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Created: 2005-05-11 15:32:08
Game: valid


Guild Description:
A small caravan of weary travelers was passing by. They had been wandering for years, trying to find a new home. Their old home having been ravaged by the hordes of Leto long ago. And a grand home it had been. The PRIDE and joy of Angelique's people. This ragtag group was all that was left after the great wars with Leto. Most of the men in their primes having been killed or crippled, the group consisted of mostly older men, women, and children.
They had been wandering for years in their search. The search for a new home, a start or a new beginning. And many a prayer had been lifted up unto Angelique for guidance and relief. But alas no relief or answers came. Had they done something wrong? Disgraced thier Goddess with their defeat? Or had she mearly abandoned them in the wilderness?
Seemingly abandoned by Angelique, and hunted by Leto, they tread on. Now hopeless and dejected, without a scrap of that once great pride, they simply pray and sleep. Not Knowing what the next day may hold.
Little did they know that those prayers had been heard. Barnabas, the Goddess of Equality and War, sent forth a messenger who bid them follow. They emerged from the forest into a secluded valley, protected on 3 sides by mountains and dense forest on the other. Here they could settle, prosper and grow. Barnabas sent forth emissaries and messengers to them as they settled, for the purpose of teaching and converting them fully to his cause. This new God had saved them, they accepted his messengers with warmth and hospitality. And yet, the people didn’t feel that Barnabas had truly accepted them, they didn’t feel him in their presence during their daily activities. Surely they had been faithful to him from the moment of their redemption. What could they still do? They could not fight for his armies, all their young men had been slain in the war or on the journey. The remaining people were too old, frail, or crippled to battle. What could they do to be fully accepted by thier God? A village meeting was called to discuss the situation.
::Gathered around the village council fire.::
Elder: Brothers, we cannot fight for the legions of Barnabas, those days for us are long gone. We have nothing of value to present to our God, we are lost, and will never be accepted.
::Mumbles of agreement and dismay.::
Out of the deep shadows beyond the fire light a man speaks, “HOLD my brothers, there is a way.
::Fire flares, and the crowd gasps.::
Elder: Who goes there?
Man, it is I Ammon, messenger of Barnabas.
::Across the fire ring from Ammon::
Ammon: “What holds Barnabas from thy presence is not thy diligence, for surely you have shown such. It is much simpler, thy past. Countless are the servants of Isonia slain at thy and thy kins hand.
Elder: What does Isonia desire of us to make reparation for our past?
Ammon: That my brother, you must decide on your own.
Elder: Perhaps some guidance could..........::The messenger had disappeared.
Elder: Silence all, let us not have hysterics. Our past we cannot change, it is our future which we must secure to his will. I today swear an oath to never participate in combat. To bury my weapons of war, and live the rest of my life devoted to Equality and the teachings of Barnabas; and in the raising of my children in the enlightened way of Him. All who take this oath say aye.
Not a soul present refused to take the oath, and the next morning they awoke to the sounds of a caravan. The caravan bore the banner of Barnabas and it was full of supplies for the village. Every heart was lightened, their God had accepted them.
A generation had come and gone, the valley had flourished. From farms and fields to villages and schools, the weary band was once again strong. They lived their lives with hard-work, and well earned leisure, with never a fear. One eve the horizon lay dark with a cloud. A cloud of birds, vultures and scavengers. The children pointed excited, but the elders still alive shuddered with dread. A cloud like that only appeared following a horde of soldiers to feast on the slain. At night the people in the valley could hear sounds of battle, scouts were sent out, but only one returned. The scene he portrayed silenced all.
Outside their valley the hordes of Leto were attacking the armies of Barnabas. Leto had found their resting place, and wanted them destroyed. Barnabas's forces were defending their homes and lives. Many called for a militia to help, but they were reminded of their oath which they would not break. Leto's fued crazed troops were slowly driving back the guarding forces. The valley seemed resigned to it's fate.
One young man spoke up, my mother has brought me up to praise Barnabas, I can not sit by while his forces are decimated to defend my home. Am I to be held under my fathers oath? I wish to defend my home, and help My brethen. Keep thy oath father, as thou shouldest, but hold me not back. A chorus of youthful voices shouted agreement. The youth said, "Mother you have raised me in faith, and father has brought me up strong and steadfast. Now I ask you father, train us in the ways of war that we may defend our homes, families, and brethren."
Thus began the training of the Stripling Warriors, youth raised in peace and solitude, forced to learn the cruel art of war at a young age to defend their God and home. They asked Ammon to lead them, and willingly he lead them onto victory. Now they strive to defend Barnabas while striving for his principles. To defend all the lands of Barnabas. To bring peace to her lands, and ravage those of her enemies. And to finally purge the world of the heathen Gods of Leto and the one beloved Angelique.
They leave their valley as boys with a sword, when they return, perhaps they will have grown into men with wisdom and responsibility.


GM: Head Stripper
AGM: Assistant Stripper
Squad Leader: Oil boy
Full Member: Waxer
Member: Ball stroker
Newbie: Dick Slot


The newest reincarnation of an old guild. Second age in valid.


Guild Charter:
Ranking Tier
Harbringer (GM)- In supreme command, will make final decision on all guild related topics.
PeaceBringer (AGM)- Full powers within thier field, answers only to GM.
Prophesier (Ambassador)- Same as AGM, will deal with political issues along with the GM.
Scout- The eyes and ears of our guild.
Phalanx- Soldier, full member.
Hoplite- Entry level. No priveleges.

If the GM is unable to perform his/her duties, the GM will name the successor, if the GM is unavailable, the AGM's will vote on the next GM.

Rules and Regulations:
It's a game of course there are rules. As a member of this guild, your actions reflect upon me and your guildmates, follow these rules below and you'll be fine. If a rule is broken a proper punishment will be given.

1.) Obey ALL TB forum rules. Remember you represent the guild, show a good face, keep the rules, and we'll have no problems. They are.
a)No Vulgarity or Profanity.
b)Do not make an ass out of yourself.
c)Do not post accusations of cheating.
d)Do not post bug reports.
e)Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
f)Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)
2.) All Admin and Voices should be given the upmost respect. They put in the work and deserve the respect.
3.) Promotions will be given when deserved, do NOT ask for promotions. Be active and they'll come.
4.) Do not attack ANY target without permision. Plain and simple, thats the rule, I don't need to explain it.
5.) Report all attacks or scums to the appointed individual in the guild.
6.) Be active, if you become inactive, you will be removed from the guild.
7.) Have fun. Remember this is a game. Take it seriously, post, kill heathens, but it's still a game. No need for lost tempers in ANY situation.

Communication is a must. I use mostly ICQ but the following are also acceptable ICQ, AIM, or be very active though email. My contact information is,
Email: Ammon31@aol.com
AIM: Ammon31
ICQ # 42606802

Obviously I'm not the most gifted writer. :-P A few thoughts I would like to add. Don't join this guild if your look for the easy fight. My personal goals for this age are to of course enjoy myself. Gain and give respect to allies and heathen alike who deserve it.