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Created: 2005-05-05 22:50:44
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


In the beggining....this is the way things always start. In the beggining.

In the begining, before the 'Gods' broke into their celestial war, the lands were content. People prospered, and this was good, and this was right. This was the way of the edan, handed down from generation to generation in the finest customs of a refined society.

However, society falters, eventually. People, tired of the same old routines, begin to fall from the ways of the Light, the Right, the Honorable, and the Just, and begin to slowly slither into the depths of Darkness. People - not many, just few - began to crave Power, Dominance, and Tyranny, and while they did not let these desires be seen in the public eye, the desires were there, and they burned in the hearts of man, spreading slowly at first...

The first real record of The Lord comes to us from this time - for He came from the shadows of mankind, falling easily into the newly found rythm of deceit and betrayal that the Humans and their allies had discovered. Slowly The Lords' power grew within the realms of Maxim, until He wrested power from the edan, and began to accumulate His own impressive might.

There was war...sweet war, with many lives claimed. They fell in droves before the might of The Lord, but nevertheless encroached further and further into his claimed territory.

Eventually, the armies of mankind stood at the gate of His power, and there fought to their valiant destruction. Were it not for one mortal souls' sacrifice, The Lord would have triumphed, and reigned supreme over everything in the land - but for that one sacrifice, The Lord and his domain, the Black Vale, Koriasai, perished, banished from the realm of Maxim, driven into a realm stacked atop this one so that all that remained of all the The Lord had worked to accomplish over the course of His thousand year campaign was a festering sore upon the isle - a swamp that none dared travel to or through through centuries.

Along with The Lord, his varied allies, creations for the most part of His devising, were buried into the sands of time. The so called Hands of the Order He had forged were driven from the lands of mankind, forced into hiding in various places and hunted mercilessly. The Mah'riel, a twisted Dragonkin that The Lord had tainted, vanished into the Underworld, plaguing mankind until the edan mounted a full offensive, anhillating all that remained of one Hand of the order.

The Rakan survived, fleeing the isle from slavers and murderers, forming their society in quiet prayer to The Lord century after century.

There were many others, many who fell to the blades of the edan by the thousands in the War against The Lord, but their names are merely whispers on the winds of eternity...unimportant, and forgotten for all time.

Thus, Koriasai, the Black Vale, has slept for ages undisturbed.

An Excerpt from the Tome of Revelation, a section of the Scripture of The Lord written by His hand...

And the Mortals did think themselves safe from My power and My influence, and did return to their wicked ways, thinking nothing of the horror they had unleashed upon themselves by summoning My presence unto their precious isle. Their 'Gods' having fled them, unable to answer because they no longer exist, while the bonds of the imagined faith weaken further and further as to the point of never having existed before. A weak mortal shall open his mind unto Me, and from there a way through from this place of banishment shall be opened once more. Three times will the inhabitants of this sinful land disclaim their sin, and three times shall I gain in power. With their final denial, the land of Koriasai shall be Mine once more, and once more shall I walk this earth to dispense my pleasure and pain at My discretion. I shall walk as a God among the faithless of a land where the Gods no longer govern the people, and where I walk people shall know fear, sorrpw, deceit, and anger.

And so it has come to pass. The Vale has come to be, and the people cower before the might of the Ebon Hand - the Ordo Draconis Mortalis reborn from the past, empowered by the revived Hands and the Fallen. We owe our existence in the name of The Lord and we shall worship him while our blades dull themselves upon any and all that live.


GM: The Lord
AGM: The Hand
Squad Leader: The Fallen
Full Member: OMFGlolllololloo!!11one!1
Member: Fresh Blood
Newbie: extremely baked


Oblivion is kicking back. Hard. In the meat an' veg.


Welcome to the Ordo Draconis Mortalis, if you happen to be a new member of the Order or a Seeker, else, woe be unto ye who doth not follow The Lord.

The Ordo Draconis Mortalis sole purpose in life is the making of war, be it fair or unfair, unto any and all whom choose to oppose the march to power. Complete, totat and utter domination of the whole of the isle are the sole purposes that this Order puts forth, regardless the bloodshed necessary to achieve it.

Regardless of the purpose and the reasons for the Ordo Draconis Mortalis, the Laws of the Order will be strictly followed - if they are not to be followed, then The Lord shall strike down with interminable fury upon all that you hold dear, and you shall be Outcast, merely another Edan to be killed.

The Laws.

I. Follow the Laws of the Tomes (The Posting Rules for Maxim Forum, and indeed, all of Evernights' posting boards.

  • Do not make an ass of yourself.
  • Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
  • Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
  • Do not spam or post redundant messages.
  • Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
  • Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
  • Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

    II. Writing is a requisite of the Order, a minimum of two (2) posts per week. While the Game no longer enforces the rules, The Lord shall do so, ruthlessly. Violation will result in the total destruction of your realm, if you fail to abide by the Law after two warnings.

    III. Multi-accounting, Out Of Character Spying, Hacking, or any other sort of activity along these lines is striclty forbidden. Violators will not recieve a warning, they shall be ejected from the Order with the greatest haste possible, and be completely, utterly destroyed.

    IV. Activity is required. Failure to arrive for any planned guild event will result in a single warning, then ejection and destruction. The method should be fairly familiar by now.

    V. It is requested that any offensive action made be reported to The Lord or the highest available Hand. Attacking of random targets, unguilded included, without prior notification to The Lord will result in one warning, then, yes, ejection and destruction of your realm.

    VI. A special note - a large portion of the material that Draconas may put forth on the boards may be a slightly strong PG13 or NC17. If you plan to partake in our threads, be aware of this. All threads with questionable material will be marked, plainly, so that people whom may be offended can stay away.

    VII. For any conflict, there will be a warthread. For any warthread, you will be REQUIRED to post.

    VIII. Keep you interaction with other players clean, civil. If I find out you have been rude or foul, you will be warned, followed by ejection and destruction, as if you havem't allready seen that one coming.

    The Ranks.

  • Demon Lord| The driving force behind the Ordo Draconis Mortalis ever since its first appearance on the isle. This is the only entity within the Order with any official power - the Word of The Lord is final, and absolute.
    In the event that The Lord should become unavailable or be forced to leave the game, the Ordo Draconis Mortalis shall be disbanded immediately, and shall not be ressurected until such time as The Lord may return to these realms.
  • The Hand| The Hand are the tools of The Lord, manipulated and used for His dark purposes. They do the majority of the dirty work, and are devout unto him as any worshipper of any god ever to have existed. The Hand hold higher place in life than the Fallen, as the Hand are sentient and of free will, for the most part. This is a Roleplay rank, as there are only 2 ranks within the Draconis: GM, and Member.
  • The Fallen| The Fallen are those whom have challenged the might of the Draconas and failed, either on the fields of their own lands, which is more rare, or on the grounds of The Lord himself. They are mindless, bloodthirsty automatons that thrive on the blood and flesh of anything that lives. Some have limited intelligence...the most powerful have full sentience even if they are still driven by the lust to extinguish life. ALL of the Fallen are undead of different varients....most are bound to Koriasai except during times of war. This is a roleplay rank, as there are only 2 ranks in the Order: GM and Member.


    Applications to the Ordo will be unsummarily denied unless I know A) Who you are B) that you are applying well in advance and C) Since probably A and B will not be heeded, not until hell freezes over. Thanks.