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Created: 2005-04-03 20:43:50
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique



In the beginning they were few and small. The villages scattered among the hills. Many of them at one time followers of different Gods, but now were working to come together and make an alliance. Under different flags each of them had become despised by the peoples of their once individual Faiths. Some had fought under the flag of Goddess, Isonia, carrying the purple banner that her followers carried. Find her to be a Goddess of equality, or so it was said. Her double sided Axe was just as it looked, having two sides. One that was shown to all that as she said. The other that of her followers, that would turn against the other faithful, if they did not follow their mortal values. It mattered not to these mortals, if the others fought in her name to bring balance to the lands, it mattered only that it was done their way. These followers of Isonia, soon found that the other followers of this banner, where hard to please and pushed the strongest of warriors to one side. It seemed the wanted rule the Isle, not by might, but by oppressing the ones willing to fight against all odds for Isonia.

Still others had fought Perhaps considered the dark God by some. In the beginning He was a strong and loving God, but as time passed, he fall deeper and deeper into despair. His followers became corrupt and insane. Overrun by the darkest of creatures. There were days when he was lucid and sane, on these days the people found him caring and they found some peace. These days were few and at most times they had found him to be angry and letting the dark ones have more and more control over the lands of Darden.

Above the others flew the silver banner of Foret. The first and just God. The staff of justice he held proudly in his hand. Foret's love for the world filled with pride and righteousness. A loving and kind God.

Foret accepted all that came to him in his name to try to make the world whole again. It matter not what their race or alignment as long as the fought to bring back the purity and justice of the beginnings. Accepting the strongest warriors for their skills and willingness to fight to purify the world. To bring back the peace that he had once know for himself and his followers.

And so it began. The warriors of other faiths began to come together under the banner of Foret. To fight for his cause, to bring back the balance, the peace, the pride that the God once had in the world. From around the Isle the came. Gathering in one small village. The misfits, the outcast, even the most foul of minds. All united in the need to bring justice to the world. To destroy those who would oppress the people and keep them under their thumbs. They would fight in the name of Foret one and all.

They found and aligned themselves under one great leader. One that had been maligned and hated but the masses. One that was not afraid to fight for what he believed to be the one true God.

Slowly they would grown and build their cities and villages. Train their warriors to go forth and bring justice to the world once again. The warriors, the thieves, even the maladjusted fighting for the cause. Many that had known him as leader in a


GM: King/Queen
AGM: Prince/Princess
Squad Leader: Knight
Full Member: Duke/Duchess
Member: Lord/Lady
Newbie: Townsfolk