antediluvian
AGM: Les Amies Noir
Squad Leader: Blood Court
Full Member: Elder
Member: Neonate
Newbie: Ghoul


What is the past to those who will live forever? The future will speak for us and all will be left in awe of our deeds, this is our promise!



1.First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temper’s Ball. These are as follows,

a. Do not make an ass of yourself
b. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2.The chain of command is there for a reason, follow it!

The rules above are all very simple and if you cannot follow them then you will be removed from the guild without a second thought. You get two warnings, and this here is your first! Remember that well.


Antediluvian – Zelphyn D’Athaal is our prince, our sire. He is the reason we have life on this plane and are not festering in some hell of our respective patrons’ devising and thus we owe him our unwavering loyalty!
He is our law, nobody may question what he decrees and should he ever slip into the cold embrace of Torpor a representative of Les Amies Noir will step up to take his place until such time as he can resume his former duties.

Les Amies Noir – The Les Amies Noir are called by many within the sect “the Dark Twins” of course nobody has ever dared use this term to either Kindred’s face but when they are believed out of earshot it is often used in hushed tones by both ignorant neonate and learned Elder alike.
The Les Amies Noir have the distinction of being the first two Kindred to rise from the ritual of Becoming, thus proving themselves to hold the strongest will to exist of any of us who were created during the Becoming (in their own eyes at least). It was our Lord Zelphyn D’Athaal himself who decreed that as the first of his Progeny they would be given the dubious honour of serving as his voice to not only his own followers but to the heathens also. As such the Les Amies Noir are the only members of the sect who are authorised to negotiate with enemies and “faith mates” alike, a fact that they take great care to remind other members of the sect of as often as possible!

The Blood Court – The Blood Court are our council, the founding members of the group and first sires of our bloodlines and as such they answer only to The Prince and the dark twins of Les Amies Noir.
The Blood Court are responsible for reviewing applications of embrace candidates. They will all be involved in the binding of the neonate to the Prince and his dark twins thus forging and unbreakable bond of blood between the sect, making us as one family!

Elders - Elders are the lieutenants of the Blood Court, each one is given control over one or more cells of Neonates and ghouls to control. They are able to embrace but must first approach the Blood Court for sponsorship of their prospective Neonates.

Neonates – Neonates are the newly embraced who have proven their worth either as ghouls under the proxy kiss or as a mortal who caught the eye of an Elder or the Blood Court.
Particularly promising Neonates may be given control of a cell of their brethren or several ghouls in the absence of a suitable Elder but such occurances are rare and usually handled under the silent supervision of a member of the Blood court.

Ghoul - Ghouls are newly initiated members of the sect and as such they have no priviledges until they have proven themselves worthy of the Embrace in the eyes of their supperiors.

Gaining rank within the Progeny is not an easy task, there are 7 circles in all ranks and the Blood Court will discuss the progress of each member regularly. At regular times the Court will meet to discuss promotion prospects for any members being championed by a member of Elder rank or above.
Requesting promotions will result in your being removed from the guild!


To gain membership to the Progeny you must contact Zelphyn or any member of the Blood Court stating your leadername and reason for wishing to join the guild within twenty-four hours of your application. Failure to comply will see you rejected without exception.
As a further note you must be aware that we do not garner the Embrace to the tainted beings of these isles thus Vampires will not be accepted into our ranks and no exceptions will be made to this rule.


In the event that you should need to contact the Dark Progeny for whatever reason then you can contact the Les Amies Noir in the following places:
email - dyvimmy1982@yahoo.co.uk
ICQ - 122656051 & 35013520
AIM - dyvimmy